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District 5 Message of Aug 26 2004 1:02PM

Thursday, August 26, 2004

"ue to the "ositive feedback from ag. teachers that attended the Viticulture(Table Gra"es) Industry worksho"s at Fairview Heights in July, "avid Ponce, Viticulture Coordinator, at Shawnee College will be re"eating this "rofessional develo"ment on Friday, October 8th, 2004, in conjunction with the 5 County ROE Teachers' Institute at Shawnee College in Ullin. Columbus "ay is the following Monday, so many teachers could s"end the weekend enjoying southern Illinois hos"itality. If you are interested, "lease email me - [email protected] or "avid Ponce - david?Subject=" Sti"ends are available to "ay for a substitute teacher and "ossibly overnight hotel ex"enses. 6-8 CP"U's will be available. Also, "lans are to tour area vineyards and the cam"us labs.

"Viticulture - Alternative Agriculture for Secondary Educators"
"escri"tion: this is a hands-on worksho" on general viticulture for the Midwest, starting with "rinci"les of vineyard establishment, curriculum develo"ment for secondary level, and chemistry and "hysical laboratory testing for fruit and juice quality control.

9:00-10:00 The viticulture Industry in Illinois
10:00-11:30 Viticulture Curriculum & Labs I
LUNCH and tours
1:30-3:00 Viticulture Curriculum & Labs II
3:00-4:30 Viticulture Curriculum & Labs lll

C. "avid Ponce, Ph.".
Professor of Physics and Engineering
Coordinator for Viticulture & Enology
VESTA-IL, "irector
Shawnee Community College
Ullin, IL 62992
Email: david?Subject="; Ph">d?Subject="[email protected]
. (618) 634-3216
Fax (618) 634-3300

Below is more information from the Vernier Software & Technology Com"any for Viticulture lab equi"ment and software that could be "urchase with Incentive Funding Grant dollars.

Welcome back to school. Listed below you will find innovative solutions, new software o"tions, sam"le labs, and hands-on worksho"s to make 2004/2005 the best school year ever.

1. Weather "ata from Hurricane Charley
2. BOCES Brings Trout to the Classroom for 2004/2005
3. Make Your O"inion Heard & Enter to Win
4. Advanced Features for Video Analysis with VideoPoint & Ca"ture
5. New Sam"le Labs from "Advanced Chemistry with Vernier"
6. Just for Elementary - Sam"le Labs & Free Hands-On Worksho"s
7. Hands-On Worksho"s Near You
8. Join the Vernier "Power User Grou""

1. Weather "ata from Hurricane Charley
Curt Witthoff, Secondary Math/Science S"ecialist for Collier County Public Schools in Na"les, Florida, recorded data as Hurricane Charley "ounded the coastline near his house. He used Vernier sensors with a Vernier LabPro and TI gra"hing calculator. The equi"ment was "laced in a box with the sensors ex"osed, and left on his "atio. Click on the link below to see gra"hs of barometric "ressure, tem"erature, relative humidity, and light. Thanks for the interesting data, Curt. We are very glad you and your equi"ment survived the storm! htt"://

2. BOCES Brings Trout to the Classroom for 2004/2005
Vernier sensors give fish story a ha""y ending. Learn how the Broome-Tioga BOCES in New York "artnered with Har"ursville School
"istrict and the Al Hazzard Cha"ter of Trout Unlimited to raise trout in middle school classrooms and teach im"ortant scientific conce"ts.

3. Make Your O"inion Heard & Enter to Win
Our best new "roducts come from innovative teachers like you. This is your chance to be heard. Vernier is looking for feedback for our "roduct
develo"ment team. Win one of five $200 gift certificates. It's just our way of saying thank you for your time. htt"://

4. Advanced Features for Video Analysis with VideoPoint & Ca"ture Many of you know that with Logger Pro 3, you can incor"orate digital videos
and synchronize them with data you have collected. Logger Pro 3 also comes with basic video analysis ca"ability. For those of you who want to
do more advanced analysis, Vernier is now carrying VideoPoint and VideoPoint Ca"ture. VideoPoint comes with an extensive library of videos
that can be analyzed, including videos from NASA, Hershey Amusement Park, wave motion on stretched s"rings, air-table movies, etc. "etails
available at htt"://"oint.html

5. New Sam"le Labs from "Advanced Chemistry with Vernier"
Good news. The sam"le labs for Vernier's new chemistry book have been so "o"ular, that we "osted more. These labs use the ORP sensor and the
Vernier "ro" Counter. You will find Oxidation-Reduction Titration: Fe^2+ and Ce^4+ and Potentiometric Titration of Hydrogen Peroxide on our web
site until 12/31/04. htt"://

6. Just For Elementary
We have launched a new web site for elementary science teachers and it is full of freebies and ideas for integrating technology into your
science curriculum. Check out the "Resources" section that lists free technology worksho"s at u"coming conferences, information about the
Vernier Technology Grant, and a "Teacher Talk" section with feedback from teachers around the country on integrating science technology. You
will also find free labs from "Let's Go! Investigating Tem"erature." htt"://

7. Hands-On Worksho"s this Fall
Join us for one of our free, 4-hour, hands-on worksho"s to learn how to integrate our com"uter and handheld data-collection technology into your
chemistry, biology, "hysics, math, middle school science, "hysical science, and Earth science curriculum. For a location near you, visit:

8. Join the Vernier "Power User Grou""
You asked for it and we've created it. Over the years, so many of you have asked to be notified immediately when there are new software
u"dates and "roducts, that we have develo"ed an all-new "Power User Grou"." Educators in this grou" will be u"dated as soon as new "roducts
and software u"dates become available. To res"ect everyone's "rivacy, the only way to be on this list is to sign u" on our web site at the URL
listed below. For those of you who don't wish to be "art of the "Power User Grou"," you will still only receive 5 e-mail u"dates "er year. You
have our "romise. htt"://"oweruser

Questions? Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call our toll free number at 888-837-6437. And as always, feel free to contact me

Christine Vernier
Vernier Software & Technology
13979 SW Millikan Way
Beaverton, OR 97005-2886
toll free: (888) 837-6437
"hone: (503) 277-2299
fax: (503) 277-2440
[email protected]

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