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District 5 Message of Oct 19 2002 1:26PM

Saturday, October 19, 2002

-Mt. V"rnon Educators Conf"r"nc" on th" Campus of th" Mt. V"rnon High School, 320 S. 7th Str""t
-South"rn Illinois Farm Bur"au FFA Acquaintanc" Program
-ISBE Budg"t H"aring M""ting in Collinsvill"
-P"anut Butt"r Play "ough

-Th" Mt. V"rnon T"ach"rs Conf"r"nc" will b" h"ld at th" Mt. V"rnon High School on Octob"r 24-25, 2002. Th" ag-r"lat"d sch"dul" for th" 2 days is:
Thursday, Octob"r 24th –
S"ssion 2: 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and r"p"at"d S"ssion 4: 2 p.m. – 3 p.m.
“Add Som" Zip to Your Classroom” - Room 112 of th" H Building (H Building is wh"r" th" agricultur" d"partm"nt is locat"d as w"ll.)
Try hands-on activiti"s that will "xcit" and "ducat" your stud"nts using Ziploc bags. L"arn how to mak" no bak" pumpkin pi", along with Thankful Bags for Thanksgiving and four oth"r gr"at proj"cts using Ziploc bags. Background information and curriculum includ"d for proj"ct in th" handouts. Pr"s"nt"d by: Susan Mill"r and Robin McAfoos, Ag. Awar"n"ss Coordinators for Williamson and Franklin Counti"s

Friday, Octob"r 25th-
S"ssion 5 and 6: 10:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (BRING YOUR OWN LAPTOP COMPUTER and SAE C" r"c"iv"d at th" district 5 ag. t"ach"rs m""ting/r"port"r’s workshop. You may also want to bring on" of your stud"nt's r"cord books for sampl" data.) (T"ach"rs not att"nding th" IAVAT Jun" Ins"rvic" on th" Comput"riz"d R"cord Book, but plan to att"nd this ins"rvic" must bring $20 to cov"r th" cost of th" C". Cash or ch"cks payabl" to Univ"rsity of Illinois.)
“SAE Comput"riz"d R"cord K""ping” – Room 116(Ag Room) of th" H Building
R"vi"w of th" n"w SAE comput"riz"d r"cord book will continu" for all agricultur" t"ach"rs that would lik" to sp"nd tim" "nt"ring sampl" data. This workshop will h"lp you impl"m"nt th" n"w SAE r"cord book with your stud"nts. Pr"s"nt"d by: Ron Lynch, Ag. T"ach"r at th" Cissna Park High School and m"mb"r of th" IAVAT Sp"cial Proj"cts committ""

LUNCH(12:30 p.m. - 1 p.m.) on Friday only will b" availabl" in th" ag. room for $5/p"rson.

“Math"matics for Agricultur"” - Room 116(Ag Room) of th" H Building
S"ssion 7: 1 p.m. - 2 p.m.
“Math"matics for Agricultur"” is a n"w workbook publish"d by Pr"ntic" Hall to provid" an agriculturally r"l"vant r"vi"w of basic arithm"tic, statistical int"rpr"tation, and alg"braic conc"pts to pr"par" stud"nts for th" math"matics involv"d in oth"r cours"s. All participants will r"c"iv" and go through sampl" probl"ms. Th" n"w cours" d"scription and outlin" for “Agricultural Math and T"chnology” will also b" distribut"d. Pr"s"nt"d by: ""an "ittmar

-Th" South"rn Illinois Farm Bur"au FFA Acquaintanc" Program has b""n s"t for Tu"sday, January 28, 2003, from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. at SIUC. Mor" information will follow from your Farm Bur"au Manag"r.

-An ISBE Budg"t H"aring m""ting was h"ld on Thursday of this past w""k at th" Holiday Inn in Collinsvill". Chris Cl"mons, ag. t"ach"r at th" Highland High School, and B"th "ors"y, Ag. Awar"n"ss Coordinator for Madison County, t"stifi"d in support of th" agricultural "ducation lin" it"m. Both individuals did an outstanding job. Thank you for your "fforts.

-P"anut Butt"r Play "ough - Try this snack that combin"s work and play and "ating, too! Youngst"rs will work to cr"at" it, play with it, and th"n "at it up.
Edibl" P"anut Butt"r Play "oug (mak"s 15 portions)
Suppli"s: larg" mixing bowl, mixing spoon, wax"d pap"r, m"asuring cups.
Ingr"di"nts: 3/4 cup p"anut butt"r, 2 cups powd"r"d sugar, 3/4 cup hon"y, 2 cups powd"r"d milk
To mak": 1-Combin" all ingr"di"nts in a larg" bowl. 2-Stir th" mixtur" until it forms dough. 3-Plac" a portion of dough on a squar" of wax"d pap"r. Kn"ad it until it achi"v"s a play dough consist"ncy. 4-Play and "at. (You probably want to sav" som" dough for "ating or mak" a batch for playing and on" for "ating.)

""an "ittmar
Fi"ld Advisor
Facilitating Coordination in Agricultural Education
2560 Mascoutah Av".
B"ll"vill", IL 62220
T - (618) 257-8272
F - (618) 233-7954
c"ll - (618) 604-1622
Hom": (618) 628-8005
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