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Erica Thieman
Illinois State Board of Education
Principal Consultant in Agricultural Education
100 North First Street, C-215
Springfield, IL 62777
(217) 524-4832
(217) 782-0710 fax
[email protected]
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3/20/2019--Three Circles Grant Intent to Apply Open
3/18/2019--Summer Coop Courses for Teachers
1/28/2019--Greetings from ISBE (AgEd)
10/17/2018--FY 2019 Agricultural Education Incentive Funding Applications Available in IWAS
10/17/2018--FY 2019 Agriculture Education Three Circles Grant Applications
8/28/2018--FY 2019 Three Circles (FFA & SAE) Grant
7/16/2018--Three Circles Grant Update & Guidance
6/21/2018--FY 2018 Agriculture Education 3 Circles Grant
6/4/2018--Revised Start Date Information for FY19 Three Circles Grant.
5/22/2018--Agriculture Principal Consultant Vacancy
4/30/2018--FY19 Three Circle Grant & Interim Ag Consultant Named
4/2/2018--FY19 Incentive Funding Grant Application Active
3/29/2018--A Time for New Beginnings
3/27/2018--FY18 IFG budget increase, SAC app, PaCE Framework
1/31/2018--New GATA Programmatic Reporting, CCR Public Comment
12/20/2017--FY18 Three Circle (FFA & SAE) Budget Application Active
12/4/2017--Webinar: Three Circles Budget Application
11/17/2017--FY18 Three Circle Initial Application Due Date Extended
10/13/2017--Three Circle (FFA & SAE) Initial Application, CTEI/Perkins Guidance, ELIS Search Tip
10/6/2017--Webinar for the Three Circle (FFA and SAE) Grant
9/14/2017--FY18 IFG Budget Increase, FY19 Budget Hearings, IFG Reminders, Elec Expend Report
9/12/2017--The Council Releases SAE Resources
9/7/2017--U.S. Presidential Scholars in CTE
8/22/2017--Welcome - New Year, FY18 IFG Budgets Active, Webinar Links
8/11/2017--FY18 IFG Budget Application Webinar
7/3/2017--National Officer Candidate for Illinois; Rules Posted
4/27/2017--FY18 IFG Application Active; FY17 Amendment
2/28/2017--Gov Budget Recom., Critical Shortage Area, ISBE Staffing, Checking Grant and Payment Status, IFG
11/18/2016--ISBE Budget Hearings/Input
10/28/2016--IFG Budget Application Guidance, Excellence in Action
10/17/2016--FY17 Incentive Funding Grant - Budgets Active
8/31/2016--Incentive Funding Grant (IFG)
8/25/2016--U.S. Presidential Scholars in Career and Technical Education Program
8/25/2016--Nationwide Call to Action to Reduce Soil Loss and Degradation
7/11/2016--FY17 Grants and GATA
6/28/2016--National Officer Candidate Representing Illinois
6/15/2016--RFP for Facilitating Coordination in Agricultural Education (FCAE)
4/20/2016--FY17 IFG Application & Guidelines, FY16 IFG Amendment Reminder
3/31/2016--Illinois Secures Grant to Improve Career Pathways for Students
3/23/2016--Amendments, Deadlines, Reminders, SAC, CCR Recommendations
3/10/2016--CTE Makeover Challenge
12/10/2015--Scholarships for Student Safety Training
12/10/2015--Revised: Scholarships for Student Safety Training
11/18/2015--Excellence in Action, SAE Guidance, ISBE Budget Hearing
10/22/2015--Top Five U.S. Presidential Scholars in CTE
10/10/2015--ISBE Budget Hearings, Licensing Changes, Expenditure Report Resource
10/9/2015--State Course Changes, FY16 IFG Update, Check IFG Payment, FFA Membership
9/2/2015--Nominate Students for U.S. Presidenital Scholar
8/31/2015--FY16 Incentive Funding Grant Budget Application Active
6/25/2015--Governor Signs Education Bill with Ag Ed/National FFA Officer Candidate/CTE Presidential Scholar
4/20/2015--FY16 IFG application; IWAS/e-GMS back online; FY15 Budget Info.
