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FFA is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education..

The FFA Alumni Association supports and advocates for agricultural education and FFA through gifts of time, talent and financial resources..

The mission of the Illinois FFA Foundation is to provide financial support for the Illinois FFA. When you make a gift to the Illinois Foundation FFA, you are investing in the future of agriculture..

The Illinois Association of Vocation Agriculture Teachers (IAVAT) is a professional organization for agricultural teachers at all levels..

The Illinois Association of Community College Agriculture Instructors (IACCAI) is a statewide professional organization for postsecondary agriculture instructors. .

The Illinois Postsecondary Agricultural Student (PAS) Organization provides opportunities for individual growth, leadership and career preparation. .

The Illinois Farm Bureau & Affiliated Companies Youth Education in Agriculture program offers unique educational programs to Illinois youth in 4-H and FFA. .

The purpose of the Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom Program is to encourage educators to incorporate more information about the agriculture, food, and natural resources system into daily lessons..
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Facilitating Coordination in Agricultural Education (FCAE) is a state project administered through the Illinois State Board of Education that is tasked with improving and expanding agricultural education from pre-k through adult levels..

The Illinois Leadership Council for Agricultural Education (ILCAE) is a voluntary, grassroots agricultural industry group focused on the expansion and improvement of Agricultural Education programs at all levels..

The Illinois Committee for Agricultural Education (ICAE) is a 13-member committee established by legislation and appointed by the Governor to advise both the governor and state education agencies concerning Agricultural Education K-adult..

The Illinois State Board of Education is the state agency responsible for Pre-K through 12th grade education. Its primary mission is state program leadership, planning, approval, funding, and evaluation..

The Illinois Department of Agriculture will be an advocate for Illinois' agricultural industry and provide the necessary regulatory functions to benefit consumers, agricultural industry, and our natural resources.. provides information about the Agricultural Education profession and encourages students to consider a career as an agriculture teacher..

MyCAERT provides teachers with an integrated online system to Plan, Document, Deliver, and Assess Career and Technical Education instruction. .

Information Technology and Communication Services (ITCS) Instructional Materials provides agricultural education publications in a variety of formats. .

