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FFA is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education..

The FFA Alumni Association supports and advocates for agricultural education and FFA through gifts of time, talent and financial resources..

The mission of the Illinois FFA Foundation is to provide financial support for the Illinois FFA. When you make a gift to the Illinois Foundation FFA, you are investing in the future of agriculture..

The Illinois Association of Vocation Agriculture Teachers (IAVAT) is a professional organization for agricultural teachers at all levels..

The Illinois Association of Community College Agriculture Instructors (IACCAI) is a statewide professional organization for postsecondary agriculture instructors. .

The Illinois Postsecondary Agricultural Student (PAS) Organization provides opportunities for individual growth, leadership and career preparation. .

The Illinois Farm Bureau & Affiliated Companies Youth Education in Agriculture program offers unique educational programs to Illinois youth in 4-H and FFA. .

The purpose of the Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom Program is to encourage educators to incorporate more information about the agriculture, food, and natural resources system into daily lessons..
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Facilitating Coordination in Agricultural Education (FCAE) is a state project administered through the Illinois State Board of Education that is tasked with improving and expanding agricultural education from pre-k through adult levels..

The Illinois Leadership Council for Agricultural Education (ILCAE) is a voluntary, grassroots agricultural industry group focused on the expansion and improvement of Agricultural Education programs at all levels..

The Illinois Committee for Agricultural Education (ICAE) is a 13-member committee established by legislation and appointed by the Governor to advise both the governor and state education agencies concerning Agricultural Education K-adult..

The Illinois State Board of Education is the state agency responsible for Pre-K through 12th grade education. Its primary mission is state program leadership, planning, approval, funding, and evaluation..

The Illinois Department of Agriculture will be an advocate for Illinois' agricultural industry and provide the necessary regulatory functions to benefit consumers, agricultural industry, and our natural resources.. provides information about the Agricultural Education profession and encourages students to consider a career as an agriculture teacher..

MyCAERT provides teachers with an integrated online system to Plan, Document, Deliver, and Assess Career and Technical Education instruction. .

Information Technology and Communication Services (ITCS) Instructional Materials provides agricultural education publications in a variety of formats. .

