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Latest Resources and Updates

Teacher Vacancy Teaching Vacancy:Eisenhower High School- Andreas Ag Academy-Ag Teacher/FFA Advisor
Decatur Andreas Ag Academy is hiring for a full time agriculture teacher and FFA advisor that will join the ranks of two other Ag teachers and will be a part of the Three Circle Grant. The Ag Academy will have 340 students in the fall between the two schools and is funded by a 1.5 million dollar gra
Teacher Vacancy Teaching Vacancy:Galatia High School-Co-Agriculture Teacher
The Galatia High School located in section 25 of southeastern Illinois is seeking candidates as a combination CTE teacher and/or agriculture teacher. The successful candidate will work with current ag teachers, Tim Arnold and Jim Richey, to continue to build on the current course offerings and offer
Teacher Vacancy Teaching Vacancy:Kaneland High School-Agriculture Teacher & Co-FFA Advisor 1.0 FTE
Kaneland High School is seeking a dynamic and motivated Agriculture Teacher and Co-FFA Advisor to join Mrs. Brooke Heinsohn in leading our program. Kaneland High School plans to offer Intro to Ag, Ag Mechanics, Introduction to Horticulture, Advanced Horticulture, Animal Science,Food Science, Environ
Teacher Vacancy Teaching Vacancy:Alton High School-Agriculture Instructor / Co-FFA Advisor
Alton High School, located in Section 15, is seeking a high school agricultural education instructor and co-FFA advisor. During the 2018-2019 school year, the program consisted of 49 agricultural education students and 25 FFA members. Facilities include classroom within the agricultural mechanic