The Agricultural Experience Tracker is the premiere personalized online system for tracking experiences in agricultural education. .
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6/20/2019--IAVAT Conference Evaluations and Reports
5/28/2019--2020-2025 CDE Calendar
5/14/2019--State Ag Mechanics Results
5/7/2019--IAVAT Conference Information
5/2/2019--Ag Business Management CDE Results
4/26/2019--State Livestock, Poultry, and Horticulture Results
4/5/2019--State Dairy Cattle Evaluation and Handlers Results
4/3/2019--CDE Information
3/25/2019--Awards Reminder and IAVAT Conference
3/25/2019--Final Reminder for Contest Host Site Proposals
3/5/2019--Update to Vet Science CDE
3/2/2019--Food and Vet Science CDE Results
2/19/2019--IAVAT And NAAE Award Applications Now Available
2/19/2019--Contest Host Site Proposals
2/13/2019--Sad to Announce
2/7/2019--Special Announcement regarding 212 Attendance
2/4/2019--March and April CDEs and Job Interview Clarification
12/21/2018--Parker Bane named NAAE President Elect
12/8/2018--State Ag Sales, Agronomy, Dairy Foods, and Meats Results
10/25/2018--Presidential Visit Update
10/24/2018--Convention Presidential Address
10/19/2018--Land Use Update
10/18/2018--State Land Use Results
10/17/2018--CDE Registration, IAVAT Membership, and Hurricane Relief
10/13/2018--ISBE Budget Hearings to Support Ag Education
10/3/2018--Land Use Update
9/20/2018--Sad to Announce
9/17/2018--PAS Meeting Notice
9/7/2018--CDE Special Instructions
9/7/2018--State Horse CDE Results
8/31/2018--2018 Articulation and IACCAI Annual Conference
8/29/2018--Sad to Announce
8/29/2018--IAVAT Membership and LEAP reminder
8/20/2018--Horse, Forestry, Land Use CDE
8/20/2018--LEAP Initiative
8/14/2018--Office Closed Today
6/20/2018--Conference Evaluation and Materials
6/18/2018--IAVAT Conference Items
5/22/2018--FBYC and 360 Conference Interest Survey
5/18/2018--IAVAT Constitutional Amendments
5/15/2018--Ag Mechanics CDE Results
5/7/2018--Region NAAE Conference
5/3/2018--IAVAT Award Winners
5/2/2018--Ag Business CDE Results
5/1/2018--Reasons Livestock Update
4/30/2018--Reminder - FY2019 Fair Contracts-Due May 29, 2018
4/27/2018--Super Friday Results
4/26/2018--Super Friday Final Details
4/19/2018--CDE Registration, Committee Meetings, and NAAE Awards
4/6/2018--State Dairy Cattle CDE Results
4/2/2018--Additional Dairy Cattle Info, Ag Business, and Ag Mechanics CDEs
3/23/2018--EIT and NAAE Awards
3/22/2018--Dairy Cattle Clarification and Super Friday Registration
3/19/2018--Updated Vet Science CDE Results
3/12/2018--Vet Science CDE Appeals
3/10/2018--State Food and Vet Science Results
2/23/2018--REQUIRED IEIN Request, So God Made an Ag Teacher
2/23/2018--2018 IAVAT Conference Registration, Agenda, and Workshop Registration
2/16/2018--Food, Vet, and Dairy Cattle CDEs
1/30/2018--Excellence in Teaching Nomination Form Available
1/11/2018--CDE Survey
1/10/2018--Updated Meat CDE Results
1/8/2018--Conference Options
12/11/2017--Super Saturday Result Updates
12/9/2017--State Ag Sales, Agronomy, Dairy Foods, and Meats Results
12/8/2017--Notes for contests tomorrow
11/21/2017--WLC Bus Trip and Spring 212 Registration
11/13/2017--Office Closing, December CDEs, Spring 212, and Illinois WLC Bus Trip Announcement
10/10/2017--State Land Use Results
9/16/2017--State Horse CDE Results
9/7/2017--Ag Sales Product Info, IAVAT Membership, and Registration Reminders
8/29/2017--Horse, Forestry, and Land Use CDEs
8/28/2017--Texas Hurricane Relief
8/24/2017--212 and 360 Conference Registration
8/23/2017--212 and 360 Conference Information
6/30/2017--Memorial for Allan Utech
6/22/2017--Conference Evaluation and Materials
5/21/2017--IAVAT Conference Notice
5/16/2017--Ag Mechanics Results
5/12/2017--FFA Convention CDE/LDEs
5/4/2017--Poultry, Hort Update, and Ag Business Results
4/28/2017--Super Friday Results
4/26/2017--Service Awards and Super Friday
4/7/2017--Deadline reminder and Ag Mechanics Registration
3/31/2017--Dairy Cattle and Handlers Results
3/20/2017--Livestock, Horticulture, and Poultry CDEs
3/11/2017--Vet and Food Science Results
3/6/2017--Dairy Cattle and Dairy Handlers
3/1/2017--IAVAT Conference Registration and Room Block
2/20/2017--IAVAT and NAAE Awards
2/9/2017--Food and Vet Science CDEs
12/12/2016--Ag Sales Team Rank Update and Middle School Dairy Foods Results
12/10/2016--Ag Sales, Agronomy, Dairy Foods, and Meats CDE Results
11/22/2016--CDE Reminder and Scholarship Information
11/2/2016--Ag Sales Product Update, Spring 212 Info, ATV Safety Video Contest
10/13/2016--Ag Sales Prices and 212 Update
10/11/2016--State Land Use Results
10/10/2016--Ag Sales, Agronomy, Dairy Foods, and Meat CDE and Membership Reminder
9/27/2016--State Land Use, 212 Update, and IAVAT Sponsor Letter
9/24/2016--Forestry CDE Results
9/17/2016--2016 Horse CDE Results
9/9/2016--CDE Reminders, National Quiz Bowl, National Updates and More
8/30/2016--Reminder - Horse, Forestry, and IAVAT Dues
8/24/2016--Horse, Forestry, and IAVAT Dues
7/1/2016--FY2016 & FY2017 Vo-Ag Fairs - We Now Have Money!
6/23/2016--Fair Contracts - Page 5 Fax & Email Address Corrected
6/21/2016--Fair Contracts, Conference Eval, and Updated IAVAT Policies
6/20/2016--IAVAT Conference
5/31/2016--Important June 1 Deadlines
5/17/2016--Region IV NAAE, Retired Teachers Meeting, and State IAVAT Messages
5/10/2016--Ag Mechanics Results
5/10/2016--Ag Mechanics Update
5/10/2016--Ag Mechanics Update 2
5/5/2016--Ag Business Management CDE Results
5/3/2016--Scoops of Thanks, Middle School Opportunities, National Officers, and More
4/22/2016--Super Friday Results
4/22/2016--Revised Horticulture Results
4/21/2016--Region NAAE Conference, Job Interview, Ag Issues, and Super Friday
4/12/2016--Ag Business, Ag Mechanics, Service Awards, and Super Friday
4/8/2016--Dairy Cattle and Dairy Handlers CDE Results
4/7/2016--Opportunities for Illinois Agricultural Education
4/4/2016--Sad to Announce
3/31/2016--IAVAT Membership and Upcoming CDEs
3/21/2016--Ag Comm CDE Results
3/15/2016--IAVAT, NAAE, Heritage, Coop., and Section President Awards, Poultry Rules Update
3/15/2016--IAVAT Excellence in Teaching
3/12/2016--Vet and Food Science Results
3/7/2016--Mail Chimp and Excellence in Teaching
3/3/2016--IAVAT Conference, Super Friday, Prepared Speaking Update, and EIT
2/24/2016--Dairy Cattle and Dairy Handlers
2/22/2016--FFA Week, Scholarships, and Grant Opportunities
2/18/2016--Vet Science, Food Science, and Ag Comm additional information
2/9/2016--Spring CDE Information
2/4/2016--Products Expo Sign Up By February 13
2/2/2016--Grant Opportunity, Career Tool, and Weed Warriors
1/29/2016--National FFA Website Maintenance
1/20/2016--Sad to Announce - Steve Cox
1/18/2016--AET Training, American Degree Webinars, and Scholarship Opportunities
1/14/2016--Sad to Announce
1/12/2016--212 Final Reminder, Scholarship Deadline, Nationwide Chapter Tribute, and Central Illinois Ag Raffle
1/6/2016--AET Workshop & IAVAT Hotel Rooms
12/5/2015--Ag Sales, Agronomy, Dairy Foods, and Meats Results
11/24/2015--Official AET Announcement
11/9/2015--Annual Conference and December CDE Update
10/26/2015--IAVAT Membership
10/13/2015--IAVAT Student Branch Bus Trip
10/8/2015--December CDEs and Mail Chimp
9/28/2015--Student Worker Opportunity
9/26/2015--Forestry CDE Results
9/24/2015--Teach Ag Day and Online Day of Giving
9/19/2015--Horse CDE Results
9/17/2015--Horse CDE, Ag Sales Product, CDE Rules, and IAVAT Directory
9/10/2015--State Horse Judging & Forestry
9/3/2015--Support WA FFA, Farmyard Follies Sponsors, and Sporting Clays Event
9/1/2015--Sad to Announce
9/1/2015--Cornbelters Game & Celebrating High School Innovators
8/31/2015--DuQuoin State Fair - Farmyard Follies
8/30/2015--Ag Articulation & IACCAI Conference - Oct 1 & 2
8/28/2015--Generosity at Farm Progress Show
8/19/2015--Ag Day Recap
8/18/2015--New Phone System and New IAVAT Website
8/14/2015--National Convention Band, Chorus, Talent, and American Degrees
8/13/2015--Ag Day & Office Closing
8/3/2015--Professional Development & Grant Opportunity
3/31/2015--April 1st Due Date Reminder
3/26/2015--Sad to Announce/Data Forms/State Awards/Login to
3/24/2015--Special Announcement
3/22/2015--State FFA Degree Application needing Corrections
3/19/2015--CDE and Conference Forms
3/19/2015--FFA Convention Forms
3/16/2015--State Awards Day
3/12/2015--Preparing for State Awards Day, CDE Results
3/9/2015--KC Invitational, RAM Test Drive Partnership, DeKalb Award, State Officer Selection Committee
3/2/2015--Officer Candidates, Ag Legis Day, Pultry and Meats CDEs, GROWMARK Essay Due, Grant Available
2/26/2015--Ag Legislative Day, Legislative action, Selection Committee,
2/25/2015--Status on Proficiency and State FFA Degrees
2/21/2015--As We Celebrate FFA Week
2/19/2015--IMPORTANT--Legislative Update
2/16/2015--Governor's Budget Address/WLC Bus/Farmers Markets/CHS Scholarship/Parly Pro/Gateway Grizzly Ag Night
2/10/2015--IL Products Expo, Ag Legis lative Day, NACTE Judging Contests
2/9/2015--AFB Grant, IAVAT BoD Meeting, New FFA Web Site, DeKalb Award and Auto-Reminders on deadlines
2/4/2015--Urgent - An Error in State Degree Calculations
2/2/2015--212 Wrap-up, Ag Legis. Day, FFA Week Tours
1/30/2015--Chapter Proficiency Entries Form, Marion Co. Livestock Judging
1/26/2015--State FFA Degree - Cautions and Reminders
1/26/2015--To all Section Chairs
1/26/2015--FFA Scholarship Application Need Completed
1/22/2015--212 Conference
1/15/2015--Proficiencies, State Degree Correction and more
1/6/2015--Sad to Announce
1/5/2015--Important for Section Chairs
12/18/2014--Holiday Schedu, IAVAT Chairs, Ag Legis. Day, 212 Conference Reminder, American and State FFA Degrees
12/16/2014--Sad to Announce
12/15/2014--GROWMARK Essay, Section Chair Meeting, Ag Day Essay, CASE Institute, Agriscience Teacher Academy
12/10/2014--Schools Omitted From Dairy Foods Line Scores
12/9/2014--Agronomy and Dairy Foods CDE Results
12/4/2014--Agronomy, Dairy Foods, Sad to Announce, DuPont Training,