The Agricultural Experience Tracker is the premiere personalized online system for tracking experiences in agricultural education. .
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7/30/2019--Obituary and Memorial for Ed Curry
7/5/2019--Illinois National Officer Candidate
6/25/2019--Illinois FFA Board Updates
6/18/2019--NCA Application - Scores and Deductions, Conduct Full Report, Pork Social Forces Team
6/16/2019--91st Annual Illinois FFA State Convention CDE and LDE RESULTS
6/13/2019--91st Annual Illinois FFA State Convention Evaluations
6/11/2019--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Tuesday, June 11, 2018 - 1st Day, CDE & LDE Results
6/10/2019--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Monday, June 10, 2019 - Tap of the Gavel for the 1st General Session
6/7/2019--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Friday, June 7, 2019 - How to be a GREAT Delegate & Reminders
6/6/2019--CONVENTION TIPS of the DAY for Thursday, June 6, 2019 - State Officer Team Raffle & Dine to Donate
6/5/2019--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - Retiring Addresses and Goodbye Grams
6/4/2019--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Tuesday, June 4, 2019 - Session Themes
6/4/2019--Sad to Announce
6/4/2019--Reporter Awards, Convention Registration, FFA Center Closings, National FFA Chapter Challenge
6/3/2019--CONVENTION TIPS of the DAY for Monday, June 3, 2019 - Workshop Schedule
5/31/2019--CONVENTION TIPS of the DAY for Friday, May 31, 2019 - Exhibit Hall, Family Comfort Room B3 and First
5/30/2019--CONVENTION TIPS of the DAY for Thursday, May 30, 2019 -Convention Web App
5/29/2019--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - Newsroom, Courtesy & Quiz Bowl Schedules
5/28/2019--CONVENTION TIPS of the DAY for Tuesday, May 28, 2019 -Digital Scavenger Hunt
5/28/2019--Sam Taylor Scholarship Winners, Tractor Supply Photo Contest, Cards vs. Cubs, Convention Web App
5/24/2019--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Friday, May 24, 2019 - DELEGATE SEATING
5/23/2019--CONVENTION TIPS of the DAY for Thursday, May 23, 2019 - Live Streaming
5/23/2019--2019 Illinois FFA Leadership Camp Staff and a Note About Camp Health Forms
5/23/2019--Celebration of Life for Kyle Wittler
5/22/2019--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Wednesday, May 22, 2019 - Ag Communications Summit
5/21/2019--CONVENTION TIPS of the DAY for Tuesday, May 21, 2019 - NEW THIS YEAR!
5/21/2019--Spring Newsletter, 2019 Honorary Members, Security at Fairs Information, Gator Raffle
5/20/2019--CONVENTION TIPS of the DAY for Monday, May 20, 2019 - Official FFA Dress
5/19/2019--Sad to Announce
5/17/2019--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Friday, May 17, 2019 - WELCOME - Jordan Stowe
5/16/2019--CONVENTION TIPS of the DAY for Thursday, May 16, 2019 - We Are FFA Room
5/15/2019--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - Trading Post
5/14/2019--National Chapter Award Results, 2019 National FFA Scholarship Winners from Illinois
5/13/2019--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Monday, May 13, 2019
5/13/2019--Sad to Announce
5/10/2019--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Friday, May 10, 2019
5/9/2019--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Thursday, May 9, 2019
5/8/2019--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Wednesday, May 8, 2019
5/7/2019--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Tuesday, May 7, 2019
5/7/2019--Firestone 75th Anniversary Art Design Contest, AET, Band & Chorus Members, Convention CDE/LDEs
5/7/2019--Illinois FFA CenterBill Johnson Memorial Legislative Internship Job Posting
5/6/2019--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Monday, May 6, 2019
5/3/2019--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Friday, May 3, 2019
5/2/2019--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Thursday, May 2, 2019
5/1/2019--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY May 1, 2019
4/30/2019--FY2020 Section Fair Contracts - 1st Page Change
4/30/2019--Communications Summit, Ice Cream, Results, State Awards Day Bids, National Convention Housing
4/23/2019--Camp, Section Fair Contracts, IAVAT Service Awards, Chapter Visits
4/16/2019--2019 American FFA Degree Candidates, Major State Officer Candidates and Office Closings
4/9/2019--FFA Board Updates, 2019 State FFA Degree Recipients, Zoetis Industry Support $$,
4/2/2019--Illinois COOP Conference, FFA Leadership Camp & Health Profile/Insurance Card Upload
3/26/2019--Wyndham Room Block, Invitation from National FFA, National Chapter Award Judging Webinar
3/25/2019--2019 State Awards Day Results, Press Releases and IMPORTANT Information
3/22/2019--Assisting Nebraska FFA Members & Chapters
3/20/2019--2019 State Awards Day Judges
3/19/2019--Spotlight on Service, IAVAT Membership, ILLI, NCA Round 1 Judges NEEDED, Ag Leg Day - BRING PHOTO ID
