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FFA is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education..

The FFA Alumni Association supports and advocates for agricultural education and FFA through gifts of time, talent and financial resources..

The mission of the Illinois FFA Foundation is to provide financial support for the Illinois FFA. When you make a gift to the Illinois Foundation FFA, you are investing in the future of agriculture..

The Illinois Association of Vocation Agriculture Teachers (IAVAT) is a professional organization for agricultural teachers at all levels..

The Illinois Association of Community College Agriculture Instructors (IACCAI) is a statewide professional organization for postsecondary agriculture instructors. .

The Illinois Postsecondary Agricultural Student (PAS) Organization provides opportunities for individual growth, leadership and career preparation. .

The Illinois Farm Bureau & Affiliated Companies Youth Education in Agriculture program offers unique educational programs to Illinois youth in 4-H and FFA. .

The purpose of the Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom Program is to encourage educators to incorporate more information about the agriculture, food, and natural resources system into daily lessons..
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Facilitating Coordination in Agricultural Education (FCAE) is a state project administered through the Illinois State Board of Education that is tasked with improving and expanding agricultural education from pre-k through adult levels..

The Illinois Leadership Council for Agricultural Education (ILCAE) is a voluntary, grassroots agricultural industry group focused on the expansion and improvement of Agricultural Education programs at all levels..

The Illinois Committee for Agricultural Education (ICAE) is a 13-member committee established by legislation and appointed by the Governor to advise both the governor and state education agencies concerning Agricultural Education K-adult..

The Illinois State Board of Education is the state agency responsible for Pre-K through 12th grade education. Its primary mission is state program leadership, planning, approval, funding, and evaluation..

The Illinois Department of Agriculture will be an advocate for Illinois' agricultural industry and provide the necessary regulatory functions to benefit consumers, agricultural industry, and our natural resources.. provides information about the Agricultural Education profession and encourages students to consider a career as an agriculture teacher..

MyCAERT provides teachers with an integrated online system to Plan, Document, Deliver, and Assess Career and Technical Education instruction. .

Information Technology and Communication Services (ITCS) Instructional Materials provides agricultural education publications in a variety of formats. .