4/2/2015--Grants System Unavailable; Board Member Change
3/9/2015--IFG amendment, Ag Ed line item, Deadlines, Licensure Links, New Board Members
12/2/2014--NASAE Outstanding Executive Secretary; Check for Receipt of IFG Payment
9/10/2014--FY15 GAST Awards, FY15 IFG Budget Due
8/22/2014--FY15 IFG Budget live, FY15 Ag Ed line item, New School Year
7/17/2014--Industry Safety Credential, Change to CTE ELS Requirements
6/30/2014--National Officer Candidate, FY15 GAST Grant Application
6/4/2014--FY15 Ag Ed Line Item, Prof Devel in ELIS, LAS Advisory
4/28/2014--FY15 IFG Application / Middle School (7th-8th grade) Licensure Requirements
4/25/2014--FY14 IFG Budget Amendments Due, FY14 GAST Grant -4/25/2014
12/9/2013--FY14 Growing Agriculture Science Teachers (GAST) Grant Application -12/09/2013
8/21/2013--IFG budget active, line item, new application, performance measures-8/21/2013
7/2/2013--Ag Ed line item, NO Candidate, Safety Resources-7/2/2013
6/5/2013--ISBE FY14 budget, FY14 IFG app, Entrep Conf-6/5/2013
5/15/2013--IFG amendment approved or payment received, ISBE CTE position opening-5/15/2013
4/18/2013--FY14 IFG App, NGSS, Deadlines, IWAS Info-4/18/2013
3/29/2013--IFG amendment reminder-3/29/2013
3/6/2013--5Essentials Survey-3/6/2013
3/1/2013--Teacher Certification/Licensure Changes -3/1/2013
2/11/2013--FY13 Growing Agricultural Science Teachers (GAST) Grants Announced-2/11/2013
1/17/2013--ISBE Announces New State CTE Director-1/17/2013
1/9/2013--Next Generation Science Standards for Final Public Comment -1/09/2013
11/30/2012--FY13 Growing Agriculture Science Teachers (GAST) Grant Application
11/26/2012--School Transportation-11/26/2012
10/9/2012--IFG Expenditure Reporting-10/9/2012
10/2/2012--Illinois Pathways, FFA Membership-10/2/2012
8/24/2012--IFG Open, Webinar, ISBE Changes-8/24/2012
8/9/2012--Webinar for New IFG Process-8/9/2012
7/30/2012--IFG Request for Access Available-7/30/2012
6/12/2012--Illinois FFA National Officer Candidate Selected-6/12/2012
6/8/2012--Illinois State Board of Education Message-6/8/2012
5/21/2012--Student Advisory Council & Interim CTE Director -5/21/2012
5/14/2012--Next Generation Science Standards for review-5/14/2012
5/1/2012--Common Career & Technical Core & IL CTE Director-5/1/2012
4/30/2012--FY13 Incentive Funding Grant application available -4/30/2012
4/4/2012--FY13 Incentive Funding Grant process changes-4/4/2012
2/7/2012--IFG reminders, Gov. Quinn touts Agriculture-2/7/2012
1/20/2012--Illinois receives Race to the Top funds for developing Learning Exchanges-1/20/2012
12/30/2011--FY12 GAST announcement-12/30/2011
12/16/2011--Industry Certifications-12/16/2011
10/31/2011--FY12 IFG budgets can now be amended-10/31/2011
10/20/2011--FY12 Incentive Funding Grant Budgets Approved -10/20/2011
10/20/2011--FY12 Incentive Funding Grant Budgets Approved -10/18/2011
9/22/2011--FY12 Growing Agricultural Science Teachers (GAST) Application -9/22/2011
9/8/2011--IFG budget deadline; PERA -9/8/2011
8/22/2011--Welcome, Ag Ed line item, FY12 budgets active-8/22/2011
6/20/2011--Agricultural Education rules for public comment -6/20/2011
5/27/2011--FCAE RFP-5/27/2011
5/25/2011--FY11 IFG Guidance, FY12 IFG application, Common Core-5/25/2011
4/21/2011--FY12 Incentive Funding Grant Application - 4/21/2011
4/13/2011--Deadlines Approaching - 4/13/2011
11/12/2010--FY11 Incentive Funding Grants Approved-11/12/2010
10/14/2010--FFA Roster, Standards, Alignment, & NCLB-10/14/2010
9/28/2010--Illinois State Board of Education Message-9/28/2010
9/16/2010--Illinois State Board of Education Message-9/16/2010
9/7/2010--Illinois State Board of Education Message-9/07/2010
8/13/2010--Illinois State Board of Education Message-8/13/2010
8/4/2010--Illinois State Board of Education Message-8/4/2010
6/28/2010--Illinois State Board of Education Message-6/28/2010
5/18/2010--Illinois State Board of Education Message-5/18/2010
4/16/2010--Illinois State Board of Education Message-4/16/2010
11/3/2009--Illinois State Board of Education Message-11/03/2009
10/16/2009--Illinois State Board of Education Message-10/16/2009
10/16/2009--Illinois State Board of Education Message-10/16/2009
8/26/2009--Illinois State Board of Education Message-8/26/2009
8/24/2009--Illinois State Board of Education Message-8/24/2009
8/5/2009--Illinois State Board of Education Message-8/5/2009
7/21/2009--Illinois State Board of Education Message-7/21/2009
7/18/2009--Illinois State Board of Education Message-7/18/2009
7/2/2009--Illinois State Board of Education Message-7/2/2009
6/23/2009--Illinois State Board of Education Message-6/23/2009
5/28/2009--Illinois State Board of Education Message-5/28/2009
4/29/2009--Illinois State Board of Education Message-4/29/2009
4/21/2009--Illinois State Board of Education Message-4/21/2009
1/23/2009--Illinois State Board of Education Message-1/23/2009
1/12/2009--Illinois State Board of Education Message-1/12/2009
10/17/2008--Illinois State Board of Education Message-10/17/2008
9/19/2008--Illinois State Board of Education Message-9/19/2008
8/29/2008--Illinois State Board of Education Message-8/29/2008
6/24/2008--Illinois State Board of Education Message-6/24/2008
4/24/2008--Illinois State Board of Education Message--4/24/2008
4/4/2008--Illinois State Board of Education Message--4/4/2008
2/28/2008--Illinois State Board of Education Message--2/28/2008
2/19/2008--Illinois State Board of Education Message--2/19/2008

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