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What does the Future look like for Ag Ed?

As Illinois' Largest employer, 25 percent of the Illinois civilian workforce is employed in the agriculture industry. To support this industry, we must also support the future of agricultural education.
  • About 69 percent of Illinois' job growth is related to agriculture
  • Nine percent growth is projected in the next decade
Agricultural education provides the state with a sound return on investment. The line item currently spends less than $2.96 per student in education, which is modest by all accounts.

Since 1992, the number of available positions for agricultural teachers has exceeded the number of graduates available. The need to recruit and retain talented young teachers remains a high priority in Illinois, given the bright outlook for professional agricultural positions.

Illinois Ag in the Classroom (IAITC) reaches more than 500,000 students per year statewide. IAITC provides curriculum materials and professional development activities for teachers, pre-K through 12, in all the Illinois counties.