The Agricultural Experience Tracker is the premiere personalized online system for tracking experiences in agricultural education. .
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9/24/2019--Invitational Food Science
9/16/2019--Invitational Food Science
8/29/2019--SIU Horse Judging Invitational
8/29/2019--Greenhand Workshop 2019
8/16/2019--Invitational District Horse Judging
8/16/2019--SIU Greenhand Workshop 2019
8/16/2019--SIU COAS Hosts Temple Grandin
8/1/2019--Section Contests Judges
6/29/2019--Temple Grandin at SIU October 2, 2019
6/7/2019--SIU Alumni Social at IAVAT Conference
4/25/2019--District & Invitational Public Speaking 2019 - Results
4/23/2019--District & Invitational Public Speaking 2019- Schedule
4/19/2019--District & Invitational Public Speaking 2019
4/15/2019--SIU FFA Night at the Baseball Game
4/12/2019--SIU Invitational Livestock and Horticulture CDE's- Results
4/5/2019--Livestock and Horticulture CDE's 2019
4/5/2019--District & Invitational Public Speaking
3/7/2019--Livestock and Horticulture CDE's 2019
1/10/2019--Farm Bureau/FFA Acquaintance Day - Registration!
1/4/2019--SIU FFA Night at the Ballgame
12/12/2018--Fifth Annual SIU FFA Night at the Ballgame
12/6/2018--SIU Murray State Basketball Game - Reminder
11/28/2018--SIU Ag Teacher Appreciate Night at the Basketball Game
11/7/2018--District V Job Interview & Ag Issues Results
11/6/2018--SIU Job Interview - Junior Varsity Event
11/5/2018--SIU Job Interview Schedules
10/31/2018--SIU vs WIU Football Message
10/24/2018--SIU Job Interview and Ag Issues CDE
10/10/2018--SIU Job Interview and Ag Issues CDE
10/3/2018--2018 SIU Food Science CDE Results
10/2/2018--SIU FFA Fall Career Expo
10/1/2018--SIU Food Science Invitational - Rules and Reminder
9/26/2018--SIU Invitational Food Science CDE - Reminder
9/17/2018--Upcoming FFA Day's at SIU
9/13/2018--SIU Invitational Food Science CDE
9/10/2018--2018 Greenhand & Chapter Officer Leadership Conference Reminder
9/10/2018--FFA Day at SIU Football Game
9/7/2018--SIU Horse Judging CDE Results
9/4/2018--SIU Horse Judging CDE
8/29/2018--SIU Horse Judging CDE
8/29/2018--2018 Greenhand & Chapter Officer Leadership Conference
8/28/2018--Football Game for Agriculture Teachers
8/22/2018--2018 Greenhand & Chapter Officer Leadership Conference
8/15/2018--SIU Invitational Horse CDE
7/17/2018--SIU Agricultural Education Newsletter
4/25/2018--District V Public Speaking & SIU Invitational Public Speaking - Results
4/24/2018--District V Public Speaking & SIU Invitational Public Speaking
4/20/2018--SIU Invitational Livestock and Horticulture CDE's - Results
4/17/2018--SIU Agriculture Education Newsletter - April
4/15/2018--SIU Invitational Livestock and Horticulture CDE's - PARKING
4/12/2018--District V Public Speaking & SIU Invitational Public Speaking - Reminder
4/10/2018--SIU Invitational Livestock and Horticulture CDE's - Reminder
4/10/2018--District V Public Speaking & SIU Invitational Public Speaking- Reminder
4/4/2018--SIU Invitational Livestock and Horticulture CDE's - Prize Money
4/2/2018--SIU Ag Education Night - Culvers - Marion
3/28/2018--District V Varsity Parliamentary Procedure Results
3/23/2018--SIU Ag Ed Newsletter
3/22/2018--SIU - Saluki Enrichment Pre-vet Program
3/21/2018--Registration for SIU Livestock and Horticulture CDE
3/21/2018--District V Public Speaking & SIU Invitational Public Speaking
3/21/2018--Dsitrict V Freshman Parliamentary Procedure Contest
3/7/2018--SIU Invitational Livestock and Horticulture CDE's
2/16/2018--SIU Agriculture Education Newsletter
2/15/2018--Section 24 Parliamentary Procedure Contest
1/29/2018--SIU FFA/Farm Bureau Acquaintance Day - PARKING
1/18/2018--REMINDER: Farm Bureau / FFA Acquaintance Day 2018
12/13/2017--Farm Bureau / FFA Acquaintance Day 2018
12/6/2017--Fourth Annual SIU / FFA GAME NIGHT - PACK THE PLACE
11/9/2017--District V Job Interview & Ag Issues Results
11/2/2017--Schedule for District V Job Interview
10/30/2017--District V FFA Job Interview CDE - Reminder
10/30/2017--4th Annual SIU FFA NIght at the Game
10/8/2017--District V Job Interview & Ag Issues CDE
10/4/2017--SIU Invitational Food Science CDE
9/29/2017--SIU Food Science CDE Reminder
9/26/2017--SIU Fall Festival
9/20/2017--Invitational SIU Food Science CDE Reminder & Rules
9/14/2017--SIU Greenhand & Chapter Officer Leadership Conference REMINDER
9/11/2017--Saluki Football Game - 2nd Email
9/11/2017--SIU Invitational Food Science CDE
9/8/2017--SIU Horse Judging CDE Results
