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FFA is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education..

The FFA Alumni Association supports and advocates for agricultural education and FFA through gifts of time, talent and financial resources..

The mission of the Illinois FFA Foundation is to provide financial support for the Illinois FFA. When you make a gift to the Illinois Foundation FFA, you are investing in the future of agriculture..

The Illinois Association of Vocation Agriculture Teachers (IAVAT) is a professional organization for agricultural teachers at all levels..

The Illinois Association of Community College Agriculture Instructors (IACCAI) is a statewide professional organization for postsecondary agriculture instructors. .

The Illinois Postsecondary Agricultural Student (PAS) Organization provides opportunities for individual growth, leadership and career preparation. .

The Illinois Farm Bureau & Affiliated Companies Youth Education in Agriculture program offers unique educational programs to Illinois youth in 4-H and FFA. .

The purpose of the Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom Program is to encourage educators to incorporate more information about the agriculture, food, and natural resources system into daily lessons..
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Facilitating Coordination in Agricultural Education (FCAE) is a state project administered through the Illinois State Board of Education that is tasked with improving and expanding agricultural education from pre-k through adult levels..

The Illinois Leadership Council for Agricultural Education (ILCAE) is a voluntary, grassroots agricultural industry group focused on the expansion and improvement of Agricultural Education programs at all levels..

The Illinois Committee for Agricultural Education (ICAE) is a 13-member committee established by legislation and appointed by the Governor to advise both the governor and state education agencies concerning Agricultural Education K-adult..

The Illinois State Board of Education is the state agency responsible for Pre-K through 12th grade education. Its primary mission is state program leadership, planning, approval, funding, and evaluation..

The Illinois Department of Agriculture will be an advocate for Illinois' agricultural industry and provide the necessary regulatory functions to benefit consumers, agricultural industry, and our natural resources.. provides information about the Agricultural Education profession and encourages students to consider a career as an agriculture teacher..

MyCAERT provides teachers with an integrated online system to Plan, Document, Deliver, and Assess Career and Technical Education instruction. .

Information Technology and Communication Services (ITCS) Instructional Materials provides agricultural education publications in a variety of formats. .

