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FFA is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education..

The FFA Alumni Association supports and advocates for agricultural education and FFA through gifts of time, talent and financial resources..

The mission of the Illinois FFA Foundation is to provide financial support for the Illinois FFA. When you make a gift to the Illinois Foundation FFA, you are investing in the future of agriculture..

The Illinois Association of Vocation Agriculture Teachers (IAVAT) is a professional organization for agricultural teachers at all levels..

The Illinois Association of Community College Agriculture Instructors (IACCAI) is a statewide professional organization for postsecondary agriculture instructors. .

The Illinois Postsecondary Agricultural Student (PAS) Organization provides opportunities for individual growth, leadership and career preparation. .

The Illinois Farm Bureau & Affiliated Companies Youth Education in Agriculture program offers unique educational programs to Illinois youth in 4-H and FFA. .

The purpose of the Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom Program is to encourage educators to incorporate more information about the agriculture, food, and natural resources system into daily lessons..
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Facilitating Coordination in Agricultural Education (FCAE) is a state project administered through the Illinois State Board of Education that is tasked with improving and expanding agricultural education from pre-k through adult levels..

The Illinois Leadership Council for Agricultural Education (ILCAE) is a voluntary, grassroots agricultural industry group focused on the expansion and improvement of Agricultural Education programs at all levels..

The Illinois Committee for Agricultural Education (ICAE) is a 13-member committee established by legislation and appointed by the Governor to advise both the governor and state education agencies concerning Agricultural Education K-adult..

The Illinois State Board of Education is the state agency responsible for Pre-K through 12th grade education. Its primary mission is state program leadership, planning, approval, funding, and evaluation..

The Illinois Department of Agriculture will be an advocate for Illinois' agricultural industry and provide the necessary regulatory functions to benefit consumers, agricultural industry, and our natural resources.. provides information about the Agricultural Education profession and encourages students to consider a career as an agriculture teacher..

MyCAERT provides teachers with an integrated online system to Plan, Document, Deliver, and Assess Career and Technical Education instruction. .

Information Technology and Communication Services (ITCS) Instructional Materials provides agricultural education publications in a variety of formats. .