3/14/2019--State Awards Day - REMINDERS - Don't Forget
3/12/2019--National FFA, National Junior Horticultural Association,Next Level Livestock Camps
3/10/2019--Sad to Announce
3/10/2019--American FFA Degree Interview Schedule
3/7/2019--State Awards Day Information - CONGRATULATIONS District Winners!
3/5/2019--High School Innovators & Zoetis Industry Support Program
2/26/2019--Newsletter, Ag Legislative Day Registration, Convention Registration
2/19/2019--Sam Taylor, Honorary, Awards, Entrepreneur Funds, CASE, Pollinator Program
2/13/2019--Grants for Growing Fundraising Period
2/12/2019--2019 Illinois FFA Convention Tab and Summer Registrations
2/11/2019--Illinois FFA Center Student WorkerJob Posting - STILL SEARCHING
2/5/2019--FFA Ambassador, Scholarship, NCA Judges, FFA Photo Contest, FFA Week Challenge, Officer App Live
2/2/2019--Prayers Needed for our Illinois Ag Ed Family
1/31/2019--Illini Game Ticket Order Extended, Horse Council and Foundation Checking In
1/29/2019--Illini Tickets - Last Chance, Cooperative Conference, Farm Credit Scholarships
1/24/2019--Alumni and Alumni Friends - Alert and Travel Safe
1/22/2019--Proficiency Area Summary Form, AET/SAE/Proficiency, State Degree Checklist, Compeer Scholarships
1/15/2019--Ag Legislative Day, Selection Committee, Discovery Apps, Spotlight on Service and More
1/9/2019--Illinois FFA Center Student Worker Job Posting
1/7/2019--Sad to Announce
1/7/2019--REMINDER - State Degree Webinar - TOMORROW
1/4/2019--Report/Update - National FFA, Newsletter, AET Best Practices, IL FFA Updates, 212 Letter & More
12/21/2018--Updates, GROWMARK Essay Results,
12/11/2018--WLC Illinois Trip and Illinois FFA Day with the Fighting Illini!
12/4/2018--BUILD Photos, Assistance to Taylorville, Intern Announcement, Parent Candidate Orientation Meeting
11/30/2018--Sad to Announce
11/30/2018--Correction to Sad to Announce
11/27/2018--Giving Tuesday, TODAY Still Time and Chapter Strategic Plan
11/26/2018--Name the Coliseum Contest - 12/14/2018 Deadline Approaching
11/19/2018--212 Caboodle Registration Link
11/19/2018--American and State FFA Degree Information
11/16/2018--Excess Hatching Supplies, National Chapter and National FFA Scholarship App Open
11/15/2018--212 Registration Opens - Monday, November 19, 2018 at NOON
11/7/2018--BUILD Conference and FFA Center Closed Reminders
11/7/2018--Local Engagement, Scholarships - PLEASE READ & SHARE
11/4/2018--Name the Coliseum Contest!
11/4/2018--Updates & Info
10/31/2018--Intern Apps DUE 11/1/2018, GROWMARK Essay Contest, Chapter Strategic Plan
10/18/2018--BUILD Conference - Tomorrow is the LAST day to Register! Pioneer Big A Challenge.
10/18/2018--Illinois FFA National Convention Tips - A MUST Read!
10/17/2018--National Convention Tips & State Photo Info, Healthy Reminders
10/11/2018--Volunteers Needed to Install Interpretative Signs at Historic Arboretum
10/5/2018--NCGA Scholarhsips, Office Closed, National Quiz Bowl Invitational, FFA Center Student Intern Jobs
10/3/2018--Pioneer - the Big A Challenge
10/1/2018--2018 - 2019 Illinois Foundation FFA Local Collection Drive
9/28/2018--BUILD Conference Agenda
9/26/2018--GROWMARK Essay, BUILD Conference, Credit Cards, Rosters, Theme Shirts
9/17/2018--Day of Service Grants, Chapter Strategic Plans, SAE Grants, Roster Information
9/15/2018--State Forestry CDE Results
9/11/2018--Theme Shirt Sale, FFA Board Minutes & FFA Roster Reminders
9/7/2018--BUILD Conference & Caboodle Advice
8/24/2018--FFA Roster Process
8/23/2018--BUILD Conference, Cardinals Game, Photo Contest, Camp Photos, Office Closed
8/20/2018--Sad to Announce
8/13/2018--National FFA Band, Chorus, and Talent Members. Honorary American Degree Recipient
8/9/2018--Message from Katie Burns
8/7/2018--National FFA Proficiency, National Chapter Award, and Agriscience Fair Award Results
7/23/2018--Sad to Announce
7/23/2018--Illinois FFA Day with the St. Louis Cardinals
7/2/2018--Sad to Announce
6/27/2018--June Newsletter
6/26/2018--Leadership Camp Spots Still Open!
6/25/2018--Illinois Candidate for the National FFA Officer Selection Process After the state selection commit
6/14/2018--2018 Illinois FFA State Degree Candidates
6/14/2018--National Chapter Award Ranking
6/14/2018--90th Annual CONVENTION EVALUATIONS
6/11/2018--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Monday, June 11, 2018 - FOOD & FUNDS
6/10/2018--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Sunday, June 10, 2018 - WELCOME - Ian Bennett
6/9/2018--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Saturday, June 9, 2018 - DANCE
6/8/2018--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Friday, June 8, 2018 - Snapchat Filter,, Social Media
6/8/2018--Many THANKS to Foundation Star Sponsors
6/7/2018--Position Opening
6/7/2018--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Thursday, June 7, 2018 - PARKING
6/6/2018--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Wednesday, June 6, 2018 - TEAM RAFFLE
