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FFA is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education..

The FFA Alumni Association supports and advocates for agricultural education and FFA through gifts of time, talent and financial resources..

The mission of the Illinois FFA Foundation is to provide financial support for the Illinois FFA. When you make a gift to the Illinois Foundation FFA, you are investing in the future of agriculture..

The Illinois Association of Vocation Agriculture Teachers (IAVAT) is a professional organization for agricultural teachers at all levels..

The Illinois Association of Community College Agriculture Instructors (IACCAI) is a statewide professional organization for postsecondary agriculture instructors. .

The Illinois Postsecondary Agricultural Student (PAS) Organization provides opportunities for individual growth, leadership and career preparation. .

The Illinois Farm Bureau & Affiliated Companies Youth Education in Agriculture program offers unique educational programs to Illinois youth in 4-H and FFA. .

The purpose of the Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom Program is to encourage educators to incorporate more information about the agriculture, food, and natural resources system into daily lessons..
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Facilitating Coordination in Agricultural Education (FCAE) is a state project administered through the Illinois State Board of Education that is tasked with improving and expanding agricultural education from pre-k through adult levels..

The Illinois Leadership Council for Agricultural Education (ILCAE) is a voluntary, grassroots agricultural industry group focused on the expansion and improvement of Agricultural Education programs at all levels..

The Illinois Committee for Agricultural Education (ICAE) is a 13-member committee established by legislation and appointed by the Governor to advise both the governor and state education agencies concerning Agricultural Education K-adult..

The Illinois State Board of Education is the state agency responsible for Pre-K through 12th grade education. Its primary mission is state program leadership, planning, approval, funding, and evaluation..

The Illinois Department of Agriculture will be an advocate for Illinois' agricultural industry and provide the necessary regulatory functions to benefit consumers, agricultural industry, and our natural resources.. provides information about the Agricultural Education profession and encourages students to consider a career as an agriculture teacher..

MyCAERT provides teachers with an integrated online system to Plan, Document, Deliver, and Assess Career and Technical Education instruction. .

Information Technology and Communication Services (ITCS) Instructional Materials provides agricultural education publications in a variety of formats. .