12/2/2014--Pre POAs Received
12/1/2014--ISBE Budget, Agronomy CDE, Dairy Foods CDE, Packages for the Troops
11/25/2014--Update to Degree App, Job Interview - Sample Apps. Grants, 212, Scholarships, Essay
11/23/2014--Revised State FFA Degree
11/20/2014--Sad to Announce the Passing of Tom Wiles
11/19/2014--State Ag Sales CDE Results, 212 Conference Reminders, 212 NORTH Teacher sign up, 4-H House Message
11/17/2014--212 Conference, FFA Scholarships, Packages for Troops, Auto-Reminders, NAAE Conference, Grants
11/12/2014--Food Sci CDE Results, ISBE Hearings, Ticket Opportunities
11/6/2014--Legislative Alert - Two Items Need Your Attention
11/4/2014--Success at Convention, Foundation Webinars, PrePOA Due
11/3/2014--State Food Science CDE
11/3/2014--State Ag Sales CDE deadline today/Change to Ag Sales CDE
10/28/2014--National FFA Convention/Advisors Trading Post
10/27/2014--Advisors Trading Post updated 10-27-14
10/23/2014--Advisors Trading Post
10/22/2014--Section Fair Manager Update
10/20/2014--Message for Section Fair Managers
10/20/2014--Assistance Needed, Open Invoices, Courtesy Corps, State Photo
10/14/2014--Food Science CDE, Ag Sales CDE Info, Food For All Grants, Trading Post, Roster Info
10/8/2014--IPPA Internship, FY16 Budget, PrePOA
10/2/2014--State Forestry CDE, Advisor's Trading Post, Food For All
9/25/2014--AgCN - Issues, Beginning FFA Advisors Workshop
9/23/2014--Review of IHSA Policy Compliance
9/18/2014--State Forestry CDE
9/17/2014--FFA Rosters
9/17/2014--State Horse CDE Results
9/11/2014--Correction to State Ag Sales Date
9/3/2014--State Horse CDE/State Land Use CDE/Ag Sales Product/School Directory
8/25/2014--STAR Conf. Change, Excellence in Teaching Winner, National FFA Convention Items
8/18/2014--Welcome Back,, Contact Info, Cornbelters Game, Successes
8/12/2014--IL FFA Center closed Tuesday, August 12th
8/11/2014--Section Fair Managers - Reports Corrected
8/11/2014--National Ag Scince Fair, Invitational Quiz Bowl, State Scoring of NCA Apps
8/8/2014--National Award Results Announced
8/7/2014--Section Fair Manager - Important Update
7/31/2014--Saddened to Announce-Death of Jerry Kuykendall
7/28/2014--State Fair Help with Swine Check-Ins, Ag Day ticket information, Communications Summit
7/14/2014--IAVAT Golf Scramble
7/14/2014--IAVAT Section Chairs Meeting - July 26th
7/9/2014--Leadership Camp
6/27/2014--Convention Items, Worm Wariors, Comments From Kyle Scheele,
6/24/2014--Leadership Camp and FFA Communications Summit
6/9/2014--Attention IAVAT Board and Section Chairs
6/6/2014--86th FFA Convention - Reminders
6/5/2014--SCAM Alert
6/3/2014--Message on behalf of Jay Solomonson
6/3/2014--New Teacher Workshop at IAVAT Conference
6/3/2014--Message on Behalf of the IAVAT Board of Directors
5/27/2014--Reminders - Fair Contracts, IAVAT Registration Deadline, NAAE & Excellence in Teaching Award Winners
5/20/2014--FFA Reminders, Forms and NCA Placings
5/16/2014--State CDE Results
5/14/2014--IAVAT Conf., Band, Chorus, CDE Results
5/12/2014--State Ag Mechanics CDE
5/1/2014--State Ag Business Management CDE May 7th at District Sites
4/29/2014--FFA Convention Forms, Updates and Results
4/29/2014--IAVAT Service Awards
4/22/2014--Delayed Opening for IL FFA Center - Observing Administrative Assistants Day
4/15/2014--FY2015 Section Fair Contract - Correct Fax Number
4/14/2014--WLC Full, FY2015 Section Fair Contracts, FFA Convention Agenda, Inv. Ag Bus. Mgmt & Hort Contest
4/13/2014--IAVAT Registration, National Chapter Award Deadline, Final Update on State Degrees
4/10/2014--Leadership Camp Registration - Band, Chorus, Talent Applications
4/9/2014--State FFA Degree Update
4/3/2014--Star Awards and Awards Day
4/2/2014--Sad to Announce
3/31/2014--State FFA Degree Update & Status
3/27/2014--Super Friday Registration, Parly Pro,, Section Fairs, Awards Day and WLC
3/20/2014--Saddened to to Inform You
3/18/2014--State Awards Day, Stars Night and KC Dairy Invitational
3/12/2014--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/12/2014
3/12/2014--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/12/2014
3/10/2014--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/10/2014
2/25/2014--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/28/2014
2/24/2014--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/24/2014
2/19/2014--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/19/2014
2/19/2014--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/19/2014
2/19/2014--Illinois FFA Center Message-LS Judging Opportunities
2/7/2014--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/7/2014
2/4/2014--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/4/2014
1/28/2014--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/28/2014
1/23/2014--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/23/2014
1/17/2014--212 Conference - List of Accepted Participants
1/16/2014--Ag Legislative Day, CDE Rules & Scoresheets, FFA Scholarships
1/14/2014--212, Advisor Guide Update, State Degree, Prof. Entries, FFA Week Activites
1/5/2014--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/5/2014
1/3/2014--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/3/2014
1/3/2014--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/3/2014
12/27/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/27/2013
12/20/2013--Magazine Info, CDE Results, Ag Legis. Day
12/19/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/19/2013
12/16/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/16/2013
12/12/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/12/2013
12/10/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/10/2013
12/9/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/9/2013
12/8/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/8/2013
12/5/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/5/2013
12/2/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/2/2013
11/26/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/26/2013
11/25/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/25/2013
11/20/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/20/2013
11/15/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/15/2013
11/12/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/12/2013
11/5/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/5/2013
11/4/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/4/2013
10/31/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/31/2013
10/29/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/29/2013
10/29/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/29/2013
10/23/2013--Roster Reminder
10/17/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/17/2013
10/15/2013--Grants, Deadlines, Pre-POA, Free Materials, Budget
10/15/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/15/2013
10/8/2013--Rosters, Pre-POA, Soils CDE, IAVAT Directory, Budget Hearings, Parking
10/8/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/8/2013
10/3/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/3/2013
10/1/2013--Grant Info, Virtual Convention, Free Materials, Trading Post
10/1/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-State Forestry CDE Results
9/27/2013--Trading Post, Roster Reminder, Stock Show Workshop
9/24/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/24/2013
9/17/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/17/2013
9/17/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/17/2013
9/16/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/16/2013
9/16/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/16/2013
9/16/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/16/2013
9/13/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-AgSales Product Info, Advisors Trading Post
9/12/2013--State Horse CDE - Trading Post for National Convention - Roster Reminder
8/30/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/30/2013
8/26/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/26/2013
8/22/2013--No Title Given
8/20/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/20/2013
7/31/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-7/31/2013
7/25/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-7/25/2013
7/22/2013--Parade of Pickup Trucks-Guinness Book of World Records
7/19/2013--Leadership Camp Reminders
7/19/2013--Leadership Camp Date correction
7/17/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-7/17/2013
7/10/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-BoD and Chairs Mtg., NCA Results, FPS Info, Section Fairs,
6/4/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-6/4/2013
5/29/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/29/2013
5/24/2013--IAVAT Conf. Reminder, Shoe Drive at Convention, GROWMARK Essay Winners, NCA Results
5/22/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/22/2013
5/17/2013--State Officer Candidates/AgBus & AgMech CDE Results/FFA Talent/Pork Patio Workers Needed
5/15/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/15/2013
5/14/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/14/2013
5/13/2013--Illnois FFA Convention Registration
5/10/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-Super Friday Results
5/9/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-Ag Mech Reminders, 2013 Scholarship Results
5/7/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-Important Convention & Conference Information
4/29/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/1/2013
4/25/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/25/2013
4/23/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-Super Friday & State Degrees
4/21/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/21/2013
4/17/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/17/2013
4/17/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/17/2013
4/14/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/14/2013
4/9/2013--IAVAT Conference/AgScience Fair Forms/WLC Bus Info