6/5/2018--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - LOCK BOXES
6/4/2018--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Monday, June 4, 2018 - WORKSHOP SCHEDULE
6/3/2018--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Sunday, June 3, 2018 - Exhibit Hall, Lower Level Talent Stage & More
6/2/2018--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Saturday, June 2, 2018 - BACK STAGE REMINDERS
6/1/2018--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Friday, June 1, 2018 - Press, Courtesy, Quizbowl Schedules
5/31/2018--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Thursday, May 31, 2018 - LIVE STREAMING
5/30/2018--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Wednesday, May 30, 2018 - OFFICIAL DRESS
5/29/2018--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - DELEGATE SEATING
5/25/2018--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Friday, May 25, 2018 - BUTTONS
5/24/2018--CONVENTION TIPS of the DAY for Thursday, May 24, 2018 - ALUMNI MERCHANDISE
5/23/2018--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Wednesday, May 23, 2018 - FAMILY COMFORT and FIRST AIDE/NURSE
5/22/2018--CONVENTION TIPS of the DAY for Tuesday, May 22, 2018 - Emergency Plans
5/21/2018--CONVENTION TIP of the DAY for Monday, May 21, 2018 - Constitutional Amendments
5/18/2018--National Chapter Award Results
5/18/2018--Illinois FFA Center Updates:
5/17/2018--Convention Tips of the Day- Scrapbook, Digital Scrapbook Contest, Cell Phone Dead-We Are FFA Room
5/16/2018--Convention Tips of the Day- Pre Registration Deadline, Farm Credit News Room, Courtesy Corps
5/14/2018--Convention Tips of the Day- Session Themes and RA's
5/11/2018--Convention Tip of the Day- Ag Communications Summit, LDE information for State Convention
5/10/2018--Convention Tip of the Day- Service Project
5/9/2018--Convention Tip of the Day, IAVAT Service Award Winners
5/9/2018--Illinois FFA Leadership Camp
5/8/2018--Convention Tip of the Day 5/08/18-Advisor's Trading Post
5/7/2018--Covention Tip of the Day, Greenhand Quizbowl,
5/4/2018--1st Convention Tip of the Day, Scholarship Winners, State Convention Band, Chorus, and Talent
5/2/2018--Apologize for any inconvenience
4/30/2018--Caboodle Registration System Announcement and the 2018 FFA Leadership Camp Registration
4/25/2018--2018 Major State Officer Candidates
4/25/2018--Illinois Pork Leadership Institute
4/23/2018--Office Closed Friday, Recommended American Degree List , State Convention Survival Kit
4/23/2018--FFA Board Proposed Changes to the Illinois Association FFA Constitution
4/20/2018--Sad to Announce
4/17/2018--National Chapter Awards - PLEASE Review by 4:00 p.m. TODAY
4/15/2018--National FFA Convention & Expo, National Chapter Award DUE TODAY - By midnight!
4/5/2018--National Chapter Award
4/4/2018--Illinois FFA Center Student WorkerJob Posting
4/3/2018--Ag Legislative Day Schedule, IL Pork Leadership Institute, State Convention Survival Kit
3/28/2018--State Awards Day Pictures, March Newsletter, Great Heart Scholarships
3/24/2018--2018 State Awards Day Results, Press Releases and IMPORTANT Information
3/23/2018--IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Weather Conditions for State Awards
3/22/2018--State Office Closed 3/30, National FFA Award Committee Positions, Growmark & FS Pollinator Program
3/21/2018--State Awards Day - Must Read!
3/12/2018--Ag Legislative Day Sign Up, Red Brand Fence Give Away, Illinois Pork Funding for serving pork!
3/9/2018--2018 American FFA Degree Interview Schedule
3/9/2018--Internship & Scholarship Opportunities from TOCA and ARC Deadlines quickly approaching
3/5/2018--Lots of Scholarship/Grant opportunities inside this listserv please read.
3/1/2018--Convention Applications, Selection Committee, Free Proficiency Medals for your Chapter
2/23/2018--State Awards Day Information - CONGRATULATIONS District Winners!
2/23/2018--State Awards Day - REMINDERS - Don't Forget
2/20/2018--Foundation Certificates, Gathering of the Green, SPECA Education Grant
2/20/2018--Happy National FFA Week - Happy News!
2/20/2018--2018 State Convention Registration - NOTICE THE CDE/LDE CORRECTION!
2/19/2018--FFA Center Staffing Update
2/13/2018--National Chapter Judges, Proficency Award Score Sheet/Rubric, Singles in Agriculture Scholarship
2/12/2018--FFA Week Social Media Challenge, Tractor Supply Grants, Illinois FFA Photo Contest, New Century Conf
2/10/2018--212 South Photos & Press Release
2/8/2018--FFA Night with the Chicago Wolves
2/8/2018--National FFA Scholarship Information - PLEASE REVIEW.
2/6/2018--AET Helpful Hints, 212 North Press & Photos, Selection Committee, Honorary State Degrees
2/6/2018--National FFA Scholarship, Proficiency Area Summary Form,
1/31/2018--212 Consent Forms - MUST be emailed PRIOR to the 212 Conference
1/29/2018--Illinois FFA Day with Fighting Illini, Living to Serve Grants, EPA Grant Program,
1/29/2018--State FFA Degree Application & Proficiency Form - Answers to Common Questions