9/5/2017--SIU Invitational Horse Judging CDE - Last Day for Pre-registration
8/28/2017--SIU Small Engine Give Away
8/24/2017--Agriculture Teacher Appreciation Night at Saluki Football Game
8/23/2017--2017 Greenhand & Chapter Officer Leadership Conference
8/10/2017--SIU Invitational Horse Judging CDE
4/27/2017--District V/SIU Job Interview and AG Issues results
4/26/2017--SIU District V Job Interview and AG Issues Results
4/21/2017--SIU Horticulture and Livestock Judging CDE - Results
4/20/2017--District V Job Interview Schedule
4/18/2017--Reminder -District V Job Interview & Ag Issues
4/17/2017--Reminder LAST DAY for Pre-Registration SIU Livestock and Horticulture CDE
4/13/2017--Eli Young Band - SIU Springfest 2017
4/13/2017--Reminder SIU Invitational Livestock and Horticulture CDE & Announcement on Prize Money
4/6/2017--Reminder: SIU Livestock & Horticulture CDE
4/5/2017--District V FFA Public Speaking Results
4/5/2017--District V Junior Varsity Public Speaking Results
4/4/2017--District V Public Speaking CDE Schedule
4/4/2017--SIU/District V Job Interview & Ag Issues CDE
3/29/2017--District V Parliamentary Procedure CDE Results
3/29/2017--District V Public Speaking Schedule
3/22/2017--District V FFA Varsity CDE Schedule & Novice Parli Pro Results
3/17/2017--District V Novice Parliamentary Procedure CDE Schedule
3/14/2017--District V Public Speaking & SIU Invitaional Public Speaking CDE
3/8/2017--Registration for SIU Invitational Livestock and Horticulture Career Development Events
3/7/2017--District V Parliamentary Procedure CDE's
3/3/2017--SIU Invitational Horticulture and Livestock Judging
2/17/2017--Reminder - District V Ag Awareness Night
1/31/2017--SIU Ag Education Club T-Shirts
1/4/2017--2nd Reminder -FFA/Farm Bureau Acquaintance Day
12/14/2016--3rd Annual SIU/FFA Night **Saluki Basketball
12/7/2016--3rd Annual FFA Night at the Game
12/7/2016--Farm Bureau/FFA Aquaintance Day
11/14/2016--Reminder: SIU College of Agricultural Sciences Day in Peoria
10/24/2016--SIU Application Fee Waiver
10/12/2016--SIU Food Science CDE Results
10/5/2016--Reminder - Food Science PreRegistration Ends Friday & Update on Rules
9/28/2016--Survey for Horse Judging CDE
9/26/2016--SIU FFA Day at Fall Festival - LAST CALL
9/26/2016--SIU Food Science CDE
9/21/2016--SIU Greenhand & COLT Pictures
9/19/2016--FFA Day at Fall Festival - Registration
9/16/2016--Reminder SIU Greenhand and Chapter Officer Workshop
9/16/2016--SIU FFA Day - Fall Festival
9/13/2016--Sad to Announce
9/12/2016--Reminder: SIU Greenhand and Chapter Officer Leadership Conference
9/12/2016--SIU FFA DAY at Fall Festival
9/12/2016--SIU Food Science Career Development Event
9/9/2016--SIU Horse Judging CDE Results & Greenhand Workshop Reminder
9/8/2016--SIU Horse Judging CDE
9/7/2016--SIU Horse Judging CDE
9/1/2016--SIU Invitational Horse Judging CDE - Reminder and Classes
8/16/2016--SIU COLT/Greenhand Conference
8/12/2016--SIU Invitational Horse Judging CDE
5/18/2016--Illinois FFA Convention & IAVAT June Conference
4/27/2016--District V Job Interview and Ag Issues Results
4/18/2016--Schedule for SIU Job Interview CDE
4/15/2016--SIU Livestock and Horticulture CDE Results
4/11/2016--Registration EXTENDED for Livestock and Horticulture
4/6/2016--SIU/District V Job Interview & Ag Issues CDE
4/6/2016--District V Public Speaking Results
3/31/2016--SIU T-Shirts for Livestock and Horticulture CDE
3/28/2016--District V Public Speaking CDE - Reminder and Schedule
3/23/2016--SIU CFFA & Ag Ed Club Banquet
3/23/2016--***Correction***Public Speaking, Livestock, and Horticulture CDEs
3/7/2016--District V Public Speaking CDE & SIU
2/10/2016--SIU Livestock and Horticulture CDE
2/4/2016--District V Parliamentary Procedure CDE
1/28/2016--Section 24 Parliamentary Procedure CDE
1/21/2016--Farm Bureau Acquaintance Day at SIU Carbondale
1/21/2016--District V Parliamentary Procedure CDE's
1/7/2016--Farm Bureau/FFA Aquaintance Day - Registration
12/23/2015--FFA DAY at SIU-C Basketball Game
12/14/2015--Section 23 Parliamentary Procedure CDE
12/14/2015--Updated - Registration Now Open - FFA Day at SIU Men's Basketball Game
10/22/2015--SIUC Ag Education T-Shirts For Sale
10/10/2015--Reminder *** FFA Day Pre Registration at Fall Festival
10/9/2015--FFA DAY 2015 SIU Fall Festival
10/8/2015--Fall Festival and SIU Open Houses
10/7/2015--SIU Food Science CDE Results
9/30/2015--Food Science Reminder and Revision
9/30/2015--Pictures from Greenhand Workshop at SIU