4/8/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/8/2013
4/3/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/3/2013
3/28/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/28/2013
3/28/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/28/2013
3/27/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/27/2013
3/26/2013--State Awards, CDE Pre-Reg., State Degree Status, Invitational Dairy Judging
3/24/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/24/2013
3/14/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/14/2013
3/11/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/11/2013
3/8/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/8/2013
3/1/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/1/2013
2/27/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/27/2013
2/27/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/27/2013
2/26/2013--Due Dates, IL Product Challenge, Dairy Judging, CASE Scholarship, Federal Legislation, Video Contest
2/21/2013--Upcoming Due Dates
2/20/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-National Scholarship Status
2/8/2013--Ag Legislateive Day, Global Ag Business Summit, Invitational Contests
2/5/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/5/2013
2/4/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/4/2013
2/1/2013--Retirement Reception-Loss of Colleague-Foundation Drive-Scholarships-AgSci Awards-Black Hawk Event
1/31/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/31/2013
1/28/2013--Reception reminder; Foundation Deadline; Alumni Annual Meeting; Scholarship Opportunity
1/28/2013--Proficiencies and Degrees
1/23/2013--Fnd Update, Reception for Frank, 212 Info, Roster Status, IL Product Challenge, FFA and Hockey
1/15/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/15/2013
1/10/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/10/2013
1/3/2013--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/3/2013
1/2/2013--IL Association FFA
12/4/2012--Important for Fair Managers - Important
11/20/2012--Support Ag On-line, CDE Rules, Troop Packages, IL Products Challenge, Memeship Status
11/8/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/8/2012
11/8/2012--FY2013 Il Dept. of Agriculture Fair Contracts due by January 1, 2013
11/5/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-Budget Hearing, Troop Packages, CDE Rules, Grants & Scholarships
10/30/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/30/2012
10/22/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/22/2012
10/19/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/19/2012
10/16/2012--CDE Info, Chapter Standing, New Program with IDOA, Alumni Scholarship, Trading Post, State Photo
10/15/2012--Food Science CDE, Ag Sales Pre-registration, Trading Post, FY 14 Budget
10/10/2012--On-line Registration Closing, CDE Rules Typo, Trading Post, Teen Drivers Course, Teacher Resources
10/4/2012--AgCN - Roster Tips
10/3/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/3/2012
10/1/2012--Position Announcements for FFA Center; Beginning Advisors Workshop
10/1/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/1/2012
9/28/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/28/2012
9/27/2012--Ag Sales CDE (with attachments), State Forestry CDE - Saturday
9/26/2012--Rally to Fight Hunger, AgCN Tips, Ag Sales Rules and Product
9/24/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/24/2012
9/20/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/20/2012
9/19/2012--AgCN Online, Horse CDE, Grant Available
9/17/2012--IACCAI Fall Conference & 2012-13 Dues Information
9/14/2012--IACCAI Fall Conference Information
9/14/2012--Roster access on AgCN
9/12/2012--IAVAT Student Branch Fall Conference - 10/5-6
9/10/2012--IL Soybean Assoc Scholarships for College Juniors
9/10/2012--State Horse/Forestry CDE, FFA Rosters, Alumni Inventory
8/30/2012--IAVAT Directory - Please view and send changes
8/30/2012--State Horse & Forestry CDE Update
8/24/2012--FFA Membership Questions/Teachers Moving Schools
8/13/2012--Illinois FFA Center Closed for Ag Day
7/31/2012--Section Fair Reporting
7/26/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-7/26/2012
7/25/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-7/25/2012
7/18/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-7/18/2012
6/25/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-6/25/2012
5/31/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/31/2012
5/26/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/26/2012
5/25/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-More Convention Items
5/24/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-Convention Items
5/23/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/23/2012
5/18/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/18/2012
5/15/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/15/2012
5/11/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/11/2012
5/11/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/11/2012
5/10/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/10/2012
5/9/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/9/2012
5/1/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/1/2012
4/25/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-Super Friday Instructions
4/23/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/23/2012
4/20/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/20/2012
4/19/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/19/2012
4/19/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/19/2012
4/18/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/18/2012
4/10/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-Awards Day and Stars Night Info; Scholarship Opportunity
4/5/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/5/2012
4/4/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/4/2012
4/4/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/4/2012
4/4/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/4/2012
3/30/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/30/2012
3/28/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/28/2012
3/26/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message - State FFA Degree Status
3/26/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-Ag Legislative Day Reminders; Awards Day Judges, LS Dairy and Hort Regis
3/21/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/21/2012
3/20/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-AgriScience Fair Forms, Ag Discovery Prog., Excellence in Teaching, etc.
3/14/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/14/2012
3/13/2012--Illinois FFA Center - District Awards, CDE Results, WLC Bus, Conv. App's, IAVAT Reg. and Ag Day
3/7/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/7/2012
3/7/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/7/2012
3/2/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/2/2012
2/27/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/27/2012
2/23/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/23/2012
2/20/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/20/2012
2/15/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/15/2012
2/14/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/14/2012
2/10/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/10/2012
2/7/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/7/2012
2/1/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message- Foundation/Food Expo/Scholarships/Chapter Challenge
1/30/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/30/2012
1/23/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message - IAVAT Conference, Scholarships, Proficiencies and more
1/19/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/19/2012
1/17/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/17/2012
1/14/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/14/2012
1/13/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/13/2012
1/13/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/13/2012
1/10/2012--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/10/2012
1/4/2012--212 Conference Registration/FFA Community Improve Grant/National ParlyPro CDE/Chapters Not Good Stan
12/22/2011--Holiday Greetings
12/19/2011--Child Labor Law Update/Ag Career Network/4-H House Candidates/NSTA Discounts
12/15/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/15/2011
12/14/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message - Urgent 24 Hours to Respond
12/12/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/12/2011
12/9/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/9/2011
12/6/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/6/2011
12/5/2011--FFA Membership due TODAY at 3:30
12/3/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message - Corrected Advisors Guide (Chapter 4)
12/1/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/1/2011
11/30/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/30/2011
11/21/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-Legislative, Dates, Scholarships, CDE Results
11/8/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/8/2011
11/3/2011--Ag Science SAE Grants/Pre-PofA Due/Salute to Ag Day/FFA Foundation Initiative
11/3/2011--Section 23 Pre-POA's
10/28/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-Approching CDEs & Deadlines, Legislative Action Needed
10/18/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message - Food Science CDE & 2011-12 CDE Handbook
10/17/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message - FY2013 Budget Hearings Announced
10/13/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message - Special Election Notice
10/13/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-Results, Ag Sales Reg., Foundation, Roster Grants and More
9/22/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-Forestry CDE, Rosters, National Convention & Heritage