1/29/2018--IMPORTANT!! National FFA Scholarship Information - MUST CHECK!
1/27/2018--State Officer Candidate Application
1/25/2018--URGENT - Local Collection Drive
1/24/2018--SAEs - Apps, Forms and Degrees...Oh, my!
1/23/2018--Living to Serve Grant Opportunity
1/22/2018--WLC Bus Trip, Illinois State Fair Camping Date Changes,USDA AgDiscovery Program,Spellman Competition
1/17/2018--January Newsletter
1/11/2018--Updates to American FFA Degree, Trading Post, FFA Scholarships
1/4/2018--Officer Candidate/Parent Orientation, Alumni Annual Mtg, Star Discovery, FFA Bd Updates, FRB
1/3/2018--Sad to Announce
12/20/2017--Sad to Announce
12/20/2017--Illinois FFA Center Christmas Hours, Alumni Annual Meeting,
12/13/2017--Illinois FFA Day with the Fighting Illini Basketball Game
12/5/2017--Bookkeeping/Accounting Position Open at the Illinois FFA Center
12/5/2017--The First 50 in FFA Books for Sale, Illinois Reads Essay Contest
12/5/2017--Novice Parliamentary Procedure & Conduct of Chapter Meeting Clarification
12/1/2017--State and American Degree Information
11/22/2017--Illinois FFA Center Student WorkerJob Posting
11/13/2017--NCGA Scholarships, National FFA Scholarships, IASCOE T-Shirt Design Contest
11/3/2017--Sad to Announce - Gary Taets
11/2/2017--November Newsletter, North Dakota Access Pipeline Grant, SAE Grant,
10/30/2017--Illinois FFA's Success at National Convention, Growmark Essay Contest
10/26/2017--State Photo
10/19/2017--State Photo, FFA Rosters Reminders, National FFA Convention Reminders from National FFA, CareerSafe
10/18/2017--212 and WLC Scholarship Applications, Alumni Gun Raffle Ticket Sales
10/16/2017--Illinois FFA Convention Seeks State Convention Band Director
10/16/2017--State Photo at National Convention, Invitational Quiz Contest Deadline, AFBA Convention
10/10/2017--212/360 Photos, IL FFA Photo Contest, Roster Instructions, AET FAQ's, EZ Records Discontinuation
9/29/2017--CampDoc & National FFA Convention
9/23/2017--State Forestry Results
9/20/2017--Chapter Strategic Plan (formerly Pre POA)
9/12/2017--Nutrients for Life Contest Deadline Sept. 22
9/8/2017--FFA Membership - Transfers on - AET Subscriptions
9/7/2017--Illinois FFA Summer Newsletter- New Link
9/6/2017--IL FFA Day with STL Cards, SAE Grant App, Give Gift of Blue Jacket, Electrical Safety Free Webinar
8/24/2017--Farm Progress Show Events
8/11/2017--FFA Dues/Fees & Rosters, AET Message, Americans, Band & Chorus, HS Innovators
8/8/2017--Living to Serve Grants, FFA day with the St. Louis Cardinals
8/4/2017--National SAE Finalists, Agriscience Fair, and National Chapter Award Results
7/18/2017--Sad to Announce
7/7/2017--FFA Leadership Camp-Plenty of Openings Available & Campers Need To Complete CampDoc Before Camp
6/30/2017--National FFA Website and Illinois FFA Center Holiday
6/23/2017--National Chapter Award Ranking
6/15/2017--89th Illinois FFA State Convention Evaluations
6/12/2017--Ag Issues, Novice Parliamentary Procedure and Parliamentary Procedure Results
6/11/2017--Sliders Night with FFA - MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT
6/11/2017--Convention Tip of the Day, June 12, 2017
6/5/2017--Camp Registration - SEVERAL SPOTS Still OPEN!
6/3/2017--Let's Camp! Trying Again - Link was bad in 1st post.
6/2/2017--Services for Mr. Witt
6/2/2017--Section Fair Contracts Due ASAP
5/31/2017--Convention Tip of the Day for Wednesday, May 31, 2017
5/30/2017--Convention Tip of the Days...May 25, 26, 29 & 30, 2017!
5/24/2017--Convention Tip of the Day for May 23 & May 24, 2017
5/22/2017--Convention Pre Registration - DUE May 24, 2017 & Convention Tip of the Day!
5/19/2017--Convention Tip of the Day for Thursday, May 18 & Friday, May 19, 2017
5/19/2017--Heritage Cooperative Program Results and Chapter President & Reporter Awards
5/17/2017--Sad to Annouce
5/17/2017--Convention Tip of the Day
5/15/2017--And so begins...Convention Tip of the Day, More Convention and Soils Contest at Farm Progress Show
5/15/2017--Sad to Announce
5/10/2017--National Chapter Award Results
5/4/2017--Band, Chorus, Talent & Convention Information
4/27/2017--2017 Major State Officer Candidates, Convention, State Fair Opportunity
4/21/2017--FFA Dues Proposal, Scholarships, Camp Registration and Various Opportunities
4/17/2017--National Chapter Award Status - PLEASE check the document.
4/17/2017--Great Neighbor essay contest
4/13/2017--Need more National Chapter Award Judges, Office Hours, April Deadline Reminders
4/7/2017--State Convention, American FFA Degrees, National Chapter Award, State Proficiency Winner Info
4/3/2017--National Chapter Award Judging - MUST READ!
3/29/2017--2017 Approved State FFA Degrees
3/29/2017--2017 Illinois FFA WLC Bus Trip Registration
3/27/2017--List of 2017 State Proficiency Award Winners & Information for State Proficiency Winners
3/24/2017--FY2018 Section Fair Contracts
3/22/2017--State Awards Day, Miles of Hope, FFA Center Chat Reminder, Survey Reminder