The Agricultural Experience Tracker is the premiere personalized online system for tracking experiences in agricultural education. .
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District 1 Program Advisor
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7/31/2019--Vacancy Notice- Stillman Valley
7/29/2019--Vacancy Notice- Black Hawk College- East
7/2/2019--Vacancy Posting - Orion High School
6/28/2019--June 30 - FY20 IFG Application Due
6/4/2019--SVCC Stihl 2-Cycle Engines Workshop - June 6-7
5/30/2019--Ag Incentive Funding Grant Deadlines & Updates
5/17/2019--District 1 Professional Development Workshops - Details & Registration
4/26/2019--Sauk Valley Community College - Ag Mechanics Boot Camp & Solar Workshops
4/24/2019--Beyond the Banners Livestock Clinic - 5/4/19
4/24/2019--SVCC Stihl 2-Cycle Engines Workshop - June 6-7
4/12/2019--Geneseo FFA Spring Shooting Sports Invitational - Rescheduled
4/12/2019--Vacancy Posting - Sauk Valley Community College
3/26/2019--Sauk Valley Community College Ag Open House - April 10th
3/26/2019--Black Hawk College Ag Visit Day - April 5th
3/19/2019--Geneseo FFA Spring Archery & Trap Shoot Contest - 4/13/19
3/4/2019--District 1 Proficiency Awards Judging - Final Details
2/21/2019--Reminder - District 1 Proficiency Judges Needed by February 28th
2/19/2019--John Deere Illinois-Iowa FFA Leadership & Career Workshop - 3/11/19
2/19/2019--Illinois Beef Expo Livestock Judging Contest - 2/23/19
2/18/2019--Alex Memorial Sporting Clays Tournament - 3/16/19
2/18/2019--Geneseo FFA Spring Shooting Sports Invitational - 4/13/19
2/14/2019--Geneseo FFA Livestock Judging Contest - 3/16/2018
2/12/2019--2019 Black Hawk East Livestock Judging Invitational Contest - 3/2/2019
2/7/2019--District 1 Proficiency Awards Judging Details
2/1/2019--Illinois Central College Livestock Judging Contest - 4/20/19
1/31/2019--College & Career Expo at Putnam County High School - Save the Date
1/28/2019--Forreston FFA Alumni Toy & Craft Show - 3/9/19
1/28/2019--Carroll County Livestock & Dairy Judging Contest - 3/16/19
1/24/2019--Genseo FFA Livestock Judging Contest - Rescheduled
1/22/2019--Agriculture Teacher Vacancy - Morrison High School
1/16/2019--Internship Opportunity - Agri-King
1/16/2019--Internship Opportunity - Agri-King
1/11/2019--Please Verify Course Enrollments
1/11/2019--15th Annual Geneseo Livestock Judging Contest
1/2/2019--Agriculture Teacher Vacancy - West Carroll High School
12/11/2018--NW Illinois WCFA Conference - January 23rd, 2019
11/29/2018--FFA Chapter Strategic Plan - Due Friday (Tomorrow!)
10/29/2018--Ag Courses & Maintaining an Approved Program
10/23/2018--Checklist of Upcoming Deadlines - IFGA, 3 Circles, Dues, Strategic Plan
10/15/2018--Info for Paying IAVAT Dues by October 31st
10/5/2018--Levy Hammer Memorial Trap Shoot - October 13th
9/24/2018--Eastland FFA Club Calf Sale - 10/13
9/12/2018--Graduate Survey - Due September 15th
9/12/2018--SVCC Dairy Foods CDE Teacher Workshop - 11/2-3
9/11/2018--Highland Community College Greenhand & Discovery Conference - 9/19/2018
8/28/2018--ICC High-Tech Agriculture and Diesel Career Expo
7/26/2018--Vacancy - Stockton
7/26/2018--Anticipated Vacancy - Stark County
7/26/2018--Anticipated Vacancy - Dakota
7/13/2018--Vacancy - AlWood
7/9/2018--Illinois Youth Tractor Operator Contest - August 9th, 2018
7/9/2018--Illinois Youth Tractor Operator Contest - August 9th, 2018
6/29/2018--White Oaks Therapeutic Equestrian Enter - Volunteers Needed
6/25/2018--FY19 IFG Ag Grant Application - Due June 30th
6/8/2018--13th Annual Putnam County FFA Alumni Consignment Auction - August 4th
6/8/2018--1st Annual Elmwood FFA Alumni Tractor Pull - July 15th
6/6/2018--Update FY19 Three Circles (FFA & SAE) Grant
5/30/2018--Sauk Valley Community College Ag Mechanics Boot Camp - July 23rd-26th
