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FCAE Staff
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Jay Runner Jay Runner
FCAE Coordinator
Aaron Leary
District I
Sections 1-5
Lucas Allen Lucas Allen
District II
Sections 6-10
Sara Hileman Sarah Hileman
District II
Jess Smithers
District III
Sections 11-15
Mindy Bunselmeyer
District IV
Sections 16-20
Dean Dittmar Dean Dittmar
District V
Sections 21-25

Kim Haywood

Program Growth and Development Advisor


What Is FCAE?

Facilitating Coordination in Agricultural Education (FCAE) is a state project administered through the Illinois State Board of Education in cooperation with and advisement by the Illinois Committee for Agricultural Education (ICAE). FCAE addresses the aims of Public Act 84-1452 involving the implementation of identified goals for improving education in and about Agriculture in Illinois.

It began operations with staffing April 17, 1989. FCAE is to provide a professional staff who will help with program development services essential to the implementation of a comprehensive statewide plan for the improvement of agricultural education at all levels, pre-kindergarten through adult.


Objectives of FCAE

  1. Work within the educational field to improve education in and about agriculture, K-Adult.
  2. Coordinate "agricultural education program improvement pilot projects", K-Adult.
  3. Identify, plan, develop, and conduct in-service activities to improve agricultural education K-Adult.
  4. Assist in the coordination/articulation of curriculum development activities in and about agriculture, K-Adult.
  5. Identify, review, and recommend resource materials appropriate for agricultural education, K-Adult.
  6. Develop cooperative professional relationships within and between agricultural education and the agricultural industry.