3/21/2017--State Awards Day Judges List, Officer App Template & Commitment forms
3/17/2017--2017 Illinois FFA Center - Office Update
3/15/2017--National Convention Housing, State Awards Day & Ag Legislative Day
3/15/2017--2017 American FFA Degree Interview Schedule
3/10/2017--Selection Committee Members Still Needed and Take that Survey
3/4/2017--Ag Legislative Day Schedule, Selection Committee Members NEEDED, FFA Survey, Weed Warriors Program
3/1/2017--2017 State Convention Registration
2/27/2017--Ag Legislative Day Sign Up
2/27/2017--State Awards Day
2/23/2017--Reminders - FFA Center Chat Monday, FFA Survey, March 1, 2017 Deadlines
2/16/2017--FFA Affiliation Fee Options/Structure and FFA Center Survey
2/8/2017--Proficiency Award Scoresheet/Rubric 8 minute Tutorial
2/6/2017--State FFA Degree Clarifications & AET Records Clarifications
2/1/2017--Illinois FFA Center Chats & Illinois Ag Ed youtube
1/31/2017--Job Posting at the Illinois FFA Center
1/27/2017--Changes to Opening Ceremonies
1/24/2017--FFA Board Meeting Update, Ag Discovery Program
1/21/2017--Proficiency Rubric Webinar, "FFA Center Chats", Convention Videos
1/12/2017--Star Discovery Applications, Ag Legislative Day, Proficiency Medals
1/9/2017--FFA Center Update, Lake Land Livestock Judging
1/6/2017--National FFA Website down
1/2/2017--State FFA Degree & American FFA Degree Webinar Reminder
12/16/2016--FFA Center Holiday Schedule
12/14/2016--Illinois FFA State Degree Application
12/8/2016--FFA Bd Mtg Update, Parent Orientation, Proficiency Rubrics, Much more
12/7/2016--State Degree Information and New Horizons Request
11/14/2016--212 Registration, Student Work Job Posting, PBR Flyer, Caterpillar Technician Program
11/5/2016--Pre POA Reminder, American FFA Degree Updates, Great Opportunities
10/31/2016--SAE Grant App Reviewers, PAS Results, 212 Spring Registration, 212 Collinsville - Re-Opening
10/28/2016--FFA and IAVAT Membership Due Dates
10/26/2016--2016 National Convention Results for Illinois
10/14/2016--National FFA Convention Reminders
10/3/2016--National Convention Information
9/15/2016--212/360 Registration, Pre-POA, GROWMARK Essay Contest
9/14/2016--2016-2017 FFA Roster Information
9/13/2016--Foundation Major Gifts Associate Announcement
9/8/2016--212 Information and Advisor's Trading Post
9/2/2016--September 15, 2016 - BIG Day! Why? Read this list serve and you will see!
8/25/2016--FFA Updates & Lots of Information
8/23/2016--FY17 Pro-Rata Money Available
8/18/2016--FFA Bd Meeting Minutes, Discovery News and State Theme Shirts for Sale!
8/16/2016--Head Check
8/7/2016--Sad to Announce
8/5/2016--Results from National FFA Judging - Proficiency, NCA, AgriScience Fair
7/28/2016--Illinois State Fair Update - Ag Day Brunch
7/14/2016--Leadership Camp Information
7/13/2016--Help Us Prepare the 2016 National Officer Candidate!
6/23/2016--Illinois FFA Leadership Camp Staff - SIGN UP!
6/22/2016--National Chapter Award - National Entries Scores
6/20/2016--Sad News to Announce, Sherwood Jackson
6/19/2016--88th Illinois FFA Convention Evaluation
6/13/2016--FFA Night at the Sliders is still ON!!
6/12/2016--Tap of the Gavel is 1:00 p.m.
6/10/2016--National Chapter Award Reminder for National Finalists
6/8/2016--Sliders - FFA Night Details
6/8/2016--Something besides just the "Convention Tip of the Day!"
6/6/2016--Live Streaming for Convention
6/6/2016--BONUS...Convention Tip of the Day!
6/3/2016--Convention and a COOL Contest!
6/2/2016--Leadership Camp
5/24/2016--Backstage pointers
5/23/2016--Snapchat Filter & Twitter at Convention
5/21/2016--Convention Workshops!
5/20/2016--Convention Tip of the Day, Friday, May 20, 2016!
5/19/2016--State FFA Convention and so Begins the Convention Tip of the Day!
5/17/2016--Limited Edition Band/Chorus Vests in a Shadowbox
5/17/2016--State Convention Band & Chorus Schedule
5/16/2016--National Chapter Award Results
5/13/2016--Convention - CHECK OUT SOME FUN Information!
5/13/2016--Illinois FFA Board Notes from May 9, 2016 Meeting
5/12/2016--Foundation Update
5/10/2016--Section Fair Contracts
5/5/2016--Convention Band & Chorus List and Convention reminders
5/4/2016--10 Candidates for Illinois FFA Major State Officer
5/2/2016--2016 Illinois FFA Leadership Camp Registration & the State Convention Service Project
4/26/2016--NEW Info - Convention Registration Worksheet, 212 Fall Date, State Proficiency Winners Workshop
4/25/2016--Convention document with prices and Call to Convention
4/20/2016--Calling all Reporters, Convention Info, Office Closed, LOTS of Info you DON'T want to miss!!
4/20/2016--2016 National FFA Scholarship Winners from Illinois
4/17/2016--National Chapter Award List - Check it for your Chapter!
4/13/2016--National FFA Website down
4/12/2016--Deadline Reminders and National Chapter Award
4/12/2016--Attention Illinois FFA Leadership Camp Staff Needed!
4/8/2016--Convention Information, Communications Summit & National Chapter Award Update