5/24/2018--End of the Year Updates & Reminders
5/11/2018--Graduate Survey Ready
4/23/2018--Sullivan Supply Stock Show U Educational Event - Black Hawk College (May 5-6, 2018)
4/18/2018--Geneseo Spring Trap Shoot & Archery Contest - 4/21/2018
4/18/2018--Ag Teachers Conference (June) - Attendance is Highly Recommended
4/16/2018--Reminder - Illinois Central College Livestock Judging Contest - 4/21/2018
4/11/2018--FFA National Chapter Award Application (formerly POA) due 4/15/2018
4/4/2018--D1 Vacancy - Morrison
4/3/2018--District 1 Public Speaking & Parliamentary Procedure Reminders & Information
3/28/2018--District 1 Agriculture Teacher Openings Still Remaining
3/27/2018--District 1 Public Speaking Information & Time Slots
3/26/2018--D1 Vacancy - Chadwick-Milledgeville
3/20/2018--Illinois Central College Livestock Judging Contest - 4/21/2018
3/20/2018--D1 Vacancy - Byron Middle School
3/19/2018--2017 Illinois Agricultural Education Annual Report
3/19/2018--D1 Vacancy - AlWood
3/19/2018--Ag Education Grants - Periodic Programmatic Reporting (PPR) Video
3/9/2018--D1 Vacancy - ICC Horticulture Technician
3/9/2018--District 1 Public Speaking & Parliamentary Procedure Information
3/5/2018--D1 Vacancy - Freeport High School (Correction)
3/2/2018--D1 Vacancy - Freeport High School
2/28/2018--2018 Putnam County Career & College Expo - Corrected Flyer
2/23/2018--Putnam County Career & College Expo - 3/6/2018
2/23/2018--D1 Vacancy - Princeville High School
2/21/2018--District 1 AgriScience Fair Information
2/6/2018--Black Hawk East Livestock Judging Contests - Illinois Beef Expo & Invitational
2/6/2018--Sauk Valley Community College Briggs & Stratton Engine Troubleshooting Workshop - 2/27/18
2/6/2018--D1 Vacancy - Sterling High School Agriculture Teacher & FFA Advisor
2/1/2018--2018 Geneseo Alex Morgan Memorial Sporting Clays Invitational
1/23/2018--D1 Vacancy - Bureau Valley 2nd Ag Teacher & FFA Advisor
1/18/2018--D1 Vacancy - Pearl City
1/18/2018--D1 Vacancy - United 2nd Agriculture & Science Teacher
1/16/2018--Sauk Valley Community College Teacher Workshops (Spring & Summer 2018)
1/15/2018--3-Circles Grant Guidance - Due Jan. 20 in IWAS
1/10/2018--D1 Vacancy - Whiteside County Farm Bureau Agriculture Literacy Coordinator
1/9/2018--Highland Community College Mini Women Changing the Face of Agriculture Conference - 1/24/18
1/4/2018--D1 Vacancy - Durand High School (New Program!)
12/15/2017--FFA Night with Peoria Rivermen - 2/17/18
12/14/2017--2018 FFA Ski Days at Chestnut Mountain
12/14/2017--D1 Vacancy - Forreston High School
12/7/2017--14th Annual Geneseo Livestock Judging Contest - 1/27/2017
12/7/2017--Correction to Geneseo Livestock Judging Date - 1/27/2018
11/16/2017--Ag Teacher Extended Contract Grant - Time Is Value - 140+ Applied So Far
11/14/2017--Reminder- Chapter Strategic Plan (formerly Pre-POA) due 11/30
11/9/2017--3-Circles Grant - Update
11/8/2017--D1 Vacancy (Spring 2018 Semester) - Rockridge High School
10/27/2017--Info to Help with Paying IAVAT Dues by October 31st
10/27/2017--Info to Help With Completing FFA Membership Roster by November 1st
10/27/2017--FFA Membership Roster Attachment
10/25/2017--Geneseo Trap Shoot & Archery Contest - 11/4/17
10/24/2017--FFA Roster Submission Status & Reminder
10/17/2017--Three Circle Grant Due November 17th
10/13/2017--Rescheduled Levy Hammer Memorial Trap Shoot - 10/21/17
10/10/2017--New Grant for Ag Teacher Salaries
10/5/2017--Sauk Valley Community College Fall Welding Workshops
10/3/2017--Levy Hammer Memorial Trap Shoot - 10/14/2017
9/25/2017--2017 Highland Greenhand & Discovery Conference - 9/27/2017
9/11/2017--Northwest Illinois Club Calf Sale - 10/14/2017
9/11/2017--Updates & Reminders
8/29/2017--Northwest Illinois Club Calf Sale - 10/14/2017