The Agricultural Experience Tracker is the premiere personalized online system for tracking experiences in agricultural education. .
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Lucas Allen
District 2 Program Advisor
Sections 6-10
2015 Manchester Rd
Wheaton, IL 60187
(815) 530-2065
[email protected]
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7/9/2019--New Teaching Vacancy: Marquette Academy
6/26/2019--Incentive Funding Grant Status- Due 6/30
6/25/2019--Immediate teaching vacancy: Somonauk High School
6/12/2019--IAVAT Conference- new social activity/FUNdraiser
6/5/2019--Community College Enrollment & Faculty Data needed by June 30
6/4/2019--Ag teacher directory photos at FFA Convention
5/28/2019--Reviewing program enrollments
5/28/2019--Ag Incentive Funding Grant Deadline
5/28/2019--New Teaching Vacancy: Momence High School
5/23/2019--Guidance- New Vo-Ag Fair tool July 1
5/17/2019--Tour Tyson Foods- June 10
5/13/2019--LAST CALL- Welding Workshop June 4-6 at Lincoln Electric
5/3/2019--New teaching vacancy: Kaneland High School
4/30/2019--District 2 FCAE Office Moving
4/24/2019--New Teaching Vacancies: Heartland CC, IL Valley CC
4/12/2019--New Teaching Vacancy: Herscher HS 2nd Ag Teacher
4/10/2019--Free hydroponic equipment in Rochelle
4/9/2019--New Teaching Vacancy for 2019-20: Central-Burlington
4/4/2019--New Teaching Vacancy: Naperville Central High School
3/29/2019--New Teaching Vacancy: Sycamore HS
3/27/2019--New teaching vacancy- Somonauk High School
3/25/2019--New Teaching Vacancy: Gary Comer Youth Center, Chicago
3/15/2019--Joliet Jr. College Livestock Judging- details and registration
3/13/2019--Invitation- Northeast IL Women Changing Face of Agriculture Conference
3/12/2019--Kishwaukee CC Diesel & IL Valley CC Ag events
3/11/2019--New Program/Teaching Vacancy- Rolling Meadows HS
2/27/2019--Pontiac FFA Invitational CDE/LDE Rally
2/27/2019--CASE Institute Grants due Thur 2/28
2/17/2019--New Teaching Vacancy for 2019-20: Joliet Jr. College
2/4/2019--District 2 Ag Science Fair Details
1/23/2019--Reminder: Deadline for Vet Science and Vo-Ag Fair registration
1/23/2019--Invitational Food Science CDE, IL Valley College Instructor Position
1/10/2019--JJC Invitational Horticulture CDE details
1/10/2019--Please verify course enrollments
1/10/2019--Call In Info for tonight Section 8 Teacher Meeting
1/9/2019--Section 9 Teacher Meeting- FCAE Update
1/2/2019--Floral Design classes offered to teachers
12/18/2018--IL Valley Community College scholarships for Ag students
12/17/2018--Save the date: JJC invitation livestock dudging CDE
12/17/2018--Teaching Vacancy 2019-20- IL Valley Community College
12/12/2018--Immediate temporary teaching vacancy- Somonauk HS
12/6/2018--Lamb and Wool Producers grant for students
11/30/2018--New teaching vacancy for 19-20: Tri-Valley HS 2nd Ag Teacher
11/28/2018--FFA Strategic Plan due Friday
11/7/2018--Illinois Valley Community College Ag Open House Invitation
10/26/2018--2017-18 Community College Agriculture Enrollment Report
10/16/2018--Part time instructor needed- Ag Computers- IL Valley CC
10/15/2018--Incentive Funding Grant now active, 3 Circles Grant bdgt due, IAVAT membership, FFA Strat. Plan due
10/15/2018--Seneca FFA Club Calf Sale invitation
10/3/2018--JJC Ag/Hort Career Day Invitation
10/2/2018--GAST Internship details for future Ag Ed students
9/27/2018--Ag Courses and Maintaining an Approved Ag Program
9/27/2018--Announcement: Landscape Design Contest sponsored by ILCA
9/26/2018--Grant deadlines and reminders
9/14/2018--Deadline: Grad Survey due Saturday 9/15
8/31/2018--AET updates, Hort/Landscape career events; LeRoy HS trap shoot;
8/29/2018--Ag Teaching Vacancy: Maternity Sub Needed- Sycamore HS
8/21/2018--Urban Forestry CDE invitational
8/15/2018--Section Teacher Meeting- please bring laptop
8/9/2018--Chicago Area Ag Teacher Meeting
7/19/2018--Adjunct College Teaching Vacancy: IL Valley CC
6/29/2018--New Teaching Vacancy: Somonauk High School
6/26/2018--Deadlines for Ag Grants
6/20/2018--New College Teaching Vacancy: Joliet Jr. College
6/14/2018--Section 8 CDE date teleconference
6/7/2018--Update FY19 Three Circles (FFA & SAE) Grant
5/30/2018--New Teaching Vacancy: Genoa-Kingston High School
5/25/2018--Graduate Survey and Annual Report reminder
5/21/2018--New Teaching Vacancy: Herscher HS
5/18/2018--Illinois Valley College part-time instructor vacancy
5/16/2018--Ag Literacy Coordinator posting: LaSalle County
5/15/2018--Public memorial details for William (Bill) Johnson
5/15/2018--Ag Literacy Coordinator posting: Kendall County
5/7/2018--New Teaching Vacancy: Momence High School
5/1/2018--Sad to Announce - Bill Johnson
4/27/2018--What are your AET workshop needs? Survey
4/20/2018--IFG Amendment due today, IAVAT Conference, 3 Circle Grant
4/17/2018--New Teaching Vacancy: Kaneland HS 2nd Teacher
4/16/2018--New Teaching Vacancy: Dwight Twp. HS
4/11/2018--FFA National Chapter Award Application (formerly POA) due 4/15
3/29/2018--Section 8 Upcoming Events- RSVP needed
3/27/2018--Ag Incentive Funding Grant increase announced; Curriculum materials on AgEd site to be removed
3/26/2018--New Teaching Vacancies: Tri-Valley & LaSalle-Peru
3/19/2018--2017 Ag Education Annual Report released
3/5/2018--District 2 Proficiency Award Night: Pin swap-meet
3/2/2018--Invitational CDEs/LDEs at Pontiac
2/28/2018--Joliet Jr. College seeks Land Laboratory Manager
2/26/2018--New Teaching Vacancy: Central (Burlington) High School
2/26/2018--Community College Ag/Hort/Mech/Vet Tech enrollments requested
2/21/2018--Section 8 Landscape and Public Speaking CDEs
2/16/2018--District 2 Teaching Vacancies, IL Valley CC Ag open house
2/12/2018--New Ag Program- vacancy: Rolling Meadows HS
2/9/2018--AET Workshop Announcement
2/6/2018--Joliet Jr. College Horticulture Invitational CDE
2/1/2018--CASE course at Pontiac 7/8-7/18
2/1/2018--Invitational Floral Design CDE
1/30/2018--Joliet Jr. College Livestock Judging CDE 4/14/18
1/29/2018--Invitational CDE/LDEs at Pontiac, Co-Op Instructor course,
1/29/2018--ILandscape Show Invitation
1/29/2018--Agriculture Scholarship information
1/23/2018--New Ag Program vacancy: Donovan HS, Section 10
1/22/2018--Section 8 Fair details
1/19/2018--Section 8 Vet Science CDE invitation
1/8/2018--Chicago Area Ag Teachers Meeting on Thursday
1/8/2018--Upcoming Section Ag Teacher Meetings
11/30/2017--Due TODAY: Chapter Strategic Plan (formerly Pre-POA)
11/29/2017--College of DuPage Horticulture Instructor vacancy 18-19
11/29/2017--Agriculture Instructor vacancy: Heartland College at Normal for 18-19
11/22/2017--18-19 Teaching Vacancy: Grundy Area Vocational Center- New Program!
11/16/2017--Visit the AgEd Booth at Illinois School Board/Administrators Conference- Chicago
11/15/2017--Ag Teacher Extended Contract Grant - Time Is Value - 140+ Applied So Far
11/14/2017--Reminder- Chapter Strategic Plan (formerly Pre-POA due 11/30
11/8/2017--18-19 Teaching Vacancy: Lexington HS
11/8/2017--GAST AgEd Internship program for HS students from JJC
11/6/2017--3-Circle grant questions
11/6/2017--Online College Spring courses; CASE institute grants; AET SAE Workshop in Texas
11/1/2017--Dr. Temple Grandin to speak at Sycamore HS- You're invited!
10/30/2017--Info to Help Pay IAVAT Dues by Oct 31
10/30/2017--Info to Help Complete FFA Roster by Nov 1
10/20/2017--FFA Roster submission status (Reminder)
10/18/2017--Seneca FFA Club Calf Sale invitation
10/16/2017--3 Circle Extended Contract Grant Due Nov 17
10/10/2017--New Grant for Ag Teacher Salaries - Webinar 11:30 on 10/11
10/10/2017--ILCA Landscape Design Contest Invitation