9/21/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message - Urgent Rule Changes, CDE Result & Invite, Student Grants, Free Concert
9/20/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message - Special Election Notice
9/15/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message: IAVAT Membership, National Chapter Award, , Grants & Horse CDE
9/13/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message: Changes to Child Labor Reulations Proposed
9/12/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message: Rosters, Back-to-School Info, Horse CDE & Pre-POA
9/7/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message - Help Preserve FY 2012 Perkins Program Funding
8/29/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message - Farm Progress Show Reminders
8/19/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/19/2011
8/5/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/5/2011
8/2/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/2/2011
7/29/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-7/29/2011
7/19/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-7/19/2011
7/15/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-7/15/2011
7/15/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-7/15/2011
7/13/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-7/13/2011
7/12/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-7/12/2011
6/28/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-6/28/2011
6/27/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-6/27/2011
6/10/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-6/10/2011
5/26/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/26/2011
5/24/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/24/2011
5/20/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/20/2011
5/20/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/20/2011
5/20/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/20/2011
5/19/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/19/2011
5/17/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/17/2011
5/12/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/12/2011
5/11/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/11/2011
5/5/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/5/2011
5/3/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/3/2011
4/27/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/27/2011
4/21/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/21/2011
4/20/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/20/2011
4/15/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/15/2011
4/14/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/14/2011
4/14/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/14/2011
4/12/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/12/2011
4/11/2011--IAVAT Conference Agenda, Registration, Lodging, Constitutional Amendment
4/7/2011--Excellence in Teaching Nominations, Hummert Short Courses, FFA Day of Service, State Ag Science Fair
4/4/2011--State FFA Parliamentary Procedure Results
4/1/2011--State FFA Awards Day Reminders
3/25/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/25/2011
3/22/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/22/2011
3/21/2011--IAVAT Conference Registration & State Awards Day Update
3/16/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/16/2011
3/11/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/11/2011
3/1/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/1/2011
2/24/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/25/2011
2/22/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/22/2011
2/17/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/17/2011
2/15/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/15/2011
2/15/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/15/2011
2/14/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/11/2014
2/1/2011--Weather Related Closing Probable/FFA Alumni Auction List
1/26/2011--Foundation/Pork Expo/Guiding Eyes/History of Ag/Meats & Poultry CDEs/Chapters Not in Good Standing/
1/18/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/18/2011
1/15/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/15/2011
1/11/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/11/2011
1/10/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/10/2011
1/6/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/6/2011
1/3/2011--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/3/2011
12/21/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/21/2010
12/17/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/17/2010
12/17/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/17/2010
12/15/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/15/2010
12/7/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/7/2010
12/7/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/7/2010
12/1/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/1/2010
11/30/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/30/2010
11/22/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/22/2010
11/18/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/18/2010
11/15/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/15/2010
11/12/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/12/2010
11/10/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/10/2010
11/3/2010--Section Fair Problems to Resolve
10/29/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/29/2010
10/27/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/27/2010
10/22/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/22/2010
10/21/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/21/2010
10/18/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/18/2010
10/15/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/15/2010
10/14/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/14/2010
10/12/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/12/2010
10/8/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/8/2010
10/7/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/7/2010
10/6/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/6/2010
10/4/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/4/2010
10/1/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/1/2010
9/22/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/22/2010
9/15/2010--Message From the IAVAT President-9/15/2010
9/15/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/15/2010
9/15/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/15/2010
9/10/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/10/2010
9/10/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/10/2010
9/7/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/7/2010
9/2/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/2/2010
8/31/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/31/2010
8/30/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/30/2010
8/26/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/26/2010
8/20/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/20/2010
8/6/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/6/2010
8/5/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/5/2010
7/16/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-7/16/2010
7/15/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-7/15/2010
6/29/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-6/29/2010
6/24/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-6/24/2010
6/18/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-6/18/2010
5/27/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/27/2010
5/24/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/24/2010
5/24/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/24/2010
5/24/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/24/2010
5/18/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/18/2010
5/17/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/17/2010
5/13/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/13/2010
5/10/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/10/2010
5/4/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/4/2010
5/3/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/3/2010
4/29/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/29/2010
4/23/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/23/2010
4/22/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/22/2010
4/15/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/15/2010
4/13/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/13/2010
4/13/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/13/2010
4/7/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/7/2010
4/5/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/5/2010
3/28/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/28/2010
3/23/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/23/2010
3/22/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/22/2010
3/16/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/16/2010
3/15/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/15/2010
3/9/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/9/2010
3/5/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/5/2010
3/3/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/3/2010
2/26/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/26/2010
2/25/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/25/2010
2/23/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/23/2010
2/18/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/18/2010
2/12/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/12/2010
2/9/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/9/2010
2/8/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/8/2010
2/8/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/8/2010
2/4/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/4/2010