8/9/2017--2017 Highland Greenhand & Discovery Confernece - 9/27/2017
7/11/2017--Putnam County FFA Alumni Consignment Sale - 8/5/17
7/11/2017--CTE Grant Writing Workshop - Registration Form Fixed
6/30/2017--CTE Grant Writing Workshop - July 24th, Highland Community College
6/26/2017--Reminder - FY18 IFG Application Due June 30th
5/22/2017--D1 Vacancy - Byron Middle School
5/19/2017--D1 Vacancy - Amboy High School
5/19/2017--D1 Vacancy - Freeport High School
5/17/2017--Curriculum Survey due May 19th
5/15/2017--FY17 Ag Grant - Purchase According to Budget by June 30th
5/12/2017--Agricultural Literacy Coordinator Vacancy - Bureau County
5/10/2017--Pecatonica FFA Fence/Fund Drive for Farmers Impacted by Wildfires
5/8/2017--Lamb Camp at Eureka - 6/3/2017
5/5/2017--Stihl Two-Cycle Engine Workshop - Sauk Valley Community College, July 11-12
5/3/2017--Updates & Reminders
5/1/2017--Sad to Announce
4/21/2017--Blue & Gold Fun Run - 5/13
4/21/2017--D1 Vacancy - Eureka High School
4/18/2017--D1 Vacancy - Abingdon-Avon High School
4/5/2017--D1 Vacancy - AlWood Middle/High School
4/4/2017--Illinois Central College Livestock Judging Contest - 4/22/17
3/30/2017--Blue & Gold Fun Run - 5/13
3/30/2017--What Industry Has 60,000 Job Openings Each Year?
3/30/2017--Northern Illinois Livestock Show Clinic - 4/9
3/27/2017--Geneseo Spring Sporting Clays Invitational - 4/22
3/24/2017--Highland Community College - Full-Time Agriculture Position
3/22/2017--D1 Vaccancy - Warren High School
3/15/2017--Updates & Reminders
3/15/2017--Illinois Central College - Agriculture Tenure Track Faculty Position
3/6/2017--Geneseo Spring Sporting Clays Invitational - 4/22
3/6/2017--Carroll County 4-H/FFA Livestock & Dairy Judging - 3/18
3/2/2017--Kewanee FFA Donkey Basketball - March 7th
3/1/2017--Black Hawk College Spring 2017 Ag Visit Day
2/28/2017--Putnam County College & Career Fair - 3/2/2017
2/28/2017--Illinois Central College - Diesel Power Equipment Technician Tenure Track Faculty Position
2/23/2017--D1 Vaccancy - Putnam County High School
2/16/2017--Sauk Valley Area Chamber of Commerce Ag Scholarships - Due 3/1/17
2/16/2017--District 1 AgriScience Fair Information
2/15/2017--Putnam County College & Career Fair - 3/2/2017
2/15/2017--Ag Ed Enrollment Increasing - 2016 Ag Ed Annual Report
2/15/2017--Northeast Illinois Community College Open Houses for Students
2/2/2017--Agriculture Faculty Position Available - Sauk Valley Community College, Dixon, IL - NEW PROGRAM!
2/2/2017--2017 Black Hawk East Livestock Judging Invitational Contest
1/31/2017--Cambridge FFA Alumni Ag Career Day - 3/17/17
1/19/2017--Amboy FFA Novice Parliamentary Procedure Invite
1/18/2017--World's Toughest Rodeo - FFA Ticket Prices
1/18/2017--Geneseo Livestock Judging Invitational
1/18/2017--FFA Night with the Peoria Rivermen
1/18/2017--Geneseo Livestock Judging Invitational
1/18/2017--FFA Day at Chestnut Mountain in Galena
12/16/2016--D1 Vacancy - Stark County High School
12/1/2016--D1 Vacancy - Morrison High School - New Program!
11/14/2016--Date Change - Nov 30 - FFA PrePOA Due thru GoogleForm
11/7/2016--Due Dates - Pre POA (11/15) & IFG Budgets (11/17)
10/31/2016--Deadlines - IAVAT Dues, FFA Rosters, & IFG Budgets + Thought for the Week
10/31/2016--Illinois Valley Community College Agriculture Transfer Night (with Attachments)
10/17/2016--Black Hawk College East Campus Fall Ag Visit Day!
10/13/2016--Upcoming Deadlines, Convention Sub Resources, AITC Books & Thought to Share
10/12/2016--CASE Curriculum $5,000 Scholarship - Due November 11th
9/20/2016--Vacancy: Highland Community College - Part-Time Instructor
9/14/2016--FY17 IFG Budgets Delayed
9/13/2016--Agriculture Education Graduate Survey - Due September 15th
8/25/2016--John Deere Engines Available
7/22/2016--D1 Vacancy: Warren