4/3/2016--State Proficiency Awards Day Results & Information for Winners
3/30/2016--State Awards Day, WLC Reminder, Foundation Certificates
3/23/2016--American FFA Degree Interview Times & Horse Trail Flyer
3/22/2016--2016 State FFA Convention - A List Serve All About Convention!
3/21/2016--POA Information, Data Form Link, WLC Reminder, Chapter President Award Applicaiton
3/19/2016--2016 State Parliamentary Procedure CDE Results
3/16/2016--State Awards Day Details
3/14/2016--Horse Trails Spring Clean Up - Need your help, Swine Farm Assistant Job Opportunity
2/22/2016--2016 WLC Illinois Bus Trip, American FFA Degree Reminders
2/18/2016--Ag Legislative Day, 2016 State Convention Tentative Agenda, Convention Hotel Information
2/10/2016--John Deere FFA Week Factory Tours, Young Adult Swine Research Program, Boots to Bees Program
2/9/2016--FFA Week Workshops/Presentations
2/4/2016--State FFA Degree Application Checklist
2/2/2016--Ag Legislative Day, National Chapter Award, and AgriScience Fair
1/29/2016--212 SOUTH - Photos and Press Release
1/28/2016--State FFA Officer Application and Selection Committee Application
1/25/2016--Record Book Questions
1/20/2016--FFA Board Meeting Update & Clarifications
1/10/2016--FC Scholarships, American FFA Degree, Candidate/Parent Orientation, County Weigh Ins, Foundation
1/8/2016--Illinois FFA Center Summer Intern Posting
1/3/2016--Professsional Bull Riding at the Scott Trade Center and FFA Center Survey
12/22/2015--Survey - PLEASE complete, Riverman Hockey Night, Professional Bull Riding
12/21/2015--212 Update, Illinois FFA Center Office Hours
12/16/2015--212 Conference - Registration Deadline 12/18/2015 at Noon & IL FFA Center Holiday Closings
12/14/2015--Essay Contest, Scholarship Info and More...
11/30/2015--PRE-POA Due December 1, 2015 & Ford Dealer Scholarship Sign-Up Forms
11/19/2015--Illinois FFA Leadership Camp Director, CIA Raffle, Zeotis Chapter Support, PrePOA
11/16/2015--National Chapter Award App, Medals from National FFA, Lobbyist, Foundation, Central IL Food Bank
11/13/2015--212 Conference, 212 Alumni Scholarship Winners, Pre POA, Pork Producers Intern, Calendar & more
10/21/2015--Sad to Annouce
10/15/2015--FFA Rosters
10/6/2015--National FFA Convention Information
9/28/2015--RFD-TV, Fundraising Info, Call for Grain Samples
9/14/2015--Consultant to provide development services to Illinois FFA Center
9/14/2015--FFA Roster Information
9/11/2015--Pre POA - NOW a Google Form!
9/11/2015--Online Day of Giving, September 24, 2015
9/5/2015--Online Day of Giving - Thursday, September 24, 2015
8/26/2015--New Phone System at the Illinois FFA Center
8/26/2015--Farm Progress Show - GREAT Opportunities!
8/18/2015--Great Opportunity for Illinois FFA from Triple Ot Buck
8/13/2015--Leadership Camp Photos and Press Release
8/13/2015--FFA National Invitational Quiz Contest
8/10/2015--Agriscience Fair, National Chapter, and Proficiency Awards
8/7/2015--STAR Conference Dates and Locations
8/6/2015--Sad to Announce
8/5/2015--Message from Leadership Camp Director
8/5/2015--Retirement Party for Jim Craft & FFA Night at the Ballpark
8/5/2015--Illinois FFA Center Closed this Friday, August 7, 2015
8/3/2015--Sad to announce
8/3/2015--William Schreck Obituary and Services Information
7/30/2015--2015 Farm Proress Show Updates
7/23/2015--Special Invitation from Director Nelson to Ag Day at the Illinois State Fair
7/1/2015--Illinois FFA Center Positions
7/1/2015--2015 Illinois FFA Communications Summit - A MUST attend!
6/18/2015--National Chapter Award-National Entries; Leadership Camp; State Convention evaluations
6/12/2015--Important IAVAT Conference Update
6/8/2015--Agriculture Education Line Item Update
6/7/2015--LIVESTREAM link for the 87th Annual Illinois FFA Convention
6/6/2015--IAVAT Conference Registration
6/5/2015--1st - 5th Year Teacher Workshop at IAVAT Conference
6/5/2015--Final Items you must know for Convention!
6/5/2015--BIG NEWS for the 87th Annual Illinois FFA Convention!
6/5/2015--Officer Hours for Convention Week
6/1/2015--Farm Credit News Room needs your information, Sliders Details, Bus Parking Reminder
6/1/2015--News Room Schedule that I forgot to attach
5/29/2015--Sliders Basball Game $2.00 Tickets - Compliments of Brandt
5/27/2015--IAVAT and NAAE Awards
5/26/2015--IL FFA Alumni Gator Raffle Tickets
5/25/2015--Central Illinois Ag Supports Local FFA Chapters
5/23/2015--State FFA Convention IMPORTANT Update
5/21/2015--Reporter Awards, Chapter President Awards and National Chapter Rankings
5/20/2015--2015 State Ag Business Management CDE Results
5/20/2015--State FFA Convention Talent Information
5/19/2015--State CDE Results
5/18/2015--Sad to announce
5/18/2015--Leadership Luncheon Invite & Sign-Up Your Convention Attendees Before Convention
5/15/2015--State FFA Band and Chorus Lists
5/13/2015--Update: Agriculture Education Line Item Contacts Needed
5/13/2015--State FFA Convention - MORE Information!
5/11/2015--Ag Mechanics - MUST have Signed Waiver Form