9/25/2015--Food Science and Fall Festival Reminder
9/21/2015--National Teach Ag Week
9/16/2015--SIU Greenhand Conference
9/16/2015--Greenhand Workshop, Food Science, and Fall Festival
9/15/2015--SIU Horse Judging Varsity Individual and Junior Varsity Results
9/11/2015--SIU Horse Judging Varsity Team Results
9/11/2015--Section 22 Horse Judging Team Results
9/8/2015--Horse Judging Pre-Registration Ends Today, Greenhand and Chapter Officer Conference
8/28/2015--Event Policies, Horse Judging, and Greenhand Workshop
7/1/2015--New Position - John Edgar
6/23/2015--COAS Outstanding Alumnus Awards
6/16/2015--IAVAT SIU Alumni Social
6/2/2015--State Convention Workshop and IAVAT Alumni Social
5/12/2015--Celebrating Lifetime Achievements of Jean Ibendahl
4/28/2015--CFFA/Ag Ed Banquet and Awards Ceremony
4/21/2015--JV Results - Invitational Livestock, Dairy, Horticulture CDEs
4/17/2015--Varsity Results - Invitational Livestock, Dairy, Horticulture CDEs
4/14/2015--Important Contest Information - Livestock, Dairy, and Horticulture
4/7/2015--Last Week to Pre-Register for Livestock, Dairy, and Horticulture
4/1/2015--Public Speaking Results
3/31/2015--Public Speaking, Livestock, Dairy, and Horticulture CDEs
3/17/2015--Public Speaking, Livestock, Dairy, and Horticulture CDEs
3/3/2015--Horse Fair & Public Speaking
2/23/2015--FFA Week
2/12/2015--Help Needed! - Illinois Horse Fair
1/13/2015--Last Call - Acquaintance Day Registration
1/6/2015--Last Call for FFA Day Basketball Tickets
12/23/2014--Merry Christmas!
12/16/2014--Basketball Game & Acquaintance Day Registration
12/9/2014--Registration Now Open - FFA Day at SIU Men's Basketball Game
12/2/2014--Job Interview and Ag Issues Results
11/25/2014--Job Interview Schedule & FFA Basketball Game
11/18/2014--Last Call - Job Interview & Ag Issues
11/11/2014--Veterans Day and Final CDE Reminders
10/28/2014--National Convention and Job Interview
10/21/2014--Fall Festival Registration
10/15/2014--Fall Festival Registration
10/8/2014--Food Science & Fall Festival
10/8/2014--Food Science and Fall Festival
10/7/2014--Food Science - Last Minute Reminders
9/30/2014--Food Science - Last Chance To Pre-Register
9/23/2014--Food Science - One Week to Pre-Register
9/16/2014--Last minute details - Greenhand Workshop
9/9/2014--Ending Today - Greenhand Workshop Registration
9/5/2014--SIU Horse Judging Results
9/2/2014--Ending Today - Horse Judging Pre-Registration
8/19/2014--Event Policies, Horse Judging, and Greenhand Workshop
4/26/2012--Southern Illinois University Message-4/26/2012
4/5/2012--Southern Illinois University Message-4/5/2012
9/15/2011--Southern Illinois University Message-9/15/2011
6/3/2011--Continuing Education / Graduate Credit through SIU - Summer 2011
5/18/2010--Southern Illinois University Message-5/18/2010
6/9/2008--Southern Illinois University Message-6/9/2008
6/6/2008--Southern Illinois University Message-6/6/2008
6/6/2008--Southern Illinois University Message-6/6/2008
5/27/2008--Southern Illinois University Message-5/27/2008
5/27/2008--Southern Illinois University Message-5/27/2008
5/23/2008--Southern Illinois University Message-5/23/2008
5/22/2008--Southern Illinois University Message-5/22/2008
2/19/2008--Southern Illinois University Message--2/19/2008
2/18/2008--Southern Illinois University Message--2/18/2008
11/30/2007--Southern Illinois University Message--11/30/2007
11/5/2007--Southern Illinois University Message--11/5/2007
9/20/2007--Southern Illinois University Message--9/20/2007
8/20/2007--Southern Illinois University Message--8/20/2007
5/2/2007--Southern Illinois University Message--5/2/2007
5/1/2007--Southern Illinois University Message--5/1/2007
3/8/2007--Southern Illinois University Message--3/8/2007 Biotech Survey
7/20/2006--Southern Illinois University Message--7/20/2006
7/20/2006--Southern Illinois University Message--7/20/2006
7/12/2006--Southern Illinois University Message--7/12/2006
5/10/2006--Southern Illinois University Message--5/10/2006
5/5/2006--Southern Illinois University Message--5/5/2006
9/19/2005--Southern Illinois University Message--9/19/2005
7/27/2005--Southern Illinois University Message--7/27/2005
6/10/2005--Southern Illinois University Message--6/10/2005
6/10/2005--Southern Illinois University Message--6/10/2005
6/10/2005--Southern Illinois University Message--6/10/2005
6/10/2005--Southern Illinois University Message--6/10/2005
5/3/2005--Southern Illinois University Message--5/3/2005

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