7/18/2016--D1 Vacancy: Bureau Valley High School
7/1/2016--D1 Vacancy: Bureau County Ag Literacy Coordinator
6/17/2016--Sad to Announce
6/3/2016--D1 Vacancy: Illinois Central College - East Peoria
6/1/2016--You are Invited to the IL FFA Convention Hospitality Room - June 15th
5/23/2016--Correction - D1 Vacancy: 2nd Teacher - Rochelle Township High School
5/18/2016--District 1 August Professional Development Workshop - Surveying
5/13/2016--Reminders & Thought for the Week
5/6/2016--District 1 June Professional Development Workshop
4/26/2016--Reminders & Thought for the Week
4/20/2016--D1 Vacancy: Alwood
4/20/2016--District 1 Summer Professional Development Workshops
4/15/2016--Geneseo Archery Contest - Tomorrow
4/11/2016--ICC Livestock Judging Contest - 4/16
4/11/2016--Reminders & Thought for the Week
4/7/2016--Alex Morgan Memorial Trap Shoot
4/7/2016--D1 Vacancy: La Moille High School
4/1/2016--D1 Vacancy: Annawan High School
3/24/2016--D1 Vacancy: 2nd Teacher - Putnam County High School
3/24/2016--John Deere Engines Available
3/16/2016--D1 Vacancy: Eureka High School
3/14/2016--Illinois Valley Lamb & Wool Growers Lamb Camp
3/14/2016--MTI Welding Contest - Moline
3/14/2016--D1 Vaccancy - Sherrard - Two Teachers
3/9/2016--District 1 Proficiency Judging - Food Stand
3/1/2016--Section 1 & 2 Dairy Cattle Judging Invitational - March 19th
2/25/2016--2016 Putnam County College and Career Fair
2/22/2016--2016 Illinois Beef Expo Judging Contest
2/12/2016--Cambridge FFA Alumni Trivia Night - 3/5/16
2/10/2016--Black Hawk East Ag Spring Visit Day
2/8/2016--Reminders & Though for the Week
2/3/2016--D1 Vacancy: 2nd Teacher - Prophetstown High School
2/3/2016--Black Hawk East Invitational Livestock Judging Contest
1/27/2016--RFD-TV FFA Chapter Tribute - Riverdale
1/26/2016--D1 Vacancy Update: Sterling High School - New Program!
1/25/2016--Alwood FFA Ag Olympics
1/25/2016--Waterford Ag Curriculum Workshop Registration
1/25/2016--D1 Vacancy: 2nd Teacher - Sherrard High School
1/22/2016--D1 Vacancy: Sterling High School - New Program!
1/13/2016--World's Toughest Rodeo - iWireless Center - Jan. 22nd & 23rd
1/11/2016--Amboy FFA Parliamentary Procedure Invitational Contest
1/8/2016--Greetings from Kevin Larsen - FCAE District 1 Program Advisor
1/8/2016--Geneseo Livestock Judging Contest - 2/6/2016
11/23/2015--Not completed: Pre-POA by Section (DI,S9,DIV)
11/23/2015--Introduction and Resources
11/20/2015--Cancelled:AL/AH Alumni Trap Shoot
11/16/2015--A-L/A-H Alumni Trap Shoot
11/16/2015--DI Vacancy: 2nd Teacher, Sherrad High School
11/11/2015--First Due Date- TODAY- Helping Communities Grow
11/4/2015--Nutrients for Life- Deadline 1 Week Away
10/28/2015--Parkland Agronomy Invitational
10/22/2015--National FFA Scavenger Hunt, Nutrients for Life Reminder
10/14/2015--Black Hawk East Campus Fall Visit Day
10/7/2015--DIV 2016-17 Vacancy: Paxton-Buckley-Loda
10/7/2015--ELITE Conference Update
10/5/2015--Geneseo Trap & Archery Shoot
9/30/2015--LeRoy Trap Shoot- Pre Regisration is Required
9/25/2015--Hillsboro Sporting Clays Invitational
9/25/2015--FREE Engines
9/24/2015--Happy National Teach Ag Day!
9/23/2015--Now Open: Nutrients for Life- Helping Communites Grow Program
9/22/2015--District 4 Vacancy: Tuscola
9/21/2015--Northwest Illinois Club Calf Sale
9/17/2015--IFG Budgets Returned/Approval Info
9/16/2015--Highland Community College Greenhand Conference
9/15/2015--Geneseo Trap Shoot
9/11/2015--Train the Trainer Free Webinar and Curriulum Materials
9/8/2015--LeRoy FFA Alumni Trap Shoot
8/27/2015--DI Vacancy: Riverdale at Port Byron
8/24/2015--ELITE Conference 2015 Registration
8/21/2015--Highland Community College Greenhand Conference
8/14/2015--Winfield Future of Agriculture Days Corrected
8/14/2015--Corrected: Winfield Answer Plot Future of Agriculture Days Invite