5/7/2015--Section Fair Contracts - Due June 1, 2015
5/4/2015--State Pulic Speaking Results and Interns Announcement
5/4/2015--Region IV NAAE Registration
5/2/2015--2015 National FFA Scholarship Winners from Illinois
5/1/2015--2015 Super Friday CDE Results
4/30/2015--State FFA Convention - LOTS of Information! This message is a MUST read!
4/30/2015--Region IV NAAE Registration
4/29/2015--State Ag Business Management CDE Location Change
4/28/2015--Leadership Camp Registration - Foundation 2014 Collection Drive Total
4/21/2015--Illinois FFA Veterinary Science CDE Information
4/21/2015--Delayed Opening of the IL FFA Center on Wednesday, April 22nd
4/20/2015--Super Friday Information
4/20/2015--Job Postings at the Illinois FFA Center
4/17/2015--State Ag Bus Management CDE, State Ag Mech CDE, State Dairy CDE Rules, State Hort CDE
4/17/2015--State Degree Recipients; State Convention Registration
4/15/2015--Ag Ed Line Item - Keep Sending those Letters
4/15/2015--2015 Illinois FFA Call to Convention
4/14/2015--Preregistration Due Dates for State CDEs, Courtesy Corps, PBR Rodeo
4/10/2015--A message from the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest
4/10/2015--2015 American FFA Degrees
4/8/2015--April 15th Deadlines, Ag Comm Results, Interns at IL FFA Center, Flower Show
4/7/2015--BHE Invitational Ag Business Management and Horticulture Contest
4/2/2015--Holiday Schedule for the Illinois FFA Center
4/1/2015--Region IV NAAE Registration
4/1/2015--American FFA Degree Interview Schedule - REMINDER
3/30/2015--2015 State Parliamentary Procedure RESULTS
3/25/2015--WLC NOTICE...Attention WLC bus almost FULL!
3/18/2015--Alumni Leadership Camp Scholarship Winners & Chapter Basket Winners
3/13/2015--American FFA Degree Interview Times for Candidates
3/12/2015--WLC Alumni Scholarship Winners
3/3/2015--Gator Tickets & Local Alumni Events
3/2/2015--Director of Development Illinois Foundation FFA Posting
2/24/2015--Alumni Scholarship Applications Due February 28th
2/10/2015--National FFA Week Social
1/16/2015--American FFA Degree List and Information
1/16/2015--IL FFA Alumni Annual Meeting & Auction, January 23-24, 2015, Decatur Conference Center
1/5/2015--American FFA Degree Webinar is tomorrow afternoon
12/17/2014--American FFA Degree Intent and Webinar Information
12/11/2014--Very Important - Alumni Affiliate Fee Agreement
11/24/2014--Proposal to Amend the IL FFA Alumni Constitution & Bylaws & Letter of Intents for Alumni Council
11/20/2014--Sam Taylor Memorial t-shirt Quilt
11/18/2014--Earn Money for your Chapter or Alumni Affiliate
10/6/2014--IL FFA Alumni Annual Meeting & Auction
9/30/2014--IL FFA Alumni 212 Scholarship Application
9/18/2014--IL FFA Alumni
7/29/2014--Communications Summit Bus Routes - 3 Buses
7/29/2014--How about attaching the Bus Schedule?!?
7/21/2014--Leadership Camp Reminder - No Official Dress needed
7/17/2014--Communications Summit 2014 - Information for All FFA members participating
6/16/2014--IL FFA Alumni - Gator Winner
5/16/2014--2014 Communications Summit
4/17/2014--IL FFA Alumni Raffle Tickets & Alumni Development Conference in Grand Rapids, MI
3/31/2014--IL FFA Alumni Scholarship Winners
3/31/2014--State Proficiency Awards Day - Data Sheets
2/14/2014--IL FFA Alumni Gator Raffle Tickets
1/24/2014--IL FFA Alumni Annual Meeting & Auction
1/7/2014--IL FFA Alumni Annual Meeting & Auction
11/19/2013--212 Alumni Scholarship Winners
10/23/2013--IL FFA Alumni - National Outstanding Affiliate & Member
9/4/2013--Grain Handling Safety Coalition
8/12/2013--Night at the CornBelters
7/18/2013--Communications Summit 2013 - Registration is closed
7/11/2013--2013 Communications Summit
7/1/2013--Fill the "Crib" , 2013 Communications Summit and IAVAT Conference photos on facebook
6/24/2013--Communications Summit 2013
6/7/2013--Press Corps Assignments
6/7/2013--FFA Communications Summit 2013
5/31/2013--Press Corps, Scrapbook rules and Excellence in Teaching Section Winners
5/6/2013--IAVAT Family BBQ at Corn Belters Stadium
4/30/2013--American FFA Degrees
3/25/2013--Illinis FFA Alumni - 3/25/2013
3/25/2013--2013 Agriculture Articulation Conference
3/5/2013--IAVAT Student Branch at Western Illinois University
2/25/2013--IL FFA Alumni Rosters & IL FFA Alumni WLC & Camp Scholarship Application
2/24/2013--Alumni, PAS, IAVAT, IACCAI Message-2/24/2013
2/13/2013--IL FFA Alumni Annual Meeting & Auction
1/24/2013--IL FFA Alumni Annual Meeting & Auction
1/11/2013--IL FFA Alumni Annual Meeting, Auction & Chapter Baskets
12/4/2012--Annual Meeting Registration Form, Auction Information & Chapter Basket Contest
12/4/2012--IL FFA Alumni Membership Dues & Rosters
11/8/2012--212 IL FFA Alumni Scholarship Winners
10/29/2012--IL FFA Alumni 212 Scholarship Application
10/19/2012--National FFA Alumni Outstanding Affiliate & Outstanding Achievement Applications
5/29/2012--Fundraiser - Raffle Tickets for Polaris 4x4

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