10/6/2017--Chicago Area (Section 8) Leadership Training School
10/4/2017--Teaching Vacancy: Naperville 2nd Ag teacher (Spring semester)
10/2/2017--Invitation: Bloomfest: a floral design competition and social event!
9/22/2017--Food Science CDE: aromas kit for sale
9/20/2017--Ag College & Career events/open houses at Flanagan, IVCC, & JJC
9/15/2017--Grad Survey Due Today, IFG Budget due 9/30, Reminders
9/7/2017--One week left to register for AgEd Bus Trip! Sept 28-30
8/22/2017--Back to school time! IFG Budget updates, AgExplorer resources, SawStop parts, trap shoot, FFA grants
8/3/2017--New Teaching Vacancies: Ray Graham HS, Chicago Ag, Gary Comer Youth Center
8/2/2017--Cooperative potting soil and plastic purchase proposal
8/2/2017--Chicago Area Agriculture Teacher Meeting- Monday 8/7
7/20/2017--Teaching Vacancies- CHSAS, St. Charles Youth Center; Free resources; National Teach Ag Day
7/10/2017--Urban Ag Workshop; Heartland College hiring Adjunct Ag instructor
7/10/2017--Invitation- retirement celebration for Bill Bretzman
6/28/2017--Memorial details for retired Ag teacher Everett Moeller
6/27/2017--Reminder- FY18 Ag Grant Application Due June 30
6/11/2017--Survey (needed for IAVAT Conference)- greenhouse suppliers
5/16/2017--Curriculum Survey due May 19
5/15/2017--FY17 Ag Incentive Funding Grant Reminder
5/10/2017--Graduate survey ready to be completed online
5/1/2017--Sign up for IAVAT Conference workshops!
4/13/2017--New Teaching Vacancies : Gary Comer FFA and Peotone High School
3/27/2017--Joliet Jr. College Livestock Judging CDE Details
3/27/2017--D2 Updates: Course Rosters still needed, MS Endorsement, Co-Op Endorsement, DeKalb award
3/22/2017--3 New Horticulture Teaching Vacancies
3/10/2017--Section 8 Horticulture CDE Details
3/6/2017--Teaching vacancy: Herscher High School
3/6/2017--Grain Safety, Culture of Safety, DeKalb Award for students, Invitational CDE/LDE at Pontiac
2/23/2017--Invitational CDE & LDE at Pontiac HS; Grant for Plasma Cutter; Farm To School workshop
2/21/2017--New Program Vacancy : LaSalle-Peru High School
2/21/2017--Joliet Jr. College Livestock Judging CDE Details
2/14/2017--Northeast Illinois Community College open houses for students
2/13/2017--Ag Ed Enrollment Increasing - 2016 Ag Ed Annual Report
2/9/2017--Section 8 Nursery/Landscape CDE details
2/7/2017--Invitation- Caterpillar FFA Leadership Event
1/26/2017--Teaching vacancy: Tri-Valley High School
1/26/2017--Do you have students planning to major in Diesel Tech?
1/23/2017--iLandscape Student Career Day invitation
1/20/2017--Section 8 Veterinary Science CDE Details
1/18/2017--Section Ag Vo-Ag Fair- Updated Fair book classes
1/13/2017--Test pilots needed! National Ag Program Quality standards tool now online
1/12/2017--New Teaching Vacancy: Belvidere High School
1/11/2017--Reminders: Chicago Area Ag Teacher Meeting, Bloomfest, Vo-Ag Fair entries
1/4/2017--Section 8 Ag Teacher Meeting AND Vo-Ag Fair Book
12/20/2016--Short survey- homeschool students and access to AgEd/FFA
12/13/2016--New teaching vacancies: Normal West and St. Anne
12/13/2016--Illinois Landscape Contractors Association scholarship
12/8/2016--Electronic survey of Ag/Hort students for IL Ag Ed Data collection
12/6/2016--Section 8 Nursery/Landscape Design CDE postponed and upcoming dates
12/5/2016--Section 8 Nursery/Landscape Design CDE location change
12/2/2016--Floral Design social event & invitational contest: "Bloomfest"
11/30/2016--Pre-Program Of Activities due today online
11/21/2016--AET & MyCAERT workshop
11/21/2016--Invitational Leadership Development Events and Global Studies in Ag
11/8/2016--Community College Ag Program Database- Data Collection Form
11/7/2016--Pre-POA Due 11/15, Incentive Funding Budget due 11/17, Intro to Hort Textbook needed
11/7/2016--JJC GAST Internship Program for students interested in AgEd
10/31/2016--Deadline: Today- IAVAT and FFA dues
10/13/2016--Upcoming deadlines, Convention sub resources, Ag Issues CDE, CASE grant
10/13/2016--District 2 Ag Sales CDE details
9/20/2016--SAE Resource Videos, Ag Math bell-ringer books, IFGA Budgets still delayed, LeRoy Trap Shoot RSVPs
9/19/2016--Illinois Landscape Contractors Association Landscape Design Contest
9/16/2016--JJC Ag/Hort Career Day open house
9/14/2016--FY17 Ag Incentive Funding Grant Budgets Delayed
9/14/2016--FY17 Ag Incentive Funding Grant Budgets Delayed
9/12/2016--Sept 15 Due Date - Grad Survey of May Seniors
9/12/2016--Graduate Survey Due Sept 15 for May Graduates
8/31/2016--Chicago Area Ag Teacher Meeting Reminder- Sept 1 5PM
8/30/2016--Invitation- Ag Colleges Open House Sept 7
8/29/2016--LeRoy FFA Alumni Trap Shoot Invitational
8/29/2016--Teaching Vacancy: Herscher High School
8/22/2016--FARMWEEK Reading Activity from Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom
8/16/2016--New Weekly Resource for Bell-Ringers and Ag Current Events
7/31/2016--Section 9 Teacher Meeting: Please bring your Ag Education Plan
6/29/2016--IFGA Deadline tomorrow June 30
6/24/2016--Vacancy announcement: U of IL Pesticide Safety Educator
6/3/2016--IFG Reminders, Deadlines, FFA Convention information
6/1/2016--Community College Ag Program & Instructor Data due
5/9/2016--Vacancy: DuPage County Ag Literacy Coordinator
5/3/2016--IAVAT Workshop Signups and Graduate Survey Ready
5/2/2016--New Teaching Vacancy: Sycamore High School
4/29/2016--Invitation for school officials to attend Illinois FFA Convention
4/29/2016--District 2 Workshop- Vet Science
4/26/2016--Century Challenge/ Course Enrollments: Please verify
4/14/2016--Agri-Science Fair Entry and Ag Incentive Funding Budget Amendment Reminder
4/11/2016--Section 8 Horticulture & Landscape-Nursery CDE Reminder
4/7/2016--Floral Design Workshop- Jewelry and Wire Work
4/6/2016--Section 8 Horticulture & Landscape-Nursery CDE Details
4/6/2016--FFA National Chapter Award Application - Due 4/15
4/5/2016--New District 2 Teaching Vacancies
3/11/2016--Teaching Vacancy: Kaneland High School
2/15/2016--STEM SAE grant due today
2/12/2016--JJC Livestock Judging Contest details
2/9/2016--SAE & Case Grants, course rosters, AgScience Fair, Vet Science inservice
1/25/2016--New District 2 Teaching Vacancy: Dwight HS 2nd Ag Teacher
1/19/2016--Chicago Area Agriculture Teachers meeting follow-up
1/6/2016--Corrected address: Section 8 Agriculture Teacher Meeting
12/21/2015--2016-17 Teaching Vacancy: Manteno High School 2nd Teacher
12/14/2015--iLandscape trade show invitation
12/4/2015--Grant for students to buy a lamb for SAE
11/17/2015--Visit the IL Ag and CTE booth at School Board Conference in Chicago
11/17/2015--FFA PreProgram of Activities Due by Dec 1st - End of Day
10/27/2015--Section 8 Dairy Products CDE details
10/26/2015--FFA Roster Deadline, Grant at National Convention, Biotech Resources, CASE Grant
10/13/2015--Section 8 Ag Sales CDE details
10/12/2015--Vacancy Announcement- U of I Center for Urban Ag Education
10/12/2015--District 2 Ag Sales CDE information
9/24/2015--Urban Forestry CDE RSVP needed Friday
9/18/2015--Invitation- Urban Forestry CDE at Morton Arboretum
9/16/2015--2015 ILCA Landscape Design Contest Details
9/16/2015--Section 8 Fall Vo-Ag Fair Details
9/15/2015--Reminder: Graduate Survey DUE TODAY
9/14/2015--Ag Incentive Funding Grant budget DUE 9/15
9/9/2015--GAST (Growing Ag Science Teachers) Internship Opportunity for students
9/1/2015--New teaching vacancies
8/19/2015--Chicago Area- Section 8- Back To School Meeting
7/30/2015--Teaching Vacancy: River Valley Ag Program (Momence)
7/20/2015--Workshop- (Sustainable) Landscape Design- seats still open!
7/14/2015--OSHA 10-Hour Construction safety training