8/14/2015--Eureka FFA 3-D Bow Shoot
8/9/2015--District IV Forestry Invitational
8/6/2015--Final Reminder: Surveying Workshop at Highland Community College
7/23/2015--Surveying Workshop- Highland Community College
7/2/2015--Surveying Workshop at Highland Community College
6/25/2015--2015 Illinois FFA Leadership Camp Staff Opportunity
6/22/2015--PD Opportunities From Iowa State University
6/15/2015--FREE Growing Supplies
5/28/2015--Iowa State Ag Energy PD Workshop
5/26/2015--Teach Ag Luncheon at State FFA Convention
5/24/2015--D1 Vacancies: Amboy & Sherrard
5/20/2015--PC FFA Members Family Benefit
5/20/2015--Consingments Wanted: PC FFA Alumni
5/15/2015--D1 Vacancy: Putnam County- 2nd Teacher
5/12/2015--Ag Education Resources- Guidance Counselors
5/12/2015--Gradaute Survey Ready for Completion
5/12/2015--Incentive Funding Grant Application - Due June 30
5/6/2015--D1 Vacancy: Orangeville
5/5/2015--Thank you for ALL you do!
4/19/2015--CASE- Animal Science- Spots still available!
4/16/2015--DI Vacancy- Byron 2nd Teacher
4/10/2015--Hintzsche Farm hit by Tornado
4/7/2015--District I Vacancy- Wethersfield (Kewanee)
4/6/2015--District I AgriScience Fair Results
3/27/2015--Spring Geneseo Trap Shoot 4-25-15
3/19/2015--District 1 AgriScience Fair
3/16/2015--Black Hawk College to host NACTA
3/10/2015--New District 1 & Section 9 Vacancies
3/9/2015--Black Hawk College Hosts NACTA 2015
2/17/2015--Illinois Central College- Horticulture Faculty Opening
1/23/2015--Women Changing the Face of Agriculture Registration
1/20/2015--Geneseo Livestock Invite
1/12/2015--Amboy Novice Parli Pro Invite
1/6/2015--Immediate Sub Opening: Wethersfield
12/17/2014--Chestnut Mountain FFA Ski Day- Save the Date
12/16/2014--District 1 Job Interivew CDE
12/8/2014--D1 Vacancies- AlWood, Cambridge
12/1/2014--Ag Mechanics Teacher- Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico High School
10/22/2014--National FFA Convention Scavenger Hunt
10/20/2014--Geneseo Trap Shoot & Archery
10/16/2014--D1 Vacancy: LaMoille High School
10/2/2014--Nutrients for Life-Helping Communities Grow Program
9/30/2014--Peterson Brothers come to Walnut IL
9/30/2014--Peterson Brothers (with Flyer attached)
9/26/2014--Fall Geneseo Archery Shoot & Geneseo Trap Shoot
9/25/2014--National Teach Ag Day!
9/19/2014--Geneseo Trap Shoot - DATE CHANGE
9/17/2014--Eastland FFA hosts NW Illinois Club Calf Sale
9/15/2014--Joliet Junior College Announces GAST Intern Opportunity
9/15/2014--National Teach Ag Day, Teacher Retention, ELITE Conference
9/9/2014--Eureka FFA Bow Shoot
9/9/2014--ELITE Conference Details
9/4/2014--HCC Greenhand Conference Info & Agenda
9/4/2014--LeRoy FFA Alumni Trap Shoot
9/4/2014--ELITE Conference & Geneseo Trap Shoot
8/28/2014--Highland CC Greenhand Conference
8/27/2014--Antique Tractor & Working Farm Show
8/27/2014--Eureka FFA 3D Bow Shoot
8/27/2014--ELITE Conference 2014 Registration
8/12/2014--Racing to Feed the World, Virutal Icebreakers, Trap Shoot, Thoughts for a Teacher
8/11/2014--REPOST: Kewanee Vacancy
8/11/2014--Illinois Central College Field Day
8/10/2014--New Program: Fulton High School
8/8/2014--The Peterson Farm Brothers in Walnut, IL
8/6/2014--ELITE Conference 2014 Save the Date 10-10-14
8/6/2014--LeRoy FFA 5k Event Aug 23rd
7/17/2014--Vacancy: Stockton
7/9/2014--FFA Leadership Camp Staff Follow-Up
7/9/2014--Vacancy- Kewanee High School
7/9/2014--Stockton Tractor Drive Save the Date
6/25/2014--D1 & Section 9 IFG Application Finalization Status
6/23/2014--FFA Leadership Camp Staff
6/23/2014--Modern Marvels Quiz Source
6/23/2014--Illinois Central College - Summer Field Day 2014
6/20/2014--Vacancies, CASE Inst. Opening, Ag Lit Coordinator, Congratulations
6/16/2014--Greenhouse and Milk Machine for Sale
6/3/2014--District 1 Vacancy- Abingdon- Avon