2/1/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/1/2010
1/28/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/28/2010
1/25/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/25/2010
1/20/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/20/2010
1/15/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/15/2010
1/13/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/13/2010
1/12/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/12/2010
1/8/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/8/2010
1/7/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/7/2010
1/5/2010--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/5/2010
12/22/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/22/2009
12/17/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/17/2009
12/14/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/14/2009
12/10/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/10/2009
12/3/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/3/2009
12/3/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/3/2009
11/23/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/23/2009
11/16/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/16/2009
11/12/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/13/2009
11/9/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/9/2009
11/5/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/5/2009
10/30/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/30/2009
10/30/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/30/2009
10/29/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/29/2009
10/26/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message - Convention Recap -10/26/2009
10/20/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/20/2009
10/19/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/19/2009
10/13/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/13/2009
10/13/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/13/2009
10/13/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/13/2009
10/8/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/8/2009
10/5/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/5/2009
9/23/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/23/2009
9/22/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/22/2009
9/22/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/22/2009
9/18/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/18/2009
9/17/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/17/2009
9/14/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/14/2009
8/31/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/31/2009
8/25/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/25/2009
8/20/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/20/2009
8/20/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/20/2009
8/17/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/17/2009
8/11/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/11/2009
8/10/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/10/2009
8/5/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/5/2009
7/29/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-7/29/2009
7/27/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-7/27/2009
7/21/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-7/21/2009
7/3/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-7/3/2009
6/19/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-6/19/2009
6/5/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-6/5/2009
6/3/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-URGENT 6/3/2009
5/27/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/27/2009
5/20/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/20/2009
5/19/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/19/2009
5/18/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/18/2009
5/14/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/14/2009
5/13/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/13/2009
5/5/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/5/2009
5/4/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/4/2009
5/1/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/1/2009
4/30/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-District I-4/30/2009
4/30/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message District II -4/30/2009
4/30/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message- District III - 4/30/2009
4/30/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message -District IV- 4/30/2009
4/30/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-District V-4/30/2009
4/24/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/24/2009
4/23/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/23/2009
4/16/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/16/2009
4/15/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/15/2009
4/13/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/13/2009
4/13/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/13/2009
4/13/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message - District I (4/13/2009)
4/13/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message - District II (4/13/2009)
4/13/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message - District III (4/13/2009)
4/13/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message - District IV (4/13/2009)
4/13/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message - District V (4/13/2009)
4/1/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-4/1/2009
3/30/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/30/2009
3/25/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/25/2009
3/24/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/24/2009
3/23/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/23/2009
3/17/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/17/2009
3/13/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/13/2009
3/12/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/12/2009
3/11/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/11/2009
3/5/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/5/2009
3/4/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/4/2009
3/2/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-3/2/2009
2/26/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/26/2009
2/26/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/26/2009
2/23/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/23/2009
2/23/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/23/2009
2/19/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/19/2009
2/18/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/18/2009
2/18/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/18/2009
2/16/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/16/2009
2/12/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/12/2009
2/9/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/9/2009
2/5/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/5/2009
2/5/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/5/2009
2/2/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-2/2/2009
1/26/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/26/2009
1/26/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/26/2009
1/21/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/21/2009
1/16/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/16/2009
1/14/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/14/2009
1/12/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/12/2009
1/8/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/8/2009
1/5/2009--Illinois FFA Center Message-1/5/2009
12/23/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/23/2008
12/15/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/15/2008
12/9/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/9/2008
12/1/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/1/2008
12/1/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-12/1/2008
11/25/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/25/2008
11/25/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/25/2008
11/20/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/20/2008
11/18/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/18/2008
11/11/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/11/2008
11/4/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-11/4/2008
10/30/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/30/2008
10/22/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/22/2008
10/18/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/18/2008
10/16/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/16/2008
10/16/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/16/2008
10/14/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/14/2008
10/7/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/7/2008
10/7/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/7/2008
10/6/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/6/2008
10/1/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-10/1/2008
9/26/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/26/2008
9/26/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/26/2008
9/25/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/25/2008
9/23/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/23/2008
9/17/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/17/2008
9/16/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/16/2008
9/10/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/10/2008
9/2/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-9/2/2008
8/29/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/27/2008
8/22/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/22/2008
8/22/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/22/2008
8/20/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/20/2008
8/18/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/18/2008