The Agricultural Experience Tracker is the premiere personalized online system for tracking experiences in agricultural education. .
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4/15/2019--Reminder: Top Chapter President & Harvest for All Applications
3/8/2019--Harvest for All Program
3/4/2019--Applications Due Friday: Heritage & Cooperative Awards Programs
2/5/2019--Top Chapter President Program
2/1/2019--Reminder: Heritage & Cooperative Awards Programs
12/12/2018--IAA Foundation Scholarships - Due Feb 1
12/6/2018--Heritage & Cooperative Awards Programs
5/17/2018--Career Opportunity at Illinois Farm Bureau
4/25/2018--Farm Bureau Youth Conference Photos
4/23/2018--Top Chapter President/Harvest for All Reminder
4/2/2018--Top Chapter President & Harvest for All Reminder
3/9/2018--Heritage & Co-op Due by 5 p.m. today
3/6/2018--Top Chapter President Program
2/21/2018--Reminder: Heritage & Co-op Programs
1/29/2018--Harvest for All Program for FFA Chapters
11/30/2017--Heritage & Cooperative Award Programs
11/7/2017--FBYC/360 Conference Combination
8/18/2017--Join COUNTRY Financial at the Farm Progress Show
4/26/2017--Reminder: Chapter President & Harvest for All Awards
3/24/2017--Chapter President & Harvest for All Awards
3/13/2017--Reminder: Applications due Wednesday
3/3/2017--Additional Heritage & Co-op Info
2/16/2017--FFA Section Presidents' Award Applications
2/2/2017--Printable Heritage & Co-op Apps
1/26/2017--Heritage & Cooperative Applications
12/22/2016--Heritage & Cooperative Applications
2/23/2016--Heritage & Cooperative Applications Deadline is March 15, 2016
12/2/2015--IAA Foundation Sholarships-Applications Available
8/18/2015--Farm Progress Show - Country Financial Booth 749 - Free Lemonade
3/9/2015--Deadline Approaching for H & C Applications / FFA Sect President Award Applications
2/17/2015--Heritage & Cooperative Applications Deadline is March 15, 2015
2/2/2015--Looking for Exhibitors - IL Farm Bureau & Affiliates Youth Conference
4/10/2014--Leaving IFB - Contact Donna Gallivan for Future Assistance
4/1/2014--2014 Youth Conference Info for Participants
3/31/2014--Youth Conference Harvest for All Food Drive
3/21/2014--IL Pork Producers Assoc. Scholarships Due April 1
3/17/2014--Youth Conference Food Drive
3/13/2014--Youth Conference Release Forms / H&C Apps
3/4/2014--Heritage & Cooperative App Deadline
10/29/2013--IPPA Ambassador- Dec 1 Deadline
10/8/2013--IFB- Award Deadlines & New Youth Ed Website!
10/8/2013--IFB- Award Deadlines & New Youth Ed Website!
5/15/2013--IFB- Harvest for All Results
5/14/2013--IFB- Top Chapter President Results
5/9/2013--IFB- Heritage & Co-op Tour Forms
4/19/2013--IFB- Youth Opportunity- Illinois Pork Leadership Institute
4/16/2013--IFB- Heritage & Cooperative Award Winners/Results
4/5/2013--Youth Conference- Attendance Policy
4/2/2013--Farm Bureau Youth Conference- Important Info/Attachments
3/21/2013--IFB- Heritage & Coop App Update
3/11/2013--IFB- Youth Conference Info-FOOD DRIVE, PENNY WARS, & FREE iPAD MINI!!!
2/21/2013--IFB Heritage/Coop Deadline/Top Chapter President/Top 10 Section President-2/21/2013
2/21/2013--IFB- Heritage/Coop, Sect Pres, Chapter Pres Deadlines
1/22/2013--IFB- Katie Pratt- USFRA Faces of Farming Results
10/8/2012--IFB- Online V-P Debate /Youth Targeted Event- OCT 11- 1:00 PM ET
9/19/2012--IFB- 2013 Youth Ambassador- Deadline Dec 1, 2012
9/17/2012--IFB- Growing a New Generation of Illinois Fruit and Vegetable Farmers
9/13/2012--IFB- 2012-13 Apps- Changes to H&C Procedure
9/7/2012--Youth educator sustainable agriculture grants call for proposals
8/8/2012--IFB- The Agriculture in a Growing World essay contest and grant.
6/28/2012--IFB- Follow the 2012 H&C tour on Facebook
6/7/2012--IFB-Collegiate Farm Bureau this fall at U of I
6/5/2012--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-6/5/2012
5/25/2012--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-5/25/2012
5/24/2012--IFB- FFA Conv- FREE iPad & Souvenir Photos
5/24/2012--IFB- FFA Conv- FREE iPad & Souvenir Photos
5/14/2012--IFB- Top 10 FFA Chapter President Awards
5/9/2012--IFB Message-Harvest for All Contest Results
4/24/2012--Illinois Farm Bureau-Chapter Pres Apps- May 1/FBYC Photos
4/23/2012--Illinois Farm Bureau- Heritage & Coop. WINNERS/RESULTS!
3/20/2012--Youth Conference Attachments for Students & Teachers- PLEASE READ
3/13/2012--IFB- Youth Conference Items
3/2/2012--IFB- Youth Conf.- Teacher Prof. Develop. Session (CPDU credit)
2/27/2012--IFB FFA Week Viewer's Choice Award- Ag Career Video
2/16/2012--ILFB FFA Week Facebook Promos/Contests Start Saturday!
2/8/2012--IFB- Video Contest Viewer's Choice Voting Starts TODAY!
1/31/2012--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-iPad giveaway at Pork and Beef Expos