6/2/2014--Final Details: Teach Ag Luncheon
5/21/2014--Vacancy- Tri Valley High School
5/20/2014--Please take survey by Friday
5/20/2014--Spence Farm Field Day July 12, 2014
5/20/2014--Distirct 1 Openings
5/19/2014--District 1 IAVAT Professional Development
5/15/2014--Teach Ag Luncheon at State FFA Convention
4/30/2014--Teach Ag! 2014 Luncheon Invite
4/28/2014--District 1 Vacancy- NEW PROGRAM
4/8/2014--ICC Livestock Judging Reminder
4/3/2014--Dist 1 PD, ELITE Conference Reunion
3/25/2014--Geneseo Trap Shoot & Archery, ICC Livestock Invite, Important Dates
3/25/2014--Geneseo Livestock Cancellation, Correction
3/21/2014--District 1 & Section 9 Vacancies
3/10/2014--District Proficiency Concession Stand-Kathy Novotney-3/10/2014
3/5/2014--Student Opp, Scholarships, Vacancies-Kathy Novotney-3/5/2014
2/28/2014--Vacancy: Normal Community High School-Kathy Novotney-2/28/2014
1/28/2014--REMINDER: Geneseo Livestock Invite 2/1 -Kathy Novotney-1/28/2014
1/15/2014--Public Speaking CDE Reccomendations-Kathy Novotney-1/15/2014
1/15/2014--District I Job Interview Times-Kathy Novotney-1/15/2014
1/15/2014--Ski Trip Due Date Reminder-Kathy Novotney-1/15/2014
12/19/2013--FFA Ski Day at Chestnut Mountain-Kathy Novotney-12/19/2013
12/18/2013--District I 13-14 Vacancies, STEM Grant Opportunity-Kathy Novotney-12/18/2013
12/12/2013--District I Ag Issues-Kathy Novotney-12/12/2013
12/10/2013--District I Job Interview CDE-Kathy Novotney-12/10/2013
11/26/2013--REVISED Amboy Greenhand Parliamentary Proceudre Invite-Kathy Novotney-11/26/2013
11/20/2013--Amboy Greenhand Parliamentary Procedure Invitational-Kathy Novotney-11/20/2013
11/11/2013--CASE Grant, Grant Reminders, Thought for the Week-Kathy Novotney-11/11/2013
11/4/2013--Important Deadlines and Reminders -Kathy Novotney-11/4/2013
10/24/2013--Save the Date- Geneseo Livestock Judging Contest-Kathy Novotney-10/24/2013
10/23/2013--Save the Date- FFA Day at Chestnut Mountain-Kathy Novotney-10/23/2013
10/21/2013--FFA Convention Scavenger Hunt, Grant Opportunities, Positive Thoughts-Kathy Novotney-10/21/2013
10/18/2013--REVISED Galesburg FFA Supports South Dakota Farmers & Ranchers-Kathy Novotney-10/18/2013
10/17/2013--Galesburg FFA Supports South Dakota Farmers & Ranchers-Kathy Novotney-10/17/2013
10/11/2013--District I Ag Sales CDE-Kathy Novotney-10/11/2013
10/10/2013--ELITE Conference Update-Kathy Novotney-10/10/2013
10/7/2013--Nutrients for Life Chapter Challenge-Kathy Novotney-10/7/2013
10/2/2013--ELITE Conference 2013 is FULL-Kathy Novotney-10/2/2013
9/30/2013--ELITE Conference Update-Kathy Novotney-9/30/2013
9/24/2013--Vacancy: United High School -Kathy Novotney-9/24/2013
9/16/2013--ELITE Conference Reminder-Kathy Novotney-9/16/2013
9/12/2013--Incentive Funding Grant Budgets-Kathy Novotney-9/12/2013
9/12/2013--District I & Section 9 Grad Surveys DUE SEPT 15-Kathy Novotney-9/12/2013
9/12/2013--District I & Section 9 Grad Surveys DUE SEPT 15-Kathy Novotney-9/12/2013
9/11/2013--LeRoy Trap Shoot Invite-Kathy Novotney-9/11/2013
9/11/2013--District 1 State FFA Board Concerns -Kathy Novotney-9/11/2013
9/9/2013--Helpful Examples of Function and Object Codes for IFG Budget-Kathy Novotney-9/9/2013
9/6/2013--District I Message-Kathy Novotney-9/6/2013
9/6/2013--IFG Reminders for District 1 and Section 9-Kathy Novotney-9/6/2013
9/6/2013--Vacancy: Elmwood-Kathy Novotney-9/6/2013
9/6/2013--Northern Greenhand and Mini Reporter's Workshop Correction-Kathy Novotney-9/6/2013
9/3/2013--Immediate Vacancy-Kathy Novotney-9/3/2013
8/30/2013--Northern Greenhand and Mini-Reporter's Workshop-Kathy Novotney-8/30/2013
8/25/2013--Ag in the Classroom Bike Ride Fundraiser-Kathy Novotney-8/25/2013
8/20/2013--Invitation to the LeRoy FFA Alumni Trap Shoot-Kathy Novotney-8/20/2013
8/19/2013--IFG Quick Questions and Answers- Kathy Novotney-8/19/2013