6/26/2015--Greenhouse Grow Lights for sale and Fall Ag sub needed
6/1/2015--Reminder: Ag Incentive Funding Grant App due June 30
5/26/2015--District 2 Updates- Annual Report, Graduate Survey, District Workshop
5/21/2015--Section 8 Officer Application
5/12/2015--IL Ag Community College Instructors Important message
5/6/2015--New Teaching Vacancy: Naperville Central High School
4/30/2015--Ag Incentive Funding Budget Amendments due today
4/21/2015--New Position: 2nd Ag Teacher at Sycamore HS
4/15/2015--Section 8 Vo-Ag Spring Fair
4/15/2015--Teaching Vacancy: Burlington Central Middle School Ag Ed
3/31/2015--Teaching Vacancy: Somonauk HS 2nd Teacher Position
3/10/2015--Joliet Jr. College Livestock Evaluation CDE
3/10/2015--Section 8 Horticulture CDE RSVP Deadline soon
3/9/2015--Last Call- District 2 Science Fair Entries due TODAY
3/4/2015--District 2 Agri-Science Fair Registration Reminder
2/19/2015--Dec & Jan Monthly Reports - Have You Started Your Annual Report?
2/11/2015--Floral Design CDE and Landscape Student event invites
1/26/2015--District 2 Agri-Science Fair Details
1/22/2015--212 North Teacher Tour Signups
1/21/2015--JJC Invitational Horticulture CDE
1/21/2015--Section 8 Landscape CDE Details
1/21/2015--Invitational Urban Landscape CDE
1/16/2015--Teaching Vacancy: Kishwaukee College Diesel Technology
1/16/2015--Section 8 Updated Calendar
1/13/2015--Invitation to iLandscape Trade Show in February
1/13/2015--REMINDER: Ag Teacher Meeting TONIGHT
1/13/2015--Teaching Vacancy: Joliet Jr. College Ag Mechanics
12/9/2014--Section 8 Ag/Hort Teacher Meeting Reminder
11/20/2014--Grants Due Soon- $200 Agri-Science Fair and STEM SAE Grant
11/18/2014--Administrator & School Board Conference in Chicago
11/17/2014--Casey's Gas Stations offer fundraising opportunities to FFA Chapters
11/12/2014--Reminder: Foundation webinar TONIGHT and FFA Pre-POA Due Fri
11/12/2014--Invitation: Mendota FFA Toy Show
10/31/2014--Signup for District 2 Food Science CDE
10/31/2014--Joliet Jr. College Ag Career Day Info- Nov 5 & 8
10/28/2014--Ag Literacy Educator and Internship Vacancies- Winnebago-Boone County
10/23/2014--Seneca FFA Club Calf Sale details
10/15/2014--Roster Entry due online TODAY and other reminders
10/15/2014--District 2 Food Science CDE details
10/15/2014--District 2 Ag Sales CDE Information
10/6/2014--Help Chicago Ag Science HS Raise The Roof for an Equestrian Arena!
10/6/2014--ILCA Landscape Design Contest Details for HS and College students
9/19/2014--Agri-Science Fair Grant, National Convention Travel-Share request, Reminder: FFA Dues Due Nov 1
9/19/2014--Invitation: Urban Forestry CDE at Morton Arboretum 9/23
9/19/2014--Vacancy: Illinois Agriculture In The Classroom
9/15/2014--JJC GAST AgEd Internship Announcement
9/15/2014--Grad Survey DUE TODAY! Please check your status
9/8/2014--Christmas Floral Design Show Invitation
9/2/2014--District 2 Grad Survey deadline reminder & Status
8/29/2014--Section 8 Calendar & Teacher Directory
8/21/2014--Section 8 Ag Teacher Meeting: Monday
6/30/2014--Ag Incentive Funding Grant DUE TODAY
6/27/2014--Ag Incentive Funding Grant finalized status
6/23/2014--New Teaching Vacancy: Mendota High School
6/4/2014--Ag Program Annual Reports due- end of June
5/27/2014--New District 2 Teaching Vacancy: Tech Center of DuPage
5/21/2014--Please post: 1st Annual Prairie Classic Swine Show flier
5/21/2014--IFG Reminders, Professional Development, Summer Reminders
4/28/2014--District 2 Reminders: IFG Budgets, FFA Roster Deadlines, Envirothon Results, YouTube Videos
4/25/2014--Information about Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program
4/25/2014--Section 8 Spring Ag Fair Details: Register Soon!
4/23/2014--IL Jr Beef Association Student Workshop June 9
4/15/2014--State FFA Vet Science CDE: Revised Details
4/2/2014--Central FFA Hosting Pet Wellness
4/2/2014--State Agri-Science Fair Registraiton: Due Apr 15
4/2/2014--New teaching vacancy: Streator Twp. High School
4/1/2014--New Teaching Vacancy
3/31/2014--JJC Spring Horticulture Career Day
3/27/2014--Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities
3/26/2014--Results of Nutrients For Life sponsored D2 Ag-Science Fair
3/25/2014--Vet Science Seminar II: Summer Workshop announcement
3/24/2014--District 2 Vacancies; Ag Incentive Grant Reminder
3/12/2014--District II Proficiency & Ag Science Fair Event Details
3/5/2014--New Teaching Vacancy: Naperville Central High School
3/5/2014--Section 8 Horticulture CDE Event Details
3/5/2014--Invitational Horticulture CDE
3/3/2014--D2 Ag Sci Fair Pre-registration due Friday
2/27/2014--Joliet Jr. College Livestock Judging CDE
2/27/2014--2 Teaching Vacancies at JJC: Closing Monday!
2/19/2014--Sample Floral Design record book
2/18/2014--CASE Institute Scholarships due 2/28
2/18/2014--Section 8 Vo-Ag Fair Details
2/18/2014--Example Record Book
2/13/2014--JJC Invitational Horticulture CDE Date Change
2/11/2014--Results from Landscape Design CDE
2/5/2014--New Teaching Vacancy: 2nd Ag Teacher, Manteno HS
2/5/2014--Last call! 10 days until SAE Grant is due.
2/3/2014--District 2 Agri-Science Fair Details
1/30/2014--Reminder: Course Rosters Due!
1/29/2014--Invitational Nursery-Landscaping CDE Details
1/23/2014--Teaching Vacancies: Joliet Jr. College (2)
1/23/2014--Teaching Vacancy: Glenbrook South HS
1/21/2014--JJC Hort CDE Details
1/9/2014--Farm Equipment Safety Certification workshop
1/7/2014--FFA Events Aligned to Common Core & Science Standards
1/3/2014--Improving Ag Program Grants: Postmark Due Today!
1/3/2014--Course Rosters Needed for Section Meeting
1/3/2014--Section 8 Ag Teacher Meeting: 1/15
1/2/2014--Fundraiser idea from JJC: "Aggie T-Shirts"
12/18/2013--2014-15 Teaching Vacancy: Ottawa High School
12/5/2013--Grant Deadline Reminder: One due Friday!
12/2/2013--CASE Institute Registration open, Biotech resources & Genetics lesson
11/13/2013--D2 Food Sci CDE Results, Grants, and Floral CDE
11/5/2013--Grant: Student AgriScience Fair, $200 Each
11/4/2013--D2 Food Science CDE Final Details
11/4/2013--Mendota FFA Toy Show Details
10/24/2013--District 2 Ag Sales CDE: Preregister by TOMORROW
10/24/2013--District 2 Food Sci CDE: Pre-Register by Monday
10/15/2013--Reminder: FFA Rosters due today
10/10/2013--Foundation: New Transmittal System webinar TONIGHT
10/9/2013--JJC Fall Ag Career Day
9/30/2013--2013-14 ILCA Landscape Design Contest details
9/30/2013--Due Today: Professional Development Plans!
9/30/2013--Section 8 Urban Forestry CDE Results
9/20/2013--Deadline Today for Urban Forestry RSVP
9/18/2013--Reminder: Professional Development Plan due 9/30
9/12/2013--Incentive Funding Grant Budgets: Due Sunday
9/12/2013--District 2 Update: new teaching resources
9/12/2013--Grad Surveys Due SUNDAY
9/8/2013--Section 8 Urban Forestry CDE
9/8/2013--Invitational Urban Forestry CDE Details
9/8/2013--Reminder: Grad Survey due by end of week
9/5/2013--Section 8 Fall Student Mixer AND Fall Fair
8/28/2013--Northern IL Food Bank needs assistance
8/21/2013--AgEd IFG Budget available; due Sept. 15
7/23/2013--Section 8 Meeting Announcement
7/19/2013--Workshop: Biological (Wasp) Controls in School Greenhouses
6/28/2013--IFG Grant Finalized Status: Please check!
6/28/2013--New Ag In The Classroom Coordinator Vacancy: Winnebago-Boone
6/25/2013--$350 Funding Per Program - Send Order Form by July 3
6/24/2013--Teaching Vacancy: Momence/River Valley High School
6/24/2013--Ag Literacy Coordinator Vacancy: DuPage County
6/9/2013--Chicagoland Hort Industry Tours: DETAILS
6/7/2013--New teaching vacancy: Dwight Township High School
5/31/2013--Danville HS: Hort equipment needed