1/30/2012--Illinois Farm Bureau- Ag Career Video Contest
1/20/2012--IFB- Yahoo Lists Ag as #1 Useless College Degree/IFB Video Contest
1/18/2012--IFB Upcoming Feb 1 Deadlines-Ag Career Video/ IAA Scholarships
1/5/2012--IFB- Video Contest/Deadlines/Youth Blog/Youth Conf Info
12/13/2011--IFB- Farm Facts/Current Issues Resource
11/29/2011--IFB- IAA Foundation Scholarships- Deadline Feb. 1
11/17/2011--IFB- Youth Program Annual Report
10/24/2011--IFB- Youth Ambassador -Applicant Deadline Dec. 1
10/3/2011--2012 IFB & Affiliates Youth Conference Keynote Speakers!
9/2/2011--IFB- The Winner of the Magazine Drive for the Troops is....
8/30/2011--IFB Magazine Drop Off UPDATE for FB SHOW- PLEASE READ-8/30/2011
8/25/2011--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-8/25/2011
8/24/2011--IFB- WIN an iPAD for your Chapter- IFB Magazine Drive at Farm Progress Show
8/19/2011--2 Ways to Win an iPad, 3 Ways to Win a Camera at Farm Progress
8/18/2011--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-8/18/2011
8/5/2011--WIN an iPAD for your Chapter- IFB Magazine Drive at Farm Progress Show
7/29/2011--IFB- Youth to Washington Award tour -Heritage & Cooperative
6/8/2011--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-6/8/2011
5/11/2011--Heritage/Co-op Student Name Deadline!
5/5/2011--IFB Message-Harvest for All Contest Results
5/2/2011--Harvest for All Deadline Today
4/27/2011--IFB Message-GROWMARK Announces Essay Winner
4/26/2011--IAA Foundation 5K looking for FFA Chapters from Section 9
4/25/2011--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-Youth Conference Evals, Photos, Harvest for All Deadline
4/20/2011--Illinois Farm Bureau- Heritage & Co-op WINNERS/RESULTS!
4/20/2011--Illinois Farm Bureau- Heritage & Co-op WINNERS/RESULTS!
4/1/2011--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-Youth Conf in Purdue News!, Smartphone App, and Facebook!
3/17/2011--Youth Conference-PLEASE READ! Attachments
3/11/2011--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-3/11/2011
3/9/2011--IFB- Youth Conference H4All Contest- FREE FLIP CAMERA!
2/28/2011--IFB Upcoming Deadlines/Ag Discovery Program-2/28/2011
1/17/2011--IFB-Monsanto & NAFB Scholarship- Deadline Feb. 15
1/11/2011--IFB- IAA Scholarship Deadline- Feb 1/ IFB Youth Conference/ GROWMARK Essay
12/2/2010--IFB-IAA Scholarships/Farmer George Lesson Book/H4All/ Elite Pics
11/19/2010--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-IFB Youth Annual Report
11/18/2010--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-GROWMARK Essay/ IFB College Internships
11/15/2010--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-Ag Career Challenge Chapters- 11/15/2010
11/2/2010--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-Ag Career Challenge Deadline- Extended -Nov 4
10/25/2010--Illinois Farm Bureau Message- Ag Career Challenge Deadline Nov. 1
10/14/2010--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-UPCOMING DEADLINES
10/5/2010--Illinois Farm Bureau Message- H&C Activities/Ag Career Challenge/ FBYC
9/17/2010--Illinois Farm Bureau Message- Ag Career Challenge! $500 Grant and Win $1000
9/2/2010--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-Youth Ed Website/ H&C App Changes/ Ag Career Challenge/ Calendar
5/12/2010--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-IMPORTANT SURVEY-5/12/2010
5/3/2010--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-IAA Scholarships/Growmark Essay Winner
4/19/2010--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-4/19/2010
4/13/2010--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-4/13/2010
3/23/2010--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-3/23/2010
3/19/2010--IMPORTANT- IFB Youth Conference Info for Students- Please Read
3/15/2010--Youth Conference Update
3/15/2010--Youth Conference Update
3/12/2010--IMPORTANT- IFB Youth Conference Info for Students- PLEASE READ
2/17/2010--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-2/17/2010
1/29/2010--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-1/29/2010
12/17/2009--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-12/17/2009
11/30/2009--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-11/30/2009
11/23/2009--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-11/23/2009
11/12/2009--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-11/12/2009
11/12/2009--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-11/12/2009
11/6/2009--Illinois Farm Bureau Message-11/6/2009
11/6/2009--Illinois Farm Bureau Message 2-11/6/2009
11/6/2009--Illinois Farm Bureau Message 2-11/6/2009
9/23/2009--IFB Message-9/23/2009

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