8/6/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/6/2008
8/6/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-8/6/2008
7/28/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-7/28/2008
7/24/2008--IDOA Fair Contracts
7/24/2008--Illinois FF- Center Message-7/24/2008
7/23/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-7/23/2008
7/1/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-7/1/2008
6/20/2008--Illinois FF- Center Message-6/20/2008
6/14/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-6/14/2008
6/6/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-6/6/2008
6/3/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-6/3/2008
6/2/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-6/2/2008
5/30/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message-5/30/2008
5/27/2008--Illinois FF- Center Message-5/27/2008
5/16/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--5
5/15/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--5
5/14/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--5/14/2008
5/12/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--5/12/2008
5/9/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--5/9/2008
5/7/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--5/7/2008
5/1/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--5/1/2008
4/28/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/28/2008
4/23/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/23/2008
4/22/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/22/2008
4/16/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/16/2008
4/15/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/15/2008
4/9/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/9/2008
4/4/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/4/2008
4/2/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/2/2008
4/1/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/1/2008
3/31/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/31/2008
3/28/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/28/2008
3/26/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/26/2008
3/13/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/13/2008
3/7/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/7/2008
3/5/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/5/2008
3/5/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/5/2008
3/5/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/5/2008
3/4/2008--Illinois FFA Center - 3/4/2008
3/3/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/3/2008
2/26/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/26/2008
2/22/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/22/2008
2/19/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/19/2008
2/18/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/18/2008
2/15/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/15/2008
2/13/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/13/2008
2/13/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/13/2008
2/12/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/12/2008
2/8/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/8/2008
2/5/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/5/2008
2/4/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/4/2008
1/30/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/30/2008
1/29/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/29/2008
1/23/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/23/2008
1/15/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/15/2008
1/15/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/15/2008
1/14/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/14/2008
1/11/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/11/2008
1/9/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/9/2008
1/2/2008--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/2/2008
12/21/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/21/2007
12/21/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/21/2007
12/18/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/18/2007
12/13/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/13/2007
12/6/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/6/2007
11/29/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--11/28/2007
11/27/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--11/27/2007
11/20/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--11/20/2007
11/15/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--11/15/2007
11/6/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--11/6/2007
11/2/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--11/2/2007
10/30/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/30/2007
10/29/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/29/2007
10/23/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/23/2007
10/19/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/18/2007
10/16/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/16/2007
10/15/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/15/2007
10/12/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/12/2007
10/12/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/12/2007
10/10/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/10/2007
10/2/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/2/2007
9/24/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--9/24/2007
9/20/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--9/20/2007
9/19/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--9/19/2007
9/19/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--9/19/2007
9/18/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--9/18/2007
9/14/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--9/14/2007
9/13/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--9/13/2007
9/12/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--9/12/2007
9/11/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--9/11/2007
8/30/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/31/2007
8/26/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/27/2007
8/20/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/20/2007
8/9/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/9/2007
8/2/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/2/2007
7/31/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--7/31/2007
7/23/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--7/23/2007
7/13/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--7/13/2007
7/13/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--7/13/2007
7/9/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--7/9/2007
7/9/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--7/9/2007
6/27/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--6/27/2007
5/29/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--5/29/2007
5/21/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--5/21/2007
5/17/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--5/17/2007
5/12/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--5/12/2007
5/9/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--5/9/2007
4/26/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/26/2007
4/18/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/18/2007
4/16/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/16/2007
4/9/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/12/2007
4/6/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/6/2007
3/30/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/30/2007
3/24/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/24/2007
3/24/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/24/2007
3/21/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/21/2007
3/19/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/19/2007
3/14/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/14/2007
3/12/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/12/2007
3/8/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/8/2007
3/6/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/6/2007
3/2/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/2/2007
2/26/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/26/2007
2/23/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/23/2007
2/21/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/21/2007
2/6/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/6/2007
2/2/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/2/2007
1/26/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/26/2007
1/22/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/22/2007
1/22/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/22/2007
1/16/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/16/2007
1/12/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/12/2007
1/8/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/8/2007
1/4/2007--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/4/2007
12/19/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/19/2006
12/19/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/19/2006
12/12/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/13/2006
12/8/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/8/2006
12/4/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/4/2006
11/25/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--11/25/2006
11/16/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--11/16/2006
11/14/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--11/14/2006
11/8/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--11/8/2006
11/3/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--11/3/2006
10/31/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/31/2006
10/30/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/30/2006
10/23/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/23/2006
10/20/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/20/2006