5/31/2013--BSAA & Env. Sci Textbooks for sale
5/31/2013--Ag Program Annual Report & Grant App due June 30
5/30/2013--New Vacancy: Harvard High School
5/15/2013--Grad Survey: Available
5/12/2013--Seats Filling! Briggs Factory Training workshop in IL!
5/6/2013--IAVAT Summer Conference: Prof. Dev. Signups
5/2/2013--PQA Training opportunity: Pork Quality Assurance
4/29/2013--Vet Science 2-day seminar: Save The Date!
4/23/2013--Vet Science CDE at Joliet Jr. College
4/23/2013--New Teaching Vacancy: Belvidere North HS
4/23/2013--Pink Pumpkins, Food Production Research Camp, Budget Reminder
4/17/2013--Section 8 Student Project Fair
4/17/2013--New Teaching Vacancy: Peotone High School
4/17/2013--Save The Date: Dist 2 Workshop, Hort Industry Tour
4/17/2013--REMINDER: Due= FFA POA for Incentive Funding Grant App
4/10/2013--Teaching Vacancy: Indian Creek High School
3/27/2013--Invitational Horticulture Contest
3/27/2013--Section 8 Horticulture Contest
3/22/2013--Teaching Vacancy 2013-14: Manteno High School
3/21/2013--Engines Workshop, Teaching Excellence Award info, D2 Ag Sci Fair results
2/28/2013--Reminder: District Ag Sci Fair Entries due
2/28/2013--Natural Resource Workshop: CASE Training
2/26/2013--Livestock Showmanship Workshop at JJC
2/21/2013--$350 Cash Award! Water-related AgSci Fair project
2/21/2013--NEW Program and Vacancy announcement
2/14/2013--District II Parly Pro CDE Results
2/11/2013--Due Friday: SAE Grant
2/6/2013--Invitational Indian Creek Dodgeball Tournament
1/30/2013--Community College Ag/Hort program data needed
1/22/2013--Free Welding Resource- Lincoln Welding
1/19/2013--AgriScience Grant + AgSci Fair Resources
1/19/2013--D2 FCAE Updates: Grants, Science Common Core and more
1/18/2013--Joliet Jr. College Livestock Judging Contest details
1/17/2013--212 Conference Prof. Dev. Input needed
1/16/2013--JJC Horticulture CDE Invitational details
1/16/2013--Section 8 Ag Mechanics Contest
1/7/2013--Please RSVP to Wed. Night Meeting by TODAY 3PM
1/3/2013--Course rosters needed at Section Meetings: See attached
1/3/2013--RSVP needed for Section 8 1-9-13 Meeting
11/28/2012--District II FCAE Updates
11/14/2012--District 2 Ag Issues & Job Interview CDE Information
10/31/2012--Mendota FFA Toy Show invitation
10/31/2012--Seneca FFA Club Calf Sale Info
10/31/2012--Newark FFA Toy Show
10/18/2012--Used aquaponics equipment needed
10/15/2012--Invitational Landscape Design Contest
10/9/2012--Ag Literacy Coordinator Vacancy
10/2/2012--National FFA Convention Bus Trip Invitation
10/1/2012--$ for your Chapter! Grant and award opportunity
9/28/2012--Secion 8 Update: Urban Forestry CDE & Deadline for Prof Dev. Plan
9/26/2012--Deadline Reminder: Prof Dev Plan Due 9/30!
9/25/2012--FFA Convention One-Day Bus Trip for Admin, Alumni
9/25/2012--Biotechnology & Ag Science lab resources
9/17/2012--Section 8 LTS at CHAS POSTPONED
9/17/2012--Professional Development Plan due 9/30
9/14/2012--Joliet Jr. College Career Day
9/7/2012--Completing Budgets online reminder
9/4/2012--BSAA Teachers: Volunteers Needed for Course Assessment
8/28/2012--Incentive Funding Grant Update: Available now!
8/21/2012--2nd Semester Teaching Vacancy: Hiawatha HS
8/16/2012--Small Animal Care & Mgmt Textbooks needed
8/13/2012--Kankakee Comm. College Horticulture Instructor opening
8/9/2012--Joliet Jr. College Horticulture Dates to Remember
7/27/2012--Section 8 Teacher Meeting Reminder
7/27/2012--Section 8 Calendar of Events: Proposed dates
7/16/2012--Section 8 Teacher Meeting details
6/17/2012--New teaching vacancies: Hiawatha and Lockport
6/9/2012--Ag Construction Workshop invitation
6/7/2012--Northern Illinois Teaching Vacancies
6/4/2012--Putnam County FFA & Alumni Consignment Auction
6/4/2012--Landscape Design Instructor Opening at Joliet Jr. College
5/24/2012--NEW DATE: District I Workshop: Hort & Ag Sci Labs
5/21/2012--Ag Construction Workshop: June 27
5/18/2012--Field Trip & Teacher Workshops: River Barge Ecology!
5/16/2012--Teaching Vacancy: Marengo High School
5/11/2012--Lee County Ag Literacy Coordinator opening
5/11/2012--Teaching Vacancy: Cambridge High School
5/10/2012--IAVAT Conference Prof. Development pre-registration
5/3/2012--Teaching vacancy: PawPaw
5/3/2012--Program opening: Chicago Career Academy
5/2/2012--Century Challenge, Grad Survey, Annual Program Report
4/30/2012--Reminder: IFG Budget amendments due today
4/25/2012--New Vacancies in Section 6: Belvidere North and Kishwaukee College Diesel Tech
4/24/2012--District 1 Workshop Survey: Please repsond by Fri
4/23/2012--New vacancy: Chadwick Milledgeville High School
4/16/2012--Teaching Vacancy: Watseka High School
4/16/2012--Invitational Vet Science CDE at Joliet Jr. College details
4/12/2012--Reminder: Incentive Funding Budget Amendments
4/11/2012--Section 3 Ag Business Management CDE
4/10/2012--Joliet Jr. College Livestock CDE Reminder
4/9/2012--Black Hawk College Inviational Horticulture CDE
4/6/2012--District II FFA Public Speaking CDE Results
4/5/2012--District II Public Speaking CDE Results
3/28/2012--Teaching Vacancy: Peotone High School
3/28/2012--Teaching Vacancy: Peotone High School
3/23/2012--Action Alert for Schools Applying for Race to the Top Funding
3/23/2012--District 1 Teaching Vacancies
3/23/2012--District 1 Teaching Vacancies
3/22/2012--Joliet Jr. College Livestock Judging Contest 4/14/12
3/22/2012--District 1 & 2 Ag Science Fair Results
3/16/2012--New vacancy: Streator High School 2nd Ag/Welding Teacher
3/12/2012--District 2 Proficiency & Sci Fair Night Details
3/6/2012--District Ag Science Fair Entries Due Friday
3/1/2012--Vet Science Invitational CDE: Save The Date
2/27/2012--Program Openings: Freeport High School (2012-13)
2/24/2012--District II Message-Lucas Allen-2/24/2012
2/16/2012--Poultry Seminar to be held by Clifton Central FFA
2/15/2012--Co-Op Instructor Course and Livestock Eval. resource
1/26/2012--Small Engines Professional Development Opportunity
1/26/2012--Save The Date: JJC Horticulture Careers Workshop/Day
1/19/2012--Joliet Jr. College Horticulture Contest
1/11/2012--Save The Date: JJC Livestock Contest
1/9/2012--212 Conference Professional Development Agenda
1/4/2012--Section Teacher Meeting Reminder: Bring your rosters!
12/20/2011--District I Agri-Science Fair Details
12/17/2011--Amboy Greenhand Parli Pro Invite Rescheduled
12/15/2011--District II Agri-Science Fair Details
12/15/2011--AgSci Teacher Academy, iPad Apps, Math Problem of the Month, and More
11/17/2011--FFA Pre-Program of Activities Due to your Section FFA President
11/16/2011--Newark FFA Farm Toy Show
11/15/2011--Amboy Invitational Greenhand Parly Pro CDE
11/15/2011--Attending the IASB Conference Friday or Saturday?
11/8/2011--Mendota FFA Toy & Antique Tractor Show
10/28/2011--District II Ag Sales CDE Info
10/27/2011--Elite Conference 2011- Great Opportunity
10/20/2011--Incentive Funding Grant budgets approved
10/13/2011--Joliet Jr. College Ag Career Day
10/13/2011--BlackHawk College Ag Career Day
10/11/2011--JJC Career Days Nov. 2 & 5
9/30/2011--Using Google Docs webinar archived on YouTube
9/26/2011--PDP Due Date, Land Use CDE Resource, SAE Grants
9/26/2011--PDP Due Date, SAE Grant, & Land Use CDE Resources
9/13/2011--JJC Reporter Workshop
9/7/2011--This Afternoon: Free Online Webinar to use Google Documents
9/6/2011--PDP, Grad Survey, IFG Budget, Reporter workshops, & other updates
9/1/2011--Free professional development: Google Docs Webinar
8/30/2011--Special offer on Poinsettias
8/25/2011--GAST BLAST from JJC
8/23/2011--Graduate Survey, PDP Plan, IFG Budget reminders
8/23/2011--Oregon FFA Invitational Horse Eval Workshop
7/28/2011--Teaching vacancy: Peotone High School
