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ITCS Instructional Materials
Media Communications Specialist
Nick Wherley
1401 South Maryland Drive
Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 244-5170
(217) 333-0005 fax
[email protected]
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2/26/2019--10 Days until Explore ACES
2/19/2019--Explore ACES at Illinois
2/12/2019--Update and Super Friday Deadlines
9/18/2018--New from ITCS Instructional Materials
8/9/2018--Meat CDE Practice Contest at the U of I
6/15/2018--End of Fiscal Year Orders
4/3/2018--New from ITCS Instructional Materials
12/5/2017--Important Reminders from ITCS
11/29/2017--New Small Gas Engines Resource, Free Lunch on 12/9, Meats CDE
10/12/2017--Sample Grain Rings & EZ Records
9/12/2017--Sample Grain Rings, New Resources, CDEs
12/6/2016--CDEs Saturday, New Item, Holiday Schedule, Thank You
11/10/2016--News from ITCS Instructional Materials
9/8/2015--Grain Rings, Order Forms, EZ Records
1/6/2015--EZ Records Updates
10/7/2014--Dairy Foods, Grain Rings, & EZ Records
8/18/2014--Kit Discounts, Salute to Agriculture Day, & EZ Records
7/21/2014--News from ITCS Instructional Materials
9/12/2013--NEW Items Available & EZ Records
8/20/2013--Salute to Agriculture at U of I
6/25/2013--Salute to Agriculture, EZ Records, Fall Section Meetings
3/27/2013--News from ITCS Instructional Materials
3/11/2013--News from ITCS Instructional Materials
3/5/2013--News from ITCS Instructional Materials
2/26/2013--State Meat CDE Information
1/11/2013--EZ Records Information from ITCS
9/27/2012--Soils Judging, Grain Rings, & Survey-9/27/2012
9/20/2012--EZ Records Support & Sample Grain Rings 9/20/2012
8/31/2012--Salute to Agriculture at the University of Illinois
8/28/2012--News from ITCS Instructional Materials
8/13/2012--ITCS Instructional Materials Message-8/13/2012
7/19/2012--ITCS Instructional Materials Message-7/19/2012
4/11/2012--2012 Salute to Ag Day at the U of I
2/29/2012--ITCS Instructional Materials
2/15/2012--News from ITCS Instructional Materials
1/25/2012--News from ITCS Instructional Materials
1/25/2012--News from ITCS Instructional Materials
12/8/2011--Agricultural Communications Symposium
2/15/2011--Meat CDE Retail Cut Reference Sheet
2/4/2011--Online State FFA Degree Application Update
11/3/2010--ITCS News - Crop CDE Plants/Plasma Cutters Unit/Intro to Surveying CD
8/5/2010--ITCS Instructional Materials Message-8/5/2010
5/21/2010--ITCS Instructional Materials Message-5/21/2010
3/31/2010--ITCS Instructional Materials Message-3/31/2010
2/10/2010--ITCS Instructional Materials Message-2/10/2010
1/27/2010--ITCS Instructional Materials Message-1/27/2010
1/27/2010--ITCS Instructional Materials Message-1/27/2010
1/25/2010--ITCS Instructional Materials Message-1/25/2010
1/22/2010--ITCS Instructional Materials Message-1/22/2010
11/2/2009--ITCS Instructional Materials Message-11/2/2009
11/2/2009--ITCS Instructional Materials Message-11/2/2009
9/15/2009--ITCS Message-9/15/2009
9/4/2009--ITCS Message-9/4/2009
9/4/2009--ITCS Message-9/4/2009
5/26/2009--ITCS Message-5/26/2009
5/14/2009--ITCS Message-5/14/2009
5/13/2009--ITCS Message-5/13/2009
4/24/2009--ITCS Message-4/24/2009
4/7/2009--ITCS Message-4/7/2009
4/1/2009--ITCS Message-4/1/2009
3/30/2009--ITCS Message-3/30/2009
2/3/2009--ITCS Message-2/3/2009
1/14/2009--ITCS Message-1/14/2009
12/11/2008--ITCS Message-12/11/2008
10/30/2008--ITCS Message-10/30/2008
9/2/2008--ITCS Message-9/2/2008
8/22/2008--ITCS Message-8/22/2008
5/5/2008--ITCS Message--5/5/2008
4/21/2008--ITCS Message--4/21/2008
4/2/2008--ITCS Message--4/2/2008
3/3/2008--ITCS Message--3/3/2008
1/9/2008--ITCS Message--1/9/2008

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