10/17/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/17/2006
10/17/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/17/2006
10/16/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/16/2006
10/12/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/12/2006
10/4/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/4/2006
10/2/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/2/2006
9/26/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--9/26/2006
9/21/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--9/21/2006
9/15/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--9/15/2006
8/31/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/31/2006
8/29/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/29/2006
8/23/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/23/2006
8/23/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/23/2006
8/23/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/23/2006
8/23/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/23/2006
8/23/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/23/2006
8/23/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/23/2006
8/23/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/23/2006
8/23/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/23/2006
8/23/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/23/2006
8/23/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/23/2006
8/23/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/23/2006
8/23/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/23/2006
8/21/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/21/2006
8/16/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/16/2006
8/13/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/13/2006
8/10/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/10/2006
8/7/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/7/2006
6/26/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--6/26/2006
6/18/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--6/18/2006
5/25/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--5/25/2006
5/18/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--5/18/2006
5/5/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--5/5/2006
5/1/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--5/1/2006
5/1/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--5/1/2006
4/27/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/27/2006
4/24/2006--IAVAT Message--4/24/2006
4/21/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/21/2006
4/6/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/6/2006
4/6/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/6/2006
3/29/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/29/2006
3/27/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/27/2006
3/24/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/24/2006
3/21/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/21/2006
3/16/2006--IAVAT Message--3/16/2006
3/15/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/15/2006
3/13/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/13/2006
3/8/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/8/2006
3/3/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/3/2006
2/24/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/24/2006
2/24/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/24/2006
2/22/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/22/2006
2/20/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/20/2006
2/17/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/17/2006
2/7/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--2/7/2006
1/31/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/31/2006
1/25/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/27/2006
1/24/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/24/2006
1/17/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/17/2006
1/12/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/12/2006
1/9/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/9/2006
1/9/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/9/2006
1/6/2006--Illinois FFA Center Message--1/6/2006
12/21/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/21/2005
12/12/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/12/2005
12/8/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/8/2005
12/7/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/7/2005
11/29/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--11/29/2005
11/22/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--11/22/2005
11/21/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--11/21/2005
11/13/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--11/13/2005
11/7/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--11/7/2005
11/7/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--11/7/2005
11/2/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--11/2/2005
10/21/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/21/2005
10/20/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/20/2005
10/18/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/18/2005
10/5/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--10/5/2005
9/26/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--9/26/2005
9/21/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--9/21/2005
9/13/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--9/13/2005
9/5/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--9/5/2005
9/1/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--9/1/2005
8/24/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/24/2005
8/18/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/18/2005
8/12/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--8/12/2005
7/19/2005--Illinois FFA Center News --7/19/2005
7/7/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--7/7/2005
7/7/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--7/7/2005
6/10/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--6/10/2005
6/2/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--6/2/2005
5/23/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--5/23/2005
5/20/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--5/20/2005
5/20/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--5/20/2005
5/10/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--5/10/2005
5/5/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--5/5/2005
5/4/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--5/4/2005
4/29/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/29/2005
4/25/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/25/2005
4/19/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/19/2005
4/18/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/18/2005
4/15/2005--IAVAT Capital Campaign Committee Message--4/15/2005
4/12/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/12/2005
4/6/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--4/6/2005
3/31/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/31/2005
3/23/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/23/2005
3/18/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--3/18/2005
3/9/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message -- 3/9/2005
3/4/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--03/04/2005
3/2/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--03/02/2005
2/23/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--02/23/2005
2/18/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--02/18/2005
2/14/2005--Illinois FFA Center News - 02/14/2005
2/10/2005--IAVAT News -- 02/10/2005
2/2/2005--Illinois FFA Center News --02/02/2005
2/1/2005--Illinois FFA Center News -- 02/01/2005
1/28/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--01/28/2005
1/19/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--01/19/2005
1/11/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--01/11/2005
1/5/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--01/05/2005
1/4/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--01/04/2005
1/3/2005--Illinois FFA Center Message--01/03/2005
12/29/2004--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/29/2004
12/22/2004--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/22/2004
12/20/2004--Illinois FFA Center Message --12/20/2004
12/13/2004--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/13/2004
12/9/2004--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/09/2004
12/9/2004--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/09/2004
12/6/2004--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/06/2004
12/3/2004--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/03/2004
12/1/2004--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/01/2004
11/24/2004--Illinois FFA Center Message--11/24/2004
11/24/2004--Illinois FFA Center Message--11/24/2004
11/24/2004--Illinois FFA Center Message--11/24/2004
11/23/2004--Illinois FFA Center - Jim Craft - 11/23/2004
11/16/2004--Illinois FFA Center -- Jim Craft--11/16/2004
11/8/2004--Illinois FFA Center --Jim Craft--11/08/2004
10/23/2004--Illinois FFA Center--Jim Craft--10/23/2004
10/20/2004--Illinois FFA Center News - Jim Craft--10/20/2004
10/20/2004--Illinois FFA Center - Jim Craft--10/20/2004
10/19/2004--District Message--Jim Craft--10/19/2004
8/24/2004 12:12:00 PM--FFA Message of Aug 24 2004 12:12PM
8/3/2004 4:08:00 PM--FFA Message of Aug 3 2004 4:08PM
6/6/2004 9:24:00 PM--FFA Message of Jun 6 2004 9:24PM
4/29/2004 2:20:00 PM--FFA Message of Apr 29 2004 2:20PM
1/15/2004 12:09:00 PM--FFA Message of Jan 15 2004 12:09PM
1/5/2004--Illinois FFA Center Message--12/29/2004
12/24/2003 11:22:00 AM--FFA Message of Dec 24 2003 11:22AM
12/15/2003 12:50:00 PM--FFA Message of Dec 15 2003 12:50PM
2/14/2003 3:54:00 PM--FFA Message of Feb 14 2003 3:54PM
2/4/2003 5:17:00 PM--FFA Message of Feb 4 2003 5:17PM
1/15/2003 10:26:00 AM--FFA Message of Jan 15 2003 10:26AM

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