7/20/2011--Kishwaukee College Hort Workshop CANCELLED
7/20/2011--FFA Degree Update & Greenhouse Mgmt Workshop @ Blackhawk College
7/6/2011--Kishwaukee College Horticulture Workshop
6/29/2011--FFA Degree Changes & Greenhouse Management Workshop details
6/28/2011--Annual Reports & IFG Application Due
6/27/2011--Room still available for Workshop Tuesday 6/28/11
6/9/2011--Teaching Vacancy: Cambridge High School
6/7/2011--N. Illinois District Workshop Details: Sign Up early!
5/25/2011--Teaching Vacancy: River Valley-Momence
5/20/2011--Teaching Vacancy: Clifton Central High School
5/13/2011--District II Message-Lucas Allen-5/13/2011
5/9/2011--Teaching Vacancy: Wethersfield High School
5/4/2011--Kishwaukee College Hort Workshop Details
4/28/2011--Grad Survey now available to complete
4/6/2011--Kish College Hort Worshop, Newark Pig Sale, Ag Entrepreneur Grant
4/6/2011--Northern Illinois Program Openings for 2011-2012
4/5/2011--BHC Ag Business Mgmt Contest Info
4/1/2011--District II Opening
3/24/2011--Animal Science Instructor position open, JJC
3/20/2011--District 1 Teaching Vacancy
3/20/2011--Tomato hormone sharing partner needed
3/13/2011--Geneseo FFA Trap Shoot
3/10/2011--Invitation: Please read
3/9/2011--Invitation to Watch the Illinois Ag Education Symposium
3/9/2011--District 1 Proficiency Meal Discounts in Geneseo
3/8/2011--Invitational horse show in Will County
3/4/2011--New Interactive AG MAG Available!
3/2/2011--JJC Horticulture Career Day
3/1/2011--JJC Livestock Judging Contest
2/28/2011--Geneseo Livestock Judging Results
2/28/2011--Reminder: District 2 Agri-Science Fair Entries Due Friday
2/14/2011--JJC-PLANET Horticulture Career Days
1/20/2011--JJC Seeking Livestock, Horticulture Instructor Candidates
1/10/2011--Geneseo Invitational Livestock Judging Contest
1/10/2011--Peotone FFA Toy Show & Consignment Auction
1/7/2011--JJC GAST Internship Information
1/4/2011--Joliet Junior College Announces (GAST) Agriculture Education Internship for 2011
1/4/2011--District II Agri-Science Fair Details
1/4/2011--Reminder: Bring course rosters to Section Meetings
12/22/2010--Scholarship Opportunity for HS Seniors in Agriculture
12/21/2010--Section Winter Meetings
12/16/2010--National Agri-Science Teacher Ambassador Program
12/6/2010--Crop Science/Agronomy Scholarships Available
11/30/2010--Amboy Greenhand Invitational Parly Pro CDE
11/30/2010--Geneseo FFA Invitational Livestock Judging Contest
11/24/2010--Teaching Vacancy: Streator HS, Section 7
11/11/2010--District II Ag Sales CDE Results
11/10/2010--Newark FFA Toy Show: November 21
11/9/2010--JJC Hort Spring Workshop; Elite Conf.; $2500 For Your Chapter; Thanksgiving Resources
11/9/2010--Indian Creek FFA Club Calf Sale
11/2/2010--Pre-POA Reminder, Factory Farms article, and Reading in the Ag Room
10/28/2010--Mendota FFA Toy Show- 11/14/2010
10/28/2010--District II Ag Sales CDE Information
10/13/2010--Geneseo FFA Trap Shoot 10/16
10/12/2010--Job Opening: JJC Land Lab Supervisor
10/12/2010--JJC Ag, Hort, & Vet Tech Open House
10/6/2010--National FFA Convention Concert ticket for sale
10/5/2010--Geneseo FFA Trap Shoot Rescheduled
10/1/2010--District II Message-Lucas Allen-10/1/2010
9/28/2010--Professional Development Plan DUE THURSDAY
9/28/2010--Professional Development Plan DUE THURSDAY
9/16/2010--Illinois Energy Workshop: FREE Energy Resources
9/14/2010--Ag Grant Budgets- Finalize and Send by Friday
9/10/2010--Geneseo FFA Trap Shoot
9/9/2010--District II Message-Lucas Allen-9/9/2010
9/7/2010--Oregon FFA Horse Judging Clinic
9/7/2010--JJC Ag Career Fair
8/31/2010--Highland Greenhand Conference
8/26/2010--Geneseo FFA Horse Contest CANCELLED
8/26/2010--Reminder: Graduate Survey
8/26/2010--Reminder: Graduate Survey Completion
8/26/2010--Reminder: Graduate Survey Completion
8/18/2010--Geneseo Horse Judging Contest Invitation
8/18/2010--Immediate Opening: Belvidere North HS, Section 6
7/29/2010--Invite to Ron Lynch's Retirement Celebration
7/29/2010--Invitation to Ron Lynch's Retirement Celebration
6/30/2010--District 1 Vacancy: Orangeville
6/24/2010--District II Message-Lucas Allen-6/24/2010
6/13/2010--District II Professional Development ON HOLD; IAVAT Conference agenda
6/1/2010--REMINDER: Budget Amendments DUE TODAY
6/1/2010--Save The Date: District 2 Workshop
5/21/2010--Teaching Vacancy: District II
5/18/2010--State Convention rooms needed at Hilton
5/17/2010--District II Message-Lucas Allen-5/17/2010
5/13/2010--IAVAT Conf Workshop Registration Now Open- Hurry!
4/27/2010--Helpful Websites, Resources, and Events for Ag Education
4/22/2010--District II Message-Lucas Allen-4/22/2010
4/21/2010--District II Agri-Science Fair Results
4/12/2010--Joliet Jr. College Livestock Judging CDE
3/30/2010--District II Ag Science Fair Entry Deadline Thursday
3/5/2010--Joliet Jr. College Livestock Judging Contest 4/17/10
3/2/2010--JJC Horticulture Contest & Hort Career Day
2/23/2010--2010-2011 District II Teaching Vacancies
2/22/2010--District 2 News You Can Use
2/16/2010--District 2 Star Interviews: Date Change
2/10/2010--Prairie Central Farm & Home Show-2/13/2010
2/10/2010--JJC Hort Contest Date Change
1/26/2010--District 2 Ag Science Fair Info
1/14/2010--JJC Horticulture Contest and Career Day
1/10/2010--Section Meeting Reminder: Please bring rosters
1/10/2010--Farm Safety Just 4 Kids
1/6/2010--Last Call for GAST- JJC Ag Ed Internships
12/21/2009--News You Can Use, 12-21-09
11/23/2009--FFA Dues Survey - 30 seconds to respond
11/16/2009--Agriculture & CTE at IASB-IASA-IASBO Conference
11/11/2009--Mendota and Newark Toy Shows
10/27/2009--District II Ag Sales CDE
10/20/2009--Convention rooms available
10/15/2009--Convention Rooms available and Rodeo Tickets needed
10/13/2009--JJC GAST AgEd Internship information
10/9/2009--Important District 2 News
9/29/2009--Upcoming Deadlines: Items due tomorrow!
9/17/2009--JJC Livestock Judging CDE date change
9/16/2009--Highland College Greenhand Conference
9/15/2009--Reminder: Budget Due Today
9/15/2009--Invitational Urban Forestry CDE/Workshop at Morton Arboretum
9/8/2009--Budgets due September 15
9/8/2009--IL Farm Bureau Youth Conference survey
8/28/2009--Budget and Professional Development Plans
8/19/2009--Grant Opportuntity Announced
8/6/2009--FFA Night at Grundy County Speedway
8/6/2009--FFA Night at Grundy County Speedway
8/3/2009--Turf Management Course available
6/5/2009--Attend the National Floral Design Symposium: Free!
6/5/2009--District II Message-Lucas Allen-6/5/2009
6/5/2009--BioDiesel in the classroom workshop
6/1/2009--New District 2 Teaching Vacancy, Gardner-South Wilmington High School
5/18/2009--Illinois FFA Convention School Officials Workshop and Luncheon
5/15/2009--District II Message-Lucas Allen-5/15/2009
5/13/2009--Illinois FFA Convention School Officials Workshop and Luncheon
5/11/2009--New District 2 Teaching Vacancy, Marengo High School
5/2/2009--New District II Teaching Vacancies
4/28/2009--New District 2 Teaching Vacancy, Belvidere High School
4/27/2009--New District 2 Teaching Vacancy, Somonauk-Leland
4/17/2009--Help! Quick Fundraser this weekend!
4/17/2009--District II Message-Lucas Allen-4/17/2009
4/14/2009--FREE Ag Mechanics Graduate Course!
4/9/2009--Ag Ed Proficiency Chapter Winners, Teacher workshop at JJC Livestock Judging
3/26/2009--New Teaching Vacancies in District 2
3/23/2009--Teacher Workshop to be held during JJC Livestock Judging CDE
3/19/2009--JJC Spring Horticulture CDE Reminder
3/17/2009--District II Stars and Proficiency Event Reminders
3/10/2009--As requested, Info about Wikis and Blogs for teachers
2/27/2009--Prairie Central Farm & Home Show- This Weekend