8/14/2013--Save the Date- Northern Greenhand and Mini-Reporter's Workshop- Kathy Novotney-8/14/2013
8/9/2013--Professional Development Plan, Improving Your Ag Ed Program Mini-Grant-Kathy Novotney-8/9/2013
8/9/2013--Professional Development Plan, Graduate Survey, IYAEP Mini-Grant -Kathy Novotney-8/9/2013
8/6/2013--ELITE Conference 2013- Save the Date -Kathy Novotney-8/6/2013
7/24/2013--Putnam County FFA Alumni Consignment Auction-Kathy Novotney-7/24/2013
7/17/2013--Stockton FFA Alumni Antique Tractor Drive-Kathy Novotney-7/17/2013
5/20/2013--CASE Natural Resources and Ecology Opportunity -Kathy Novotney-5/20/2013
5/15/2013--IAVAT District 1 Summer Workshop- Kathy Novotney-5/15/2013
5/13/2013--Putnam County FFA Alumni Consignment Sale-Kathy Novotney-5/13/2013
5/10/2013--Happy Teacher Appreciation Week-Kathy Novotney-5/10/2013
5/8/2013--Professional Development at Iowa State-Kathy Novotney-5/8/2013
5/8/2013--Vacancy: NEW PROGRAM: Riverdale at Port Byron-Kathy Novotney-5/8/2013
5/6/2013--Teaching Vacancy-Kathy Novotney-5/6/2013
5/1/2013--NEW PROGRAM- Warren Jr/ Sr High School-Kathy Novotney-5/1/2013
4/17/2013--SAVE THE DATE: District 1 IAVAT Summer Professional Development-Kathy Novotney-4/17/2013
4/17/2013--ICC Livestock Judging Contest, Apr 20-Kathy Novotney-4/17/2013
4/15/2013--Upcoming Application Deadline and Due Dates, Common Core Resources- Kathy Novotney-4/15/2013
4/4/2013--Agriculture Teacher/Co-FFA Advisor-Kathy Novotney-4/4/2013
4/2/2013--Upcoming Due Date Reminders-Kathy Novotney-4/2/2013
4/2/2013--CORRECTION to Band and Chorus Applications-Kathy Novotney-4/2/2013
4/1/2013--CCTC, "Employing America" Article, AgriScience Fair Resources -Kathy Novotney-4/1/2013
3/18/2013--Job Vacancy: Cambridge High School-Kathy Novotney-3/18/2013
3/11/2013--District I Vacancy-Kathy Novotney-3/11/2013
3/11/2013--Vote for two IL chapters featured in the Shop FFA T-Shirt Contest-Kathy Novotney-3/11/2013
3/11/2013--Vote for Two IL Chapters in the Shop FFA T-Shirt Contest-Kathy Novotney-3/11/2013
3/8/2013--District I AgriScience Fair Results-Kathy Novotney-3/8/2013
2/21/2013--Black Hawk East Livestock Judging-Kathy Novotney-2/21/2013
2/21/2013--FREE Growth Chambers Available -Kathy Novotney-2/21/2013
2/20/2013--Milk Machine, Shop FFA Deals, Water-Related AgriScience Fair Projects-Kathy Novotney-2/20/2013
2/14/2013--FFA Ski Outing-Kathy Novotney-2/14/2013
2/6/2013--FFA Ski Event-Kathy Novotney-2/6/2013
2/6/2013--Ag Teacher Opening-Kathy Novotney-2/6/2013
1/29/2013--ICC Livestock Judging-Kathy Novotney-1/29/2013
1/24/2013--Chestnut Mountain FFA Outing-Kathy Novotney-1/24/2013
1/16/2013--Block Schedule Input -Kathy Novotney-1/16/2013
1/10/2013--212 Conference Professional Development- Kathy Novotney-1/10/2013
1/10/2013--Quad Cities Manpower-Kathy Novotney-1/10/2013
1/10/2013--District I Job InterviewKathy Novotney-1/10/2013
1/4/2013--Amboy Greenhand Parli Pro Invitational-Kathy Novotney-
11/28/2012--IFG Process, 212 Reminder, Course Codes, Office, Dairy Foods-Kathy Novotney-11/28/2012
11/2/2012--Landscape Design Contest, Nutrients for Life -Kathy Novotney-11/2/2012
10/18/2012--Helping Communities Grow, MyCAERT, and National Convention Activity
10/9/2012--2012 Junior Achievement Invites Students-Kathy Novotney-10/9/2012
10/4/2012--Putnam County Golf Outing-Kathy Novotney-10/4/2012
10/4/2012--National Convention Bus, Nutrients for Life-Kathy Novotney-10/4/2012
10/2/2012--National FFA Convention Bus Trip Invitation-Kathy Novotney-10/2/2012
9/13/2012--Canton FFA Archery Shoot-Kathy Novotney-9/13/2012
9/5/2012--District I Message-Kathy Novotney-9/5/2012
8/8/2012--PC FFA Golf Outing Correction-Kathy Novotney
8/7/2012--Sherrad FFA Archery Contest and Putnam County FFA Golf Outing-8/7/2012

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