2/19/2009--JJC Horticulture CDE Reminder
2/18/2009--District II Message-Lucas Allen-2/18/2009
2/17/2009--Course rosters still needed from these schools
2/9/2009--District II Message-Lucas Allen-2/9/2009
2/4/2009--Upgrades to MyCAERT system
2/3/2009--Course Rosters needed
1/27/2009--JJC - Ag Ed Internship Information
1/27/2009--Joliet Junior College Livestock Judging CDE
1/27/2009--JJC Livestock Judging CDE
1/27/2009--Joliet Junior College Spring Horticulture Career Day
1/23/2009--District II Message-Lucas Allen-1/23/2009
1/23/2009--District II Message-Lucas Allen-1/23/2009
1/22/2009--UPDATED Information: JJC Landscape Design Instructor
1/1/2009--Teaching Vacancy: Joliet Jr. College Horticulture & Landscape Design
12/15/2008--Peotone FFA Consignment Auction
12/14/2008--Do you have any students that would be good Ag teachers?
12/10/2008--IL Landscape Contractors' Association: visits to schools
11/24/2008--New Community College Agriculture/Horticulture program: faculty opening
11/12/2008--Mendota FFA Toy Show
11/10/2008--District II Ag Sales CDE
11/10/2008--Newark FFA Toy Show
11/3/2008--Brief survey for JJC about AgEd Internships- please respond
10/28/2008--JJC Career Fair/Open House
10/18/2008--National Convention Tickets
10/18/2008--Luke's Convention availability
10/15/2008--District II Message-Lucas Allen-10/15/2008
9/26/2008--REMINDER: PDP and Graduate Survey Due
9/14/2008--IFGA Budget Status
9/12/2008--Section 10 Invitational Livestock Evaluation CDE
9/5/2008--District II Message-Lucas Allen-9/5/2008
9/5/2008--District 2 Reporter Workshops
9/3/2008--New District II Teaching Vacancy- Tri-Valley High School- Second Semester
8/26/2008--Ag Literacy and Young Peoples' Activities Education Specialist Openings
8/13/2008--New District II Teaching Vacancy- Tri-Valley High School
8/8/2008--New District II Teaching Vacancy- Beecher High School
8/7/2008--Free PDA (Personal Desktop Assistant- Palm Pilot)
8/4/2008--District II Teaching Vacancy- NEW
8/1/2008--District 2 Workshop Cancelled
7/28/2008--Re-send: NanoTechnology Workshop and Intermodal Rail Export Tour
7/23/2008--District II Teaching Vacancies
7/17/2008--District II Workshop: Tour of Elwood Intermodal and "NanoTechnolgy for Ag Teachers"
5/18/2008--District II Message--Lucas All
5/7/2008--Cattle Fitting Clinic & Officer Retreat question
5/7/2008--Cattle Fitting Clinic, Officer Retreat Question, New Horse Info website
5/7/2008--Ag Incentive funding grant letter sent to administrators
5/7/2008--AgriScience Reading and Comprehension Assessments
4/28/2008--District II Teaching Vacancies- NEW
4/28/2008--District II Message--Lucas Allen--4/28/2008
4/28/2008--Please check FFA Membership #'s for Century Award
4/10/2008--District II Message--Lucas Allen--4/10/2008
4/10/2008--IMPORTANT: Please check your course enrollments online!
4/4/2008--District II Message--Lucas Allen--4/4/2008
4/2/2008--Joliet Junior College Invitational Livestock Judging Contest
3/26/2008--Invitation to the Illinois School Officials' Luncheon
3/7/2008--District II Teaching Vacancy- Watseka High School
3/5/2008--District II Proficiency Judging map and food information
3/5/2008--Time clarification for Proficiency judging
3/4/2008--New District II Teaching Vacancy- NEW PROGRAM
3/4/2008--District II Ag Sales CDE
2/27/2008--District II Message--Lucas Allen--2/27/2008
2/14/2008--Reminder: JJC Invitational Horticulture CDE
2/6/2008--District II Message--Lucas Allen--2/6/2008
1/23/2008--Important JJC Articulation Announcement!
1/22/2008--Ag Sales CDE: Tools for training teams
1/17/2008--MFE Reminder
1/6/2008--Important Reminder: Bring rosters to Section Meetings!
1/3/2008--District II Message-- Resources you can use!
1/3/2008--Bonsai workshop opportunities
12/22/2007--Teaching Vacancy, District 2- DeKalb High School
12/17/2007--District II Message-- Resources you can use!
12/14/2007--District II Teaching Vacancy- Iroquois West HS
12/14/2007--Immediate District II Teaching Vacancy
11/7/2007--Incentive Funding Purchases
11/5/2007--Bonsai presenter, College Career Days, and a farm toy show
10/30/2007--District II Message-- Resources you can use!
10/22/2007--District II Message- New chapter needs help with jackets
10/1/2007--Biodiesel Lab Opportunity for High Schools
9/26/2007--Graduate Survey and Professional Development Plans due
9/18/2007--Reminder: Reports due Sept. 30
9/17/2007--National FFA CDE Practice tests now avaliable for use
9/13/2007--JJC Reporter Workshop- fast food in the area
9/13/2007--Section 10 Invitational Livestock Evaluation CDE
9/11/2007--Budgets & Reporter Workshops
9/10/2007--District II Message--Lucas Allen--9/10/2007
9/4/2007--District II Office Phone outage & new mailing address
8/17/2007--District 2 Timely News You Can Use... Back to School Edition
8/16/2007--Immediate Opening- Oswego East HS
8/10/2007--Incentive Funding Budget avaliable now
7/31/2007--District II Teaching Vacancy- Iroquois West HS
7/28/2007--Attention Sections 7, 9, and 10 teachers:
7/27/2007--District II FCAE Reminder
7/10/2007--Current District 2 Openings
7/5/2007--Vet Tech Summer Workshop Reminder
7/3/2007--District II Teaching Vacancy- Harvard High School
6/28/2007--Important Reminder... IFGA Due Tomorrow
6/28/2007--Soils CDE Training Workshop still available
6/11/2007--Illinois 4-H/FFA State Tractor Operator's Contest
6/8/2007--Vet Tech Summer Workshop Announcement
6/7/2007--District II Message--Lucas Allen--6/7/2007
5/17/2007--District II Teaching Vacancy- Sycamore High School
5/17/2007--District II Message--Lucas Allen--5/17/2007
5/10/2007--Program, Teacher, and School information entered
5/9/2007--JJC Agricultural Education Center Open House; Steel Milk Tank needed
5/9/2007--District II Message--Lucas Allen--5/9/2007
5/7/2007--District II Teaching Vacancy- Clifton Central High School
5/7/2007--Land Use CDE Training, Youth Safe Tractor Operator Program Grant, & Great Weblinks
5/3/2007--District II Teaching Vacancy- Belvidere North High School
4/30/2007--District II Teaching Vacancy- Peotone High School
4/27/2007--Don't Forget: Budget Amendments due Monday
4/20/2007--District II Teaching Vacancy- Pontiac High School
4/18/2007--Land Use CDE Training & Curriculum Maps
4/18/2007--District 2 Upcoming Dates & Items of interest
4/13/2007--Free livestock feed avaliable
4/10/2007--Resources for reinforcing math in your lessons
4/4/2007--District II Message--Lucas Allen--4/4/2007
4/2/2007--JJC Livestock Judging Contest information
3/30/2007--District II Message--Lucas Allen--3/30/2007
3/29/2007--Teaching Vacancy in New Program- Momence High School, District 2
3/20/2007--District II Message--Lucas Allen--3/20/2007
3/20/2007--Updated information: Ridgeview Teaching vacancy
3/17/2007--District II Ag Sales CDE Information
3/14/2007--Grant Opportunity and Biotechnology website
2/27/2007--District 2 Proficiency Awards Night Information
2/24/2007--Opening for Fall 2007 in District 2 at Huntley High School
2/20/2007--District II Message--Lucas Allen--2/20/2007
1/29/2007--Grant Opportunity for FFA Chapters
1/12/2007--JJC Horticulture CDE Information
1/12/2007--JJC Floral Design CDE
1/8/2007--District II Message--Lucas Allen--1/8/2007
12/12/2006--District II Message--Lucas Allen--12/12/2006
11/8/2006--District II Message--Lucas Allen--11/8/2006
11/7/2006--District II Message--Lucas Allen--11/7/2006
11/7/2006--District II Message--Lucas Allen--11/7/2006
10/20/2006--District II Message--Lucas Allen--10/20/2006
10/17/2006--District II Message--Lucas Allen--10/17/2006
10/13/2006--District II Message--Lucas Allen--10/13/2006
9/29/2006--District II Message--Lucas Allen--9/29/2006
9/25/2006--District II Message--Lucas Allen--9/25/2006
9/21/2006--District II Message--Lucas Allen--9/21/2006
9/7/2006--District II Message--Lucas Allen--9/7/2006
9/7/2006--Invitational Livestock Judging + Welding Help Needed
9/5/2006--District II Message--Lucas Allen--9/5/2006
8/31/2006--District II Message--Lucas Allen--8/31/2006
8/25/2006--Corrected Landscape Design Contest information
8/24/2006--District II Message--Lucas Allen--8/24/2006
8/18/2006--District II Message--Lucas Allen--8/18/2006
7/20/2006--August 7 District II IAVAT Workshops
7/18/2006--ISU Ag Teacher Cookout; District II Soils CDE Training
7/11/2006--District II Message--Lucas Allen--7/11/2006
7/11/2006--New District 2 Field Advisor Contact Information
6/29/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--6/29/2006
6/28/2006--Incentive Funding Grant Application
6/26/2006--District II Summer Workshop
6/12/2006--Annual Reports, District II Summer Workshop, ISU Meats Course
6/8/2006--Joliet Jr. College Summer Workshop in District II
6/5/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--6/5/2006
5/25/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--5/25/2006
5/18/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--5/18/2006
5/15/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--5/15/2006
5/10/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--5/10/2006
5/10/2006--Waubonsee Community College Scholarships
5/10/2006--Waubonsee Community College Scholarships
5/8/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--5/8/2006
4/21/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--4/21/2006
4/18/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--4/18/2006
4/18/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--4/18/2006
4/11/2006--Section Ag Mechanics and Horticulture Contests
4/7/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--4/7/2006
4/3/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--4/3/2006
3/23/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--3/23/2006
3/21/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--3/21/2006
3/20/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--3/20/2006
3/16/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--3/16/2006
3/9/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--3/9/2006
3/8/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--3/8/2006
3/7/2006--Science Triathlon at ISU in April
2/28/2006--District II Proficiency Award Meal
2/27/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--2/27/2006
2/22/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--2/22/2006
2/22/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--2/22/2006
2/13/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--2/13/2006
2/3/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--2/3/2006
2/1/2006--90 Seconds of National Media Coverage!
2/1/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--2/1/2006
1/25/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--1/25/2006
1/19/2006--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--1/19/2006 - CDE RESULTS
1/19/2006--Illinois State University - Scholarship Opportunities
1/17/2006--MFE North Participation - BSAA Textbook
1/17/2006--MFE North Participation - BSAA Textbook
1/9/2006--Joliet Jr. College 2006 Floral Design Contest
1/9/2006--Joliet Jr. College 2006 Floral Design Contest
1/9/2006--Joliet Jr. College 2006 Floral Design Contest
1/9/2006--Joliet Jr. College 2006 Floral Design Contest
1/9/2006--Joliet Jr. College 2006 Floral Design Contest
12/7/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--12/7/2005
12/6/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--12/6/2005
11/21/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--11/21/2005
11/21/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--11/21/2005
11/21/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--11/21/2005
11/21/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--11/21/2005
11/2/2005--Newark FFA Toy Show
11/2/2005--Newark FFA Toy Show
11/2/2005--Joliet Jr. College Career Days
10/24/2005--National Convention Bus Trip--Andrew Thoron--10/24/2005
10/7/2005--District II Advisory Council Meeting
10/7/2005--District II Advisory Council Meeting
10/7/2005--District II Advisory Council Meeting
10/7/2005--District II Advisory Council Meeting
9/28/2005--September 30th Deadline
9/22/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/22/2005
9/21/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/21/2005
9/21/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/21/2005
9/16/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/16/2005
9/16/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/16/2005
9/16/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/16/2005
9/16/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/16/2005
9/16/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/16/2005
9/14/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/14/2005
9/14/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/14/2005
9/14/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/14/2005
9/14/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/14/2005
9/14/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/14/2005
9/14/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/14/2005
9/14/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/14/2005
9/14/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/14/2005
9/14/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/14/2005
9/14/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/14/2005
9/14/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/14/2005
9/12/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/12/2005
9/7/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/7/2005
9/6/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/6/2005
9/6/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/6/2005
9/2/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/2/2005
9/1/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--9/1/2005
8/29/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--8/29/2005
8/17/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--8/17/2005
8/5/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--8/5/2005
7/20/2005--District II Message--Andrew Thoron--7/20/2005
7/10/2005--Horticulture & Animal Science Workshop
6/24/2005--Annual Reports Received
6/10/2005--Annual Reports
5/20/2005--Survey Reminder
5/20/2005--District II Message--Mindy Porter--5/20/2005
5/20/2005--Professional Development Registration for IAVAT June Conference
5/17/2005--District II Message--Mindy Porter--5/17/2005
5/10/2005--NCLB Survey--Please return ASAP!
4/6/2005--District II Message--Mindy Porter--4/6/2005
4/1/2005--District II Message--Mindy Porter--4/1/2005
3/15/2005--District II Message--Mindy Porter--3/15/2005
3/3/2005--District II Message--Mindy Porter--03/03/2005
3/2/2005--District II Message--Mindy Porter--03/02/2005
2/22/2005--Julie LeFevre --it a boy AND a girl!!
2/7/2005--District II Message--Mindy Porter--02/07/2005
2/7/2005--District II Message--Mindy Porter--02/07/2005
2/7/2005--District II Message--Mindy Porter--02/07/2005
2/2/2005--District II Message--Mindy Porter--02/02/2005
2/2/2005--District II Message--Mindy Porter--02/02/2005
1/31/2005--District II Message--Mindy Porter--01/31/2005
1/7/2005--District II Message--Mindy Porter--01/07/2005
10/21/2004--District II Message--Mindy Porter--10/21/2004
10/21/2004--District II Message--Mindy Porter--10/21/2004
10/20/2004--District II Message--Mindy Porter